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SpotOn Changes the Lives of Dogs Everywhere With the Launch of Its Next Generation Fencing Solution
[May 10, 2022]

SpotOn Changes the Lives of Dogs Everywhere With the Launch of Its Next Generation Fencing Solution

Committed to making dog owners' lives easier and dogs everywhere happier, SpotOn, the world's first GPS dog fence, is announcing the next generation of its product: SpotOn GPS Fence. Swapping the wires and base stations with GPS technology, SpotOn created the world's first truly wireless fence, and with the launch of its latest innovative product, SpotOn is reinventing dog containment again by utilizing seven existing patents and introducing new features designed to expand access to more time outside for more dogs than ever before. Starting today, customers can visit to order the system for $1,495.

As the remote work trend continues in 2022, many people are moving from dense urban areas and into the suburbs. Dog owners can take advantage of this increase in space to increase their dogs' happiness by saying "no" to committing them to a life indoors and "yes" to more freedom with the world's most innovative dog fence.

"Dogs are happiest when they run free," said Jennifer Joyce, President of SpotOn. "To give dog owners that option, the SpotOn GPS Fence uses patented technology to accurately predict a dog's True Location™ and reliably contain a dog nearly anywhere on the planet, offering our customers the reliability of traditional systems paired with the convenience expected in today's wireless world."

With SpotOn, users can create an unlimited number of fences of any shape and size at home and anywhere they travel, using just the SpotOn collar and smartphone app, effectively creating a fence that fits into the palm of their hand, whether they have half an acre or 1,000s of acres.

"SpotOn uses the best GPS available by harnessing the power of four global satellite systems simultaneously (unlike other pet tech that can only communicate with one satellite system at a time). We pair that with a highly sensitive, dual-feed antenna, which means your dog is connected to 25 - 30 satellites when roaming free," said Sung Vivathana, SpotOn's VP of Engineering and inventor of the GPS Dog Fence category. "We layer on potOn's patented True Location™ Technology, which pairs GPS data with inertial sensors in your dog's collar that track the direction, speed and acceleration of your dog. These intelligent algorithms remove GPS's inherent limitations such as drift, multi-path signals, and interference, positioning your dog with more reliability than other containment and tracking systems."

The new SpotOn GPS Fence features a series of updates and upgrades, including:

? Smaller size for smaller dogs ? collars for dogs with necks as small as 10 inches and as large as 26 inches.

? A more robust smartphone app ? a more streamlined user interface makes managing both the owner's dog(s) and fences a breeze.

? Connection to even more satellites ? SpotOn now connects to nearly 30 satellites across four global constellations ? GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou.

? More powerful fence creation ? users can see their fence build as they walk.

? Vibration feedback - in addition to the optional static correction, SpotOn can vibrate at the boundary.

? Choice of Verizon or AT&T LTE-M connection ? specifically for internet-enabled devices, LTE-M offers coverage in many places where a phone's 4G LTE service may be weak or unavailable.

? Better-optimized battery ? 18 hours of containment and 12 hours of tracking.

The SpotOn Fence is available now at with an optional subscription that starts at $5.95 per month. Existing SpotOn Fence users will be able to upgrade to the new product for just $500. SpotOn offers a 15% discount for multi-collar purchases and, for a limited time only, $100 off to everyone else.

Get more freedom for you and your dog. Visit for more information.

About SpotOn

SpotOn GPS Fence gives dogs the freedom to be dogs and owners the peace of mind to let them. SpotOn replaces buried wires and base stations with GPS technology-eliminating the need for professional installation and maintenance. Simply use the collar to walk a containment area anywhere, creating an instant fence of unlimited shape and size. Cellular-enabled, SpotOn offers escape notifications, status updates, and easy map management right on your smartphone.

SpotOn was created by a team with decades of experience developing high-quality electronic devices and a commitment to developing the best products for the pet industry. Recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree, SXSW 2020 Innovation Award finalist and New Hampshire Tech Alliance 2019 Product of the Year, SpotOn has changed the lives of dogs and owners across North America. To learn more about the SpotOn technology and product, visit:, our blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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