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Bell Media Unveils Spectacular Slate of French-Language Programming for 2022-23
[June 16, 2022]

Bell Media Unveils Spectacular Slate of French-Language Programming for 2022-23

  • Lineup Includes Riveting Reality TV Shows and Original Quebec Dramas Showcasing Homegrown Artists and Creators
  • Noovo will present bold, original dramas, including CHOUCHOU, L'EMPEREUR, and VIRAGE: DOUBLE FAUTE, featuring exceptional new stars like Evelyne Brochu, Sophie Cadieux, Jean-Philippe Perras, and Éric Bruneau
  • Other highlights include surprise-filled variety shows such as LE MAITRE DU JEU, hosted by Louis Morissette, and the return of unmissable reality TV shows like OCCUPATION DOUBLE MARTINIQUE, BIG BROTHER CÉLÉBRITÉS, and L'AMOUR EST DANS LE PRÉ!
  • Marie-Christine Bergeron will join the Noovo Info lineup, contributing to the news service's continued growth
  • High-quality sports programming, including Canada's first appearance at the FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022™ for over 30 years, will delight viewers
  • Rouge and ÉNERGIE will maintain their strong position on the radio with the return of flagship shows such as VÉRONIQUE ET LES FANTASTIQUES and LE BOOST!

MONTRÉAL, June 16, 2022 /CNW/ - Bell Media presented the details of its Fall 2022 - Winter 2023 programming as part of its Futur 22 virtual event, today. Clients and advertisers were shown the depth, diversity, and quality of the original French-language content to be offered this Fall and Winter by Bell Media. Starring outstanding talent, the slate of new programming includes dramas that will grip viewers' imaginations, documentary-style reality TV granting unique access to different worlds, and bold, original series that will help strengthen Bell Media's brands. It's clear that this new TV and radio lineup stands out within the Quebec media landscape and pursue its mission: to deliver highly compelling content on all its platforms.

"Bell Media continues to be a multiplatform group boasting the strongest growth in Quebec, among both general-interest and Specialty channels," said Karine Moses, Senior Vice President, Content Development & News for Bell Media and Vice Chair, Quebec, for Bell. "Not only do we have a varied roster featuring an increasing number of Original Productions that connect with our viewers more than ever before, but our content is available literally everywhere: TV, radio, on-demand and online via—the number-one platform in Quebec, with the most unique visitors. We even have some content on TikTok. We're extremely proud of the progress we've made since adding Noovo to our family of channels, and I can promise you that, season by season, we will further cement our position in the Quebec media field."

"Our new programming continues to successfully showcase Quebec talent, creators, and Original Productions," stated Suzane Landry, Vice President, Content Development, Programming and News, Bell Media Quebec. "We're proud to enhance our slate with original prestige dramas, including series such as CHOUCHOU and L'EMPEREUR, which will transport viewers into fictional worlds that are unique and fascinating. Once again, we'll be able to leverage the return of popular reality TV titles, such as OCCUPATION DOUBLE and BIG BROTHER CÉLÉBRITÉS, to build an engaging community around our shows. We're also delighted to welcome some new stars to our lineup, which will help consolidate our position in the variety and comedy segments, both for Noovo and our Specialty channels. Our Original Productions are performing remarkably well, especially during peak viewing hours. This reflects the time and money invested by our teams, who are working closely with key players in the industry to offer the finest entertainment content to our viewers and listeners." 


Noovo is now well-established in the Quebec media landscape, with its own distinctive style and identity. Relative to the competition, the channel achieved the strongest year-on-year growth among Adults 25-54, and its ten most-watched shows are all original Quebec productions. As the conventional channel that attracts the youngest viewers, with an average age of 48, Noovo offers an ideal target audience for advertisers. There's clearly a strong appetite for its original series: all of the channel's new original dramas made audience gains of 200% in their respective timeslots relative to the previous year.   


