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Trendsetter In Meme DAO Governance RemeDAO Four Great Features In One Rebase Meme Token DAO And Anti Whale Dump
[June 20, 2022]

Trendsetter In Meme DAO Governance RemeDAO Four Great Features In One Rebase Meme Token DAO And Anti Whale Dump

New York, June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As far as you know, Auto staking protocol currently receives a lot of attention from investors because of the massive profit it brings, with the initial 100 dollars, this could turn into 1 million USD after 1 year. That’s why there are tons of auto staking projects appearing nowaday with the very high APY commitments, creating huge expectations for holders.

REMEDAO — A new combination of awesomeness in Crypto World

But when you invest in, what you see on the chart is just red candles, because the dev owns a large amount of tokens and sells them all. Devs, or whales, buy at the bottom, waiting till it gets to the top and then they have massive dumps, and it crashes the price all the way to the bottom. This phenomenon happens in crypto over and over agains and it leads to small investors ending their investment with the big loss instead of the big win as they were looking for.

We want to be rich and win in this market, but still don’t know where to find the best solution. How can we create a sustainable crypto instead of suffering pump and dump scenarios. What we need right now is an anti-whale dump mechanism that helps limit the amount of sales daily, keeping the chart nice with green candles all the time.

and REMEDAO got all you want, REMEDAO is the next generation of HOLD to EARN Model, a combination of 3 awesome things in Crypto World: Rebase system, Meme token, DAO.

REMEDAO has a great anti whale dump system, along with a sustainable APY rate of 368,296.57%. One more attractive feature that I think is very appealing is a DAO platform application to meme token selection and distribution by our beloved community decision thatdefinitely maximizes holders returns in many ways.

With $1000 of $RMD today can be worth 3,682,965.72 of $RMD in 1 year. To keep profit increase inch by inch, REMEDAO apply the ultimate anti whale dump system in the world, and what that means is that investors can not sell more than 1–5% per day depending on the time of joining.

Let’s say you own 10.000 coins, you can only sell 100 coins of the total supply which prevent the dumped chart, which prevent crashes, it allows the coin price to go up with green candles. Thanks to the limited sale function, everybody will see a healthy chart, green chart whenever they open their laptop and that is what anti dump whale feature will do.

Is this all about REMEDAO? I’m afraid not, besides owning the ultimate anti whale dump system, the lower people sell coins, the more healthy the chart is. REMEDAO apply DAO platforms in voting and distributing top meme token to holder everyday, Remember, $8000 of SHIB in 8/2020 was worth $5,68 billion Dollar in 10/2021. and what that means there will be more people changing their lives and becoming richer by holding meme tokens.

With a small investment, maybe 10, 20 bucks in meme tokens. Players really change their position, live the life they dream, drive the car they want because the drastic value of mem tokens and REMEDAO will help you own the best meme token ever through governance features without paying a fee.

So How DAO in REMEDAO works?

For every 24 hours, the system will use 5% of trading fee to buy a meme token and then quota distribute to all holders. For the token choosing, the system will apply the DAO governance. The most vote token will be choosed and bought automatically and then immediately distributed to all holders.

REMEDAO could be your final destination, a promising trending DAO in crypto world,

a unique model that the world has never seen before, you can participate in this investment to turn the wildest dream into reality. So whether you invest 100 dollars or 10k dollars, you can count on REMEDAO could protect your investment safely by anti — whale dump functions and expand your portfolio, enlarge your wallet with DAO meme token platforms,

So make sure you read all the information on our website, read the whitepaper carefully, do your own research, do your own due diligence to make sure you understand why this may be the greatest life chance you have to hold tight.

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