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Short Term Course on Artificial Intelligence for Teachers commences with great zeal & enthusiasm at MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence
[September 29, 2021]

Short Term Course on Artificial Intelligence for Teachers commences with great zeal & enthusiasm at MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence

PUNE, India, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence (MIT FuSE) and MIT School of Education & Research - MIT Art, Design and Technology University, continues with its endeavour to train school teachers on Artificial Intelligence in Education with its exclusive Short Term Course on Artificial Intelligence for teachers. 

The course on Artificial Intelligence was inaugurated today with insights & blessings from the Top Global Artificial Intelligence Influencers and industry veterans, Mr. Utpal Chakraborty, Dr. Anoop V.S., and Mr. Arpit Yadav.

The Short-Term Course on AI was initiated & curated by the MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and the advancement in online teaching with the use of Artificial Intelligence. The course is being supported by CloudThat Technologies, CITIS Educon Pvt. Ltd., InnoWise, eduPeer, and Navabharat Group.

MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence right from the inception, has been promoting awareness on adoption of emerging technologies to generate smart & employable technocrats with the aim to uplift, upgrade, and upskill the working professionals. Around 10,000+ students, tech enthusiasts, and working professionals have been benefited from the initiatives & certifications.

The TEDx speaker & Former Head of Artificial Intelligence, YES Bank Ltd., Mr. Utpal Chakraborty, stated "We are in the golden era of the technological revolution. AI  and other technologies form a part of big data and data analytics. These skills will be quintessential and crucial for career growth in today's world." He has also coined the word "Cognification" which merges the importance of cognitive elements in the current digital process. He also gave insights on use cases in AI like the banking system, security system, and customer support system like chatbots. He also congratulated & appreciated the endeavours by the MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence for upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Dr. Anoop V.S. Senior Scientist (Research & Training) from IIITMK Kerala, pointed out, "According to the World Economic Forum, 5 million jobs will be displaced by 2022 but 133 million new roles will be created, hence this is the right time to up-skill and re-skill." He emphasized that the role of present teachers is more significant in the education sector than new entrants as experienced teachers bring in invaluable knowledge coupled with technology. He also shared how the education system has been revamped with the new initiative of Digital University of Kerala.

Senior Data Scientist from INSOFE, Mr. Arpit Yadav said, "It's important to understand data science, how it comes into existence and how it is used by companies to make a business out of it. We are basically the free data generators on whom platforms like Facebook flourish." Mr. Arpit concluded his keynote address with how Data Science is an art of finding hidden information, predicting future data (ML/DL), and converting it into actions (AI). He also listed the top skills in demand in the job world viz., Python, AI, Data science, and so on.

Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Asawari Bhave has reiterated the importance of AI in every spectrum of education. She said, "AI will not only help improve classroom management but also boost its efficiency." She stressed the need for flexibility in adapting to technological advancements than just learning something new for work purposes.

Prof. Suraj Bhoyar, Project Director, MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence, extended heartfelt gratitude during his welcome address to the educators who always stand by every individual, to guide, motivate, and inspire. He salutes teachers who are ever ready to upskill and upgrade with changes in the education field today. He emphasized the National Education Policy 2020 and guidelines issued by the CBSE to mandate AI Training in Schools, Colleges. He also stated, "Artificial Intelligence in education can be customised for teachers to enhance their teaching. They can use artificial intelligence to not only teach but also research and refine their subject matter. This global pandemic crisis has also been an extraordinary time for learning."

AI is not a futuristic vision, but rather something that is here today and being integrated with Education and deployed for better student-teacher interactions. and go hand in hand with exponential technologies like IoT, Data Analytics, Robotics, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, etc.

This short-term course spans over 5 weeks and engages teachers for 50+ hours with extensive practical training on Artificial Intelligence and its use cases. It elaborates on topics that will help the teachers and educators in getting hands-on training on Artificial Intelligence which they can use in their lesson plans and class delivery, online or offline. The training has received an overwhelming response and saw registrations from 300+ teachers, professors, research scholars, and educators from India and abroad.

The inauguration ceremony concluded with great zeal, enthusiasm, and active participation from the participants. Ms. Smruti Shelke from MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence (MIT FuSE) compered the ceremony and Prof. Komal Gagare from MIT School of Education & Research proposed the vote of thanks.

About MIT-ADT University

MAEER's Trust which is known to set the strong precedence for the privatization of Engineering education in Maharashtra had taken a first mover's advantage by establishing the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT-Pune), in 1983, which continues to remain the flagship institute of the group.

MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune has been established under the MIT Art, Design and Technology University Act, 2015 (Maharashtra Act No. XXXIX of 2015). The University commenced its operations successfully from 27th June 2016. The University is a self-financed institution and empowered to award the degrees under section 22 of the University Grants Commission act, 1956. The University has a unique blend of Art, Design, and Technology as the core of its academics.

Recently, MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune has accomplished the following accolades:

  1. Ranked 26th for ARIIA 2020 by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.
  2. Received 5 Star rating for exemplary performance by the Ministry of Education's Innovation Council, Govt. of India.
  3. Conferred with Best University Campus Award by ASSOCHAM, New Delhi
  4. Granted with Atal Incubation Centre under ATAL Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India

MIT Art, Design and Technology University has been taking a holistic approach towards imparting education wherein the students are being motivated to build a complete winning personality which is "physically fit, intellectually sharp, mentally alert and spiritually elevated". The students are being encouraged to participate in yoga, meditation, physical training, spiritual elevation, communication skills, and other personality development programmes. Currently, we have 7500+ students studying in various schools of higher education under the University viz. Engineering and Technology, Food Technology, Bioengineering, Arts, Design, Marine Engineering, Journalism and Broadcasting, Film and Television, Music (Hindustani Classical Vocal and Instrumental), Teacher Education, and Vedic Sciences


Prof. Suraj Bhoyar,
Project Director
MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence, Pune
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