CHOUCHOU recounts the story of Chanelle Chouinard, a 37-year-old French teacher who falls for Sandrick, her new 17-year-old student who is confident and magnetic, but vulnerable. The series draws a nuanced profile of two people who fall head over heels for the illusion of a great love story. (Passez Go)

Louis Morissette takes charge in LE MAÎTRE DU JEU, the Québec adaptation of the popular British series, TASKMASTER. Along with his assistant, Antoine Vézina, they impose a series of playful challenges that test the creativity and ingenuity of a panel of five comedians, made up of Mehdi Bousaidan, Ève Côté, Christine Morency, Matthieu Pepper, and Jo Cormier. Throughout the season, they will try to impress their Taskmaster, and be crowned champion. (KOTV)

Three lawyers, each with their own strong and unique personalities, settle small claims cases between ordinary citizens. At the end of their rope, these citizens want justice quickly, definitively... and free of charge! In each episode of this new unscripted series, the three lawyers hear three different cases, and following some debate, announce their verdict. In addition to hearing these unique cases, the lawyers offer unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the deliberations that led to the verdict. Because even when it comes to justice, nothing is ever black or white. (Avanti-Toast)

UNE AFFAIRE CRIMINELLE follows the struggle of a mother who's spent the last 15 years trying to prove that her son was wrongly convicted of murder. She's helped by a homicide investigator who has always suspected that a friend of the family knows more than he's letting on. (Sovimage)


ÇA C'EST DRÔLE – Season 3
Dominic Paquet pays tribute to all the champions of the world with major tribulations and epic fails, along with unforgettable performances. (Amadeus)

CLUB SOLY – Season 2
Each week, at Club Soly, Arnaud Soly and his band make us rediscover the big trends of the hour through a pretty bouquet of spicy sketches and a panoply of colourful characters who encourage us look at our society with a critical eye. and lots of humour. (Encore Television)

In Season 3 of Noovo's hit series ENTRE DEUX DRAPS, Virginie-Marco and Luc-Marie-Ève are enjoying a stay at an all-inclusive hotel; Lydia and Antoine are experiencing financial struggles; Thomas, still living with Valère as a roommate, is trying to find his bearings within his particular relationship with Mélissa; Jean-Pascal and Simon are embracing fatherhood with their usual intensity; Luc and Marie-Ève navigate a crisis that puts their relationship to the test; and Jean-Pierre and Carole go about their day-to-day. ENTRE DEUX DRAPS was recently nominated for five Gémeaux Awards, and was winner of Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Performance. (KOTV)

Julie Snyder and her collaborators are on hand to brighten up our evenings with in-depth interviews, topical issues and the best in entertainment. (ToRoS Productions)

...MOI NON PLUS – Season 2
Following the hostage taking, Sarah and Christian have to deal with their trauma…and the kiss they shared. Their relationship takes a new turn, and they'll have to question everything, and inevitably, more changes. (Encore Television)

The most-watched show of Fall 2021 #1 show on Noovo, OCCUPATION DOUBLE, returns for another titillating season. The series follows the lives of single people who have one thing in common: they're looking for love. Jay Du Temple returns as host for a sixth consecutive year, as viewers follow these singles on dream trips, group dates to romantic destinations, and expose their passions, disappointments and desires. Throughout the series, the singles vote each other out, until finally, a couple is formed and wins a grand prize worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Productions ToRoS)

QUI SAIT CHANTER? Season 1, part 2 (new episodes)
Hosted by Phil Roy, QUI SAIT CHANTER, Noovo's second most-watched program of the fall, behind OCCUPATION DOUBLE, is the Quebecois version of the most popular musical game on the planet, I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE. Six secret singers march in front of a competitor who must eliminate the ba singers, hidden amongst the good ones. To help them make their selections, the competitor receives advice from four celebrities. At the end of each of the five stages, the selected secret singer must reveal their real voice. If they sing badly, the competitor wins $4,000. When there is only one singer remaining, the competitor must make the ultimate choice: save their accumulated sums or risk it all for a chance to win $25,000. (Productions ToRoS)

