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Behind the 'Squid Game' Translation: Incorporating Cultural Relevance into Language Learning
[November 24, 2021]

Behind the 'Squid Game' Translation: Incorporating Cultural Relevance into Language Learning

SINGAPORE, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The South Korean Netflix show Squid Game has smashed the Internet with its overwhelming popularity. It is surprising to see the global obsession with this show, especially given the minimal English dialogue and its relatively foreign culture to the mainstream audience. However, amidst the hype, some critics have pointed out that the English translation has failed to preserve the original meanings.

This problem brings up an important aspect of language learning: cultural contextualization. Knowing the meanings of the words is only the first step to learning a language. More importantly, it is about understanding the cultural nuances embedded within the dialogues. In the current language learning landscape, there are some common criticisms: 1) lack of authentic learning environments, 2) limited meaningful feedback, and 3) lack of cultural contexts. Under these circumstances, it is hard for learners to learn a new language if they do not fully understand the cultual and linguistic roots.

Luckily, aside from the decontextualized language learning apps on the market, there are other options to choose from. Linnet Chinese is a Chinese learning platform developed by engineers from Silicon Valley. It aims at offering the most authentic and culturally relevant learning experience to children who want to learn the language and the culture. Chinese culture and real-life scenarios are embedded throughout the learning process, helping learners to capture the cultural nuances behind each vocabulary and sentence. Linnet Chinese prides itself on the hybrid format of live and AI classes. It attempts to address the most important problems of language learning by incorporating interactivity, formative assessment, and gamification into its design. With the hybrid format, not only can you receive feedback from live teachers who seamlessly track your learning progress with the support of learning data, but you can also take the AI classes at your own time, creating a personalized learning schedule that fits your unique needs. The subscription-based AI class employs a learner-centric design and is embraced by users from South-East Asia, India, Turkey, and South America.

As foreign-language contents start to boom on Netflix and other social media platforms, imagine the next time when you watch another foreign-language blockbuster and do not have to worry about whether the meaning gets lost in translation, how awesome would that be?

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