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Pampered Chef Launches Table, a First-of-its-Kind Virtual Party Platform
[September 14, 2021]

Pampered Chef Launches Table, a First-of-its-Kind Virtual Party Platform

As a leader in the direct selling industry and to meet the rapidly growing demand for virtual experiences, Pampered Chef has launched Table, a wholly owned, digital platform that enables its consultants to host customized virtual cooking parties that deliver unique, value-added content designed to improve a consumer's mealtime journey. The innovative platform, a first for the industry, is available now to all Pampered Chef consultants and consumers across the U.S. and Canada.

"Like so many industries, our virtual business has been growing steadily over the years and the pandemic only amplified that growth," said Pampered Chef CEO Andrew Treanor. "Our consultants have been using a variety of social platforms and digital tools to engage their audiences virtually and they've been craving their own place to party; a place designed with their exact needs in mind. Table is another way for Pampered Chef to be pioneers in the direct sales industry and provide an innovative, first-class virtual experience for our consultants and our customers."

The experience is designed to be interactive, enabling authentic social connections as well as live video engagement to facilitate relationship building and help consumers solve their mealtime pain points. As a key value add, Table includes a virtual kitchen experience, a highly visual, immersive, and enjoyable way for consumers to learn about products and recipes, as well as a customizable content feed where consultants can share images, videos, product catalogues, recipes, interactive games, and quizzes. Finally, the program's "Table Topics" feature helps gusts personalize the content they see based on their interests as well as comment, like and add their own content to enhance the experience for all virtual party guests.

This exclusive platform provides Pampered Chef consultants with the resources to easily host virtual events and enables anyone to attend their virtual events by removing barriers such as social media preference. Easy to use, thanks to pre-programmed experiences, the platform also integrates easily with Pampered Chef's suite of robust content tools to offer a more seamless, connected brand experience. The business solution reduces the time consultants spend creating their virtual parties, allowing them to dedicate time and energy to build and strengthen customer relationships.

Through the platform's content manager function, consultants can select from different party experience outlines and then tweak and adjust the plan to their personal voice as well as build and share their virtual event outlines with other consultants. An embedded live video chat feature helps consultants share live demos, answer questions and nurture relationships with virtual party hosts and guests. As a custom-built resource, it also provides for greater insights to connect the dots between features and benefits, so the brand can better understand what's resonating most with consultants and their guests.

"The Table platform was built for and by our consultants and aligns with the vision of Pampered Chef as a company that champions people connecting around a fun, educational and social experience," said Shiv Dutt, Vice President of Experience Innovation for Pampered Chef. "It's a reflection of our dedication to innovating new and easier ways for our consultants to run and grow their business and for customers to find inspiration and ideas that enhance their