RPM – Season 24
Journalists Pierre Michaud, Luc-Olivier Chamberland and Samuel Lessard provide viewers with a complete analysis of vehicles in all categories, for sound advice and an informed purchase. (TORQ)

RPM + – Season 8
Pierre Michaud, Luc-Olivier Chamberland and Samuel Lessard answer viewer's automotive questions, and present special reports. (TORQ)

SYNDICS – Season 2
The profession of licensed insolvency trustee is not widely known. Every year, more than 40,000 Quebecers of all ages and backgrounds declare bankruptcy to escape the vicious circle of debt. Pursued by creditors who'll stop at nothing to recover what they're owed, desperate debtors often call a trustee as a last resort. But behind each debt, there's a compelling story. (Pixcom)

Each week, five perfect strangers take turns hosting a gourmet dinner party for each other. At the end of the evening, each guest must rate their host based on the quality of the meal and the ambiance. When the week is done, the contestant with the highest score wins $2,000. (Zone3)


After a drunken office party, Christian takes Manuela home where the end of the evening gets out of hand. Despite what seems like an accident, they continue to work together and Christian becomes President, while helping Manuela climb the corporate ladder. Flash forward 10 years later, a woman accuses Christian of sexual assault. Then another one comes forward, and several others after. By now, Christian is at the top, he is a father, a loving husband, his close guard benefits from his largesse, society idolizes him, and a generalized omertà reigns. What spark will give Manuela the strength to dive back into her trauma and speak out? Will Christian continue to dominate the world and reign terror? (Sovimage)

Starring Éric Bruneau and Louis Morissette, VIRAGE: DOUBLE FAUTE tells the story of Charles (Bruneau), a talented and devoted tennis player who is ranked #187 in the world, and continues to struggle with injuries, lack of funding, and anxiety. The series explores the quest that drives some athletes to persevere, even as they sacrifice time, money, and health in the shadow of glory. Morissette plays Sylvain, a coach at Tennis Canada, who tries to reach the top in a sport where families are extremely involved, ultimately dictating the future of a coach's career. (KOTV)


The popular concept of BIG BROTHER CÉLÉBRITÉS is particularly catchy: personalities from different horizons of the public sphere - artists, sportsmen, influencers or other well-known personalities - are gathered under the same roof for thirteen weeks. Their objective? To create alliances, use strategies and use their psychological, physical, and social skills to win various challenges, avoid eviction, and make it to the end of the adventure. Only one will win the coveted title of winner of BIG BROTHER CÉLÉBRITÉS following a vote of the excluded participants. Who will have played their cards right in this exciting competition?

The BIG BROTHER format has had more than 60 adaptations, with over 34,000 episodes, 8,500 housemates, 6,400 evictions and 90M social followers. (Distributed by Banijay and produced by Entourage Television, in collaboration with Bell Media)

After watching these couples, both traditional and modern, form in L'AMOUR EST DANS LE PRÉ, they return for a third season stronger and more connected than ever. In Season 3, viewers can follow these inspiring families navigate daily life at the farm, watch their children grow up, and greet the arrival of new ones. (Attraction Images)

Team Lévesque is back with a vengeance, much to the dismay of Ben Gagné. With the arrival of Marc Huard, Marcel searches for his place at the agency; Daphne gets a prestigious listing with a tempestuous client; while Jade's couple comes face to face with reality, and Christine has a brief relationship, until a shocking event leads her to think about the future (Pixcom).

This new kind of talk show is halfway between an interview show, a game show and an improvisation contest! Rachid Badouri receives personalities and relies on interview plans full of falsehoods... and totally ignores which information is true!  The guests learn the questions at the same time as Rachid and sometimes have to improvise a life while trying to remain credible. The result: hilarious performances where everyone has fun distinguishing the real from the fake. At the end of the episode, the audience must vote for their favorite impostor of the evening. The winner wins a sum of money that he or she can donate to the foundation of their choice. (Just For Laughs TV)

Once again, Noovo Info continues to carve out a place for itself in the news world thanks to its dynamic, reality-based coverage of news from here and elsewhere. Starting this Fall, Noovo Info will be able to count on the arrival of Marie-Christine Bergeron as the new anchor of LE FIL, as well as LES DÉBATTEURS, a new debate program hosted by Michel Bherer that promises to take a frank look at current events. 

