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SwatchOn Propels Digital Fashion Forward with a New Platform
[May 12, 2022]

SwatchOn Propels Digital Fashion Forward with a New Platform

With the launch of VMOD, SwatchOn makes the leap into digital fashion, connecting IRL to URL

SEOUL, South Korea, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today marks the launch of VMOD, an open marketplace for digital fashion that bridges the gap between real-life physical garments (IRL) and digital fashion ownership (URL). Founded as a sister company to global sourcing pioneer and the world's leading wholesale fashion fabric aggregator SwatchOn, the fashion industry will take on a new shape as VMOD creates the ability to purchase interconnected digital and physical goods from both emerging and well-known fashion brands.

With a mission to empower fashion brands across the globe to create without limits, VMOD aims to dismantle the barrier of conventional fashion and bring brands to life in new and exciting ways. To meet young consumers where they are, the platform will enrich the experience of purchasing and owning garments across several verticals including AR wearables, physical twin, virtual looks,  metaverse wearables, and more. Over time, SwatchOn and VMOD will work together to build an IRL to URL vertical for fashion production – from sourcing materials to producing and distributing garments.

"We're thrilled to make VMOD a reality and to be launching with such stand-out emerging designers like Annaiss Yucra and San Kim", said Will Lee, co-founder, and CEO of SwatchOn and VMOD. "This platform is proof that fashion extends beyond IRL designs and can be applid across many different novel and groundbreaking applications. This is just the beginning of what we plan to accomplish."

The founders of VMOD are focused on championing fashion and culture through storytelling and by serving a global community of diverse creators and collectors from a wide range of backgrounds. For the launch, VMOD features Annaiss Yucra, a 3rd generation artisan and indigenous Peruvian designer who highlights local traditions, textiles, and artisans; and San Kim, a University of Westminster MA Menswear graduate, whose avant garde designs are a fantastical interpretation of society around him.

Annaiss looks at her work as "Artivism" – activism through art. For many of her collections, including her drop on VMOD, she sheds light on different social issues in Peru and across Latin America, specifically in regard to women's rights.

"To me, the fashion industry and the catwalk can be a space where people really want to listen. And we can start a deeper conversation about what's really happening in the world, happening all around us" said Yucra. "Every time that I start a collection, I want to see a representation of this – I think about the social issues going on in my society; I think about the things that have affected my family; I think about my own legacy and how to communicate that in my work. As a founding designer on VMOD, that conversation and my designs can reach new heights, and new audiences."

As for San Kim, he considers himself a quiet observer. Inspired by everyday subjects, he creates his own unique visual language to reflect a collective experience. For his current work that is included in VMOD's drop, he took inspiration from how people were responding to the unprecedented pandemic. Kim watched how people were forced to be creative in fighting the virus, seeing images online of people using supermarket plastic bags over their heads instead of masks. Selecting plastic bags as his materials, he went to work designing his "inflatables."

"Fashion for me is a visual language, interpreting the world around me in order to communicate a message that resonates with everyday people. Connecting my real-life designs with digital versions through VMOD only helps to reverberate the intended message even further – it becomes additive."

Both Annaiss and San launched their new collections on VMOD this week. To learn more about VMOD, the designers, or to purchase their collections, visit

About VMOD
VMOD is a digital fashion platform where fashion can be owned and experienced across various IRL and URL contexts. VMOD's mission is to enable fashion brands to create without limits and to encourage imagination, originality, and brilliant ideas through every story we tell and the fashion experiences we build. VMOD enriches the experience of owning and wearing fashion across digital and physical worlds while dismantling the barrier of conventional fashion with: Your fashion, virtually no bounds.

VMOD is a sister service to SwatchOn, which connects the South Korean textile industry to brands around the globe. SwatchOn has streamlined the fabric supply chain, allowing designers to quickly search and access over 200,000 textiles from 750 different suppliers. With VMOD, SwatchOn is making the leap into digital fashion, connecting from IRL to URL.

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