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Plant Empires - Pioneer of GameFi 2.0
[May 13, 2022]

Plant Empires - Pioneer of GameFi 2.0

Hanoi, Vietnam, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BRAVEZONE COMPANY LIMITED, As the GameFi industry is becoming a trend of the future, what values will Plant Empires bring to you guys in 2022? Let’s find out with us through this article

What is Plant Empires?

Plant Empires is conceptualized to be a mobile game that combines the elites of tower defense, role-playing, and strategy gaming genres. Plant Empires' one-of-a-kind gameplay is a consolidation of the blockchain and traditional gaming factors which attracts both market users into this economy.

Plant Empires’ Gameplay

This game is the next project of BraveZone, the company famous for GameFi Projects such as HeroFi, Legend Guardians… The game features familiar concepts and straightforward actions, allowing players to rapidly become immersed in the game. Each variety of Plant in Plant Empires has its own skin, strength, and skills, contributing to intriguing battles for players. When entering the realm of Plant Empires, players can employ Plants to defeat Zombies, monsters, and bosses, win PvE & PvP combat, and earn significant rewards.

Play the hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of crazy zombies.

Plant Empires’ Vision and Mission

Plant Empires intends to create a breakthrough metaverse of games that will give players all around the world a long-lasting and pleasurable experience. Plant Empires Metaverse is a long-term goal and passion for us. We place a great priority on building a strong community, listening to all the feedback, and modifying so that players can have the best experience when joining Plant Empires.

Our game combines the best elements of the tower defense, role-playing, and strategy genre.

The game has familiar mechanics and simple operations that help players quickly integrate into the gameplay. About the content aspect, we've tried to create crops, heroes, monsters, and bosses as much as possible. Each type of character will own its different skins, strength, and skills to create a variety of content for this game. The players will freely explore and control their characters in the most effective way.

< align="justify">GameFi is growing to be a star in the gaming industry. With play-to-earn mechanics, GameFi rewards players with crypto for their contribution to the gaming community.

The ultimate goal of Plant Empires is to build an endlessly enjoyable "Plants vs Zombies" conceptualized game that evolves and enables players to enjoy and build the worlds they desire while earning tokens for their participation and contributions to the universe of GameFi.

Potential of Plant Empires in GameFi

Currently, with the help of blockchain technology, we are extremely proud to bring you Plant Empires - the pioneer game of GameFi 2.0, a place where you can enjoy both the mesmerizing gameplay and earn significant rewards. Instead of paying money, users who want to play Plant Empires for free can watch adverts in the game or complete in-game quests to earn rewards.

No matter what they choose(In-app purchases or Admob), Plant Empires can receive a huge amount of profit from traditional gamers. This can make sure that we will have a sustainable revenue and use 20% of profit to buy back $PEFI.

With our consignment system, Users can consign NFTs such as Heroes and NFT items to the ROFI Multiverse team. After receiving the NFTs from sellers, we sell those NFTs to Non-Blockchain users by putting them in the In-game Shop. This system was created to connect blockchain users to non-blockchain users in the game, both types of players can make trades with each other using this unique function.

$PEFI’s IDO Whitelist Registration

In the meanwhile, Plant Empires is in collaboration with LaunchZone to bring you the Whitelist Registration event for the upcoming IDO. Please follow our instructions and complete easy tasks to ensure your slot for the IDO of $PEFI. Register now or miss your chance to guarantee a slot in the upcoming IDO of $PEFI through the link we have enclosed

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