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Time is Ltd. Debuts Zoom Analytics to Offer Businesses Enhanced Meeting Insights
[May 23, 2022]

Time is Ltd. Debuts Zoom Analytics to Offer Businesses Enhanced Meeting Insights

Time is Ltd., the leading employee engagement and experience company, has launched Zoom Analytics on its platform, allowing organizations to optimize how their workforces are using Zoom to meet and collaborate.

By adding support for Zoom, Time is Ltd. now gives organizations access to a simple platform where they can access integrated analytics across every major meeting and videoconferencing technology, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, and BlueJeans by Verizon.

Time is Ltd.'s solution provides companies with a wealth of valuable insights - ranging from easy-to-understand data visualizations showcasing meeting collaboration dynamics to calculations about how meeting overload is impacting the company's bottom line. The platform empowers organizations to set goals, targets, and KPIs to improve both their in-person and virtual meeting culture. It even allows Sales and Account Management teams to calculate the ideal length and frequency of external meetings for generating and retaining revenue.

"Most companies and teams face serious issues establishing a culture that isn't overloaded with unproductive or inefficient meetings, and the repercussions range from daily frustration and meeting fatigue to revenue loss and plummeting employee retention rates," said Jan Rezab, Founder and CEO at Time is Ltd. "By enhancing our Zoom Analytics offering, we're providing organizations with powerful data that allows themto evaluate their current online and offline meeting culture, understand where they're going wrong, and take action to improve meetings for their employees."

Time is Ltd. provides analytics for Zoom and other software across the following key areas:

  • Meeting Culture and Collaboration: Access organization-wide and department-specific meeting analytics that showcase metrics like average amount of time spent in meetings per day, manager to employee one-on-one effectiveness, and more.
  • Best Practices for External Collaboration, Sales, and Account Management: See an analysis of meeting effectiveness for Sales and Account Management teams, KPIs correlating meetings and sales, analytics on the impact of meetings with external prospects and stakeholders, analysis of revenue generation from external meetings, and more.
  • Online vs. Offline Meetings: Companies, departments, and teams can dive into meeting dynamics as they take place online vs. offline. Organizations can compare and contrast meeting effectiveness by looking at metrics like the average cancellation rate, minutes delayed before starting the meeting, and more.
  • Internal and External Meeting Culture: Access analytics on team-specific meetings, interdepartmental meetings, and meetings with external organizations; sociomapping of how teams and departments collaborate among each other; and more.
  • Productivity and Well-Being: Analyze how much time leaders, managers, and independent contributors have between meetings to focus on work - along with insights into meetings that may be lowering productivity and employee engagement.
  • Costs and Value Analysis: See the estimated cost of meetings (based on hourly rates of employees present), lost value from unnecessary meetings, cost of online versus offline meetings, and more.

A variety of organizations across different industries have already achieved measurable improvements to their meeting culture by using Time is Ltd.'s platform.

To learn more about how Time is Ltd. can help businesses and teams better leverage Zoom, contact Time is Ltd.'s industry experts.

About Time is Ltd.

Founded in 2016, Time is Ltd. empowers companies to drive an engaged, focused, and thriving workforce, powered by the use of collaboration data and insights. As the world's leading employee experience and engagement SaaS platform, Time is Ltd. offers an interactive interface that enables companies and teams to analyze collaboration, meetings, instant messaging, emails, focus time, and more - enabling companies to create ideal working environments for teams and employees.

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