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Hour One Accelerates Scalability Through AI-Powered Digital Cloning for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
[November 16, 2021]

Hour One Accelerates Scalability Through AI-Powered Digital Cloning for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Hour One, an end-to-end video creation platform powered by AI and photoreal presenters, announced today that attorney and CPA David Fritch is using its AI-driven enterprise solution to scale his business while saving time and resources to stay ahead of the competition.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

Over the last 38 years, David Fritch has been offering legal, tax and accounting services to small business owners. More recently, he's built a coaching practice, Visionary Wealth Creation, capitalizing on his decades of experience. In order to continue growing and expanding his business, Fritch knew he needed help. Leading a business alone is no easy feat, and he was challenged to produce enough content, such as marketing collateral and educational materials, to keep the flow of new business opportunities and attract new clients.

"I have been a one-person shop for the last three decades, so my most valuable asset is time. With Hour One, I can scale myself and save time and money in a way that enables me to grow my business like never before," said David Fritch, founder, Visionary Wealth Creation. "Change is happening more rapidly now than it ever has in the past, so it's really exciting to be on the forefront of an innovative technology that has the potential to really change the way businesses operate."

Fritch has partnered with Hour One to create an AI-generated photoreal character of himself to help scale his business. With a personalized, highly realistic photoreal character, Fritch can easily create ngaging content for various business funnels, including coaching courses he can monetize, Facebook (News - Alert) and YouTube ads, as well as other educational videos. He also plans to use the technology to help in training associates - a task which is not only time consuming and repetitive, but usually requires a specific person to lead them.

"While we've seen the implementation of our technology by a number of larger scale organizations, David has a unique opportunity as a small business owner," said Oren Aharon, CEO, Hour One. "Large brands have a full team working to keep a business up and running, but David really is a one-man show, so our technology is essentially enabling him to scale himself. In doing this he can more easily delegate tasks and save time to focus on more revenue generating activity that will propel his business forward."

Prior to working with Hour One, Fritch filmed videos himself on his iPhone (News - Alert) which put a limit on quality and creativity. Not only did Hour One produce a highly realistic photoreal version of himself, but Fritch is also able to incorporate text, images and videos to make content more engaging. With Hour One, everything is done automatically, making video creation scalable, reliable and cost-effective.

To view an example of David Fritch utilizing Hour One's technology click here.

Now having a digital twin is for everyone - not only for celebrities.
Until now access to this type of technology has been the preserve of the mega elite - such as NVIDIA (News - Alert) CEO, Jensen Huang, and celebrity meditation guru, Deepak Chopra. This is because it is a typically intricate and expensive process, involving complex equipment and high touch consumer graphics.

However, with Hour One, the process is extremely simple. And the result is more precise.

With just a few minutes of video footage featuring Fritch, Hour One was able to generate Fritch's photoreal character, which is the most lifelike result that exists today. The process is also extremely cost-effective and accessible to one-man businesses like Fritch, who pays a monthly fee for on-going services.

Character protection
In order to start working with Hour One, Fritch signed a Character Agreement which grants certain permissions and defines the terms by which his character can be used. Fritch then granted Hour One permission to generate his character, using his source footage. Only once the agreement has been signed, does Hour One touch the footage. The character agreement also defines how the avatar can be used. His character can only be used to generate content that he himself requests and authorizes. This ensures that Fritch has sole ownership of his character and its usage.

Further to that, the agreement obligates Fritch to disclose within the frame of each video that the content has been computer-generated. This respects the viewer's right to know how the video was made. This typically takes the form of an Altered Visuals watermark which appears in all Mr. Fritch's videos.

Oren Aharon, CEO of Hour One said "this is an entirely new field and we have been very conscious and purposeful about how we build in character protections. Proper ethics and trust-building are essential to our business. We've consulted legal experts in 3 jurisdictions to align on this novel contract. It's something we take very seriously and revisit often."

About Hour One
Hour One is an end-to-end video creation platform, enabling next-level AI automation to scale human-led, personalized communications. Powered by life-like, programmable characters, Hour One brings studio-grade video to all businesses. We use advanced neural networks, machine learning and audio-visual pipelines to create characters that look and sound like real people. This way, a single character can deliver thousands of text lines, in multiple languages, to a video stream which people can interact with. We use a vast cloud infrastructure to maintain those characters, and to generate and edit thousands of videos for businesses across e-learning, e-commerce, digital health, and more. Behind each AI character is a real human being. Through contractual arrangements, we have permission to use their likeness in predefined commercial use cases, for which they earn a fee. We clearly label all commercial content as computer-generated, to respect the user's right to know.

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