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Customer-centric CloudOps: Treating Your Operations Platform as an Internal Product
[May 17, 2022]

Customer-centric CloudOps: Treating Your Operations Platform as an Internal Product

Transposit, the company that delivers connected workflow for DevOps, today announced that the company's VP of Customer Success and Solutions Engineering Ryan Taylor will host a live webinar with guest speaker, Charles Betz, Forrester's lead DevOps analyst. Taking place on May 26, 2022, the webinar will explore the modern operations landscape, current challenges teams are facing and how a customer-centric CloudOps initiative can empower operations teams.

What: Digital services have reached criticality-uptime is more than a desire, it's a necessity. To scale, modernize and ensure uptime, cloud operations teams must take a customer-centric approach to reliability and resiliency, treating the operations platform as an internal product. This approach empowers teams to expand automation with humans in the loop, enhance collaboration between operations and development, drive continuous feedback and improvement, and enable self-service access to infrastructure.

The discussion between Taylor and Betz will explore how customer-centric CloudOps enhances service reliability and ensures security and compliance, while enabling product teams to deliver software and innovation faster.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why operations is fundamental to product discovery
  • How complexity of infrastructure is impacting incident management
  • How the traditional support model is shifting
  • The characteristics of high-performing operations teams
  • How to enhance service reliability through automation, collaboration, continuous feedback and self-service

Who: Speaker Ryan Taylor is the VP of customer success and solutions engineering at Transposit. Ryan has over 15 years of experience as a leader in technical operations with expertise in product development for internal services and SaaS products. Ryan joined Transposit after almost five years at Hulu as director of production operations. Prior to Hulu, Ryan led the global Intuit operations and application operations teams for QuickBooks, TurboTax and His career began at ABC Financial when the business realized the advantages of software development. Contributing to a SaaS product early-on led him to pursue hands-on technical operations roles at multiple companies, shaping the leader he is today. Outside of work, Ryan is an avid sports fan, and enjoys supporting both professional and amateur teams alike.

Guest speaker Charles Betz is a principal analyst at Forrester. As the lead analyst for DevOps and enterprise service management, his work is focused on continuous deployment and release automation, incident management, service portfolio management, service catalog, service desk, NOC, IT asset management and more. With deep practitioner skills as a data architect, Charles also specializes in the information architecture of the "business of IT" and can help mediate challenging, hard-to-resolve discussions around how to frame, build and benefit from application, service, product, asset and technology portfolios, and IT data warehouses. Prior to joining Forrester, Charles was chief architect for ATT's Signature Client Group, where he was responsible for technical strategy with Fortune 100 clients. He also held enterprise architect and application manager roles at Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Target and Accenture.

When: Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 9:00 am PST

Where: To view the live webinar, visit:

About Transposit

Transposit delivers connected workflow for DevOps, empowering SRE and TechOps teams to deliver great customer experiences, expand automation and drive consistency, and simplify audits and compliance. Transposit's flexible, human-in-the-loop approach to automation helps teams reduce toil and accelerate event response - all with automatic documentation of every action. Combining the no-code user interface with the Developer Platform that provides full extensibility and customization in Python and JavaScript, Transposit can be tailor fit for any use case. With hundreds of pre-built connectors, the cloud-based platform is able to connect to any service with an API. Organizations rely on Transposit to improve workflow agility and keep services healthy so they can deliver more value to their business and customers.

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