NOOVO LE FIL – Season 3

NOOVO LE FIL is a newscast that thinks out of the box. With its team of seasoned hosts, journalists and collaborators, NOOVO LE FIL covers the news from different angles, with bold and dynamic formats that leave room for a wide range of perspectives. NOOVO LE FIL puts the news in context, while firmly anchoring it in reality. (Noovo Info/Bell Média)


Bell Media's Specialty channels show no signs of slowing down! Each week, 3.4 million viewers are gripped by the engaging, inspiring, and exclusive content they offer. For 2021-2022 to date, seven of the ten most-watched shows among A 25-54 across entertainment specialty channels, including all competitors, are Bell Media Original Productions.

NEW – FALL 2022

AMOUR SANS LIMITE follows the sincere quest of people living with disabilities, who are all looking for true love. Each story highlights an individual with a different obstacle as they gain the help of matchmakers from the Rencontre Adaptée agency, Vanessa, Émilie and Darlène. Will these singles manage to find a soulmate while navigating the unpredictable world of dating? (URBANIA)

COEURS MIGRATOIRES is an observational documentary series that immerses the viewer in the daily lives of couples, where one spouse has just arrived in Canada, or is waiting for a visa abroad. By accompanying them on their journey of integrating into their new lives, the series portrays the pitfalls they encounter and the intensity that comes from a multicultural love relationship. (Anémone Télé)

In the new renovation-design series MA PREMIÈRE MAISON, audiences follow singer Mélissa Bédard and her large family (husband Karl and their six children), who settle down in a new house in Saint -Emile, Que. Bédard's quest is to create a family sanctuary where each member has their own space. Throughout this adventure, she is supported by an outstanding team of friends, including Joanie for construction, and designer Antoine Laurier. Moving and settling for the first time into a new and real home, audiences are set to find a part of their dreams in Melissa's project! (IPROD Média)

In this new documentary series, Marie-Claude Savard and Sébastien Trudel examine one of Québec's most infamous and sensational murder cases: the 1982 killing of France Alain, murdered at close range on Ste-Foy Street in Québec City, allegedly by radio host Benoît Proulx. On the 40th anniversary of the case, the series examines the case, from Proulx's trial, to his appeal and eventual acquittal, and the ensuing civil lawsuit. (Trinôme)

In the Eastern Townships, a man and his son train animals for films. Much more than just a zoo, they have turned their land into a sanctuary where they educate people about animal respect. Invited to work on Québec and American film sets, the duo amazes audiences with their unique relationship with the animals. (Anémone Télé)

The documentary series J'AI FRÔLÉ LA MORT offers gripping stories of ordinary men and women who have found themselves in perilous situations where their lives were at stake. The survivors re-tell their tragic stories, with testimonials from loved ones, experts, or caregivers that were present at the scene, and will once again experience strong emotions of how close they came to death. (Attraction images)

This new documentary series explores sexual abuse by members of the clergy, and the victims who are breaking the silence and taking steps to seek justice. Their struggle, often spanning several years, is arduous and the outcome is uncertain. But despite the challenges encountered, their moving and – often shocking stories – will finally be heard. (Attraction images)

AU CHALET DE RÉMI opens the door to the world of Rémi-Pierre Paquin in his hometown of Mauricie. Each week, he receives visits from well-known friends at his chalet for activities with him and his family. His goal: to convince his guests to love Mauricie, and maybe even convince them to move there! (Sphère Média)

Québec comedian Christine Morency quickly won over the public with her outspokenness, authenticity, and contagious laughter. This new documentary series offers audiences a glimpse into her personal and professional life as she prepares for her first one-woman show. (Avanti-Toast)


Five couples struggling during the pandemic must re-examine their relationships and determine whether they want to maintain their love. Under the magnifying glass of two sexologists, couples naturally and authentically share the joys and difficulties of life together. (Sphère Média)

After watching these couples, both traditional and modern, form in L'AMOUR EST DANS LE PRÉ, they return for a third season stronger and more connected than ever. In Season 3, viewers can follow these inspiring families navigate daily life at the farm, watch their children grow up, and greet the arrival of new ones. (Attraction Images)

The sixth season of LA FAMILLE GROULX revolves around turning points including the expansion of their house: an inevitable 'big disruption' to ensure a comfortable and functional life for a family of 12 growing children. As the elder siblings become adults, life gets a bit more complex, including registration for CEGEP and university, career choices, and their need for more independence and privacy, including the possibility of leaving home – a heartbreaking yet inevitable reality Tara and Pascal must face. Not to mention navigating the impacts of COVID, and other daily bumps in the road. In short, there is a wind of significant changes in the routine of the Groulx family life, with a year of great upheavals. (Sphère Média Inc)

METS-Y LE PAQUET offers us moments of laughter and pure pleasure. Comedian/humorist Dominic Paquet has fun trapping his victims by confronting them with surprising, even surreal situations. His goal is to destabilize them by creating discomfort, and surprises. (Entourage)

With the major sporting leagues returning to the airwaves this Fall, along with the broadcast of the FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR™ in November and December, RDS remains the benchmark for sports entertainment in Quebec. The audience for the group's channels is growing significantly among A 25-54, with an increase of 28% relative to the previous year, making it the leader among Specialty channels targeting these viewers. It's no surprise when with the content it offers: NHL, NFL (as just announced this week), CFL, MLB, and NBA games, plus F1 races and the biggest tournaments on the PGA, ATP and WTA tours.  There's something for everyone!

On Rouge FM, VÉRONIQUE ET LES FANTASTIQUES will once again headline the afternoon drive programming with the biggest audience among Women 25-54, on Monday to Thursday from 4 – 6 p.m. ET. In the morning, listeners can get their day off to a great start by tuning in to LA GANG DU MATIN, featuring Marie-Josée Gauvin, Pierre-François Legendre, and Eve Côté! New this year: Pierre Hébert and Christine Morency will host COMPLÈTEMENT MIDI! during the noon hour. Reflecting their personalities, the show will be funny, relatable, and accessible.

Over on ÉNERGIE, the station with the largest audience A 18-54 in Canada, Quebec's number one-show LE BOOST! will once again be there for listeners as they kick off their day. Philippe Bond and Pierre Pagé will be back at the helm of C'T'ENCORE DRÔLE, and listeners will be able to hear Marie-Claude Savard, Sébastien Trudel, and Mario Tessier on ÇA RENTRE AU POSTE this year.  

NOOVO.CA AUDIENCE CONTINUES TO GROW FOR EXCLUSIVE AND ON-DEMAND CONTENT is the must-have digital platform for accessing programming from Noovo and Specialty channels. Since the start of 2022, has totalled 14 million views, setting a new record for the digital platform. With hit titles such as BIG BROTHER CÉLÉBRITÉS, L'AMOUR EST DANS LE PRÉ, and UN SOUPER PRESQUE PARFAIT ranking among the most-watched online shows, will remain the destination of choice this year for accessing over 13,000 hours of French-language content, including premieres, exclusives and on-demand.

Noovo Moi is THE source of daily inspiration for readers seeking content that's as practical and informative as it is entertaining. Noovo Moi offers articles by engaged, inspiring writers on a vast range of subjects, such as food, home décor, travel, pop culture and celebrities, beauty and fashion, relationships and sexuality, health, family, gardening and sports.

To learn more about our new multiplatform content and Fall 2022-Winter 2023 programming on Bell Media's French-language and sports channels, contact us at [email protected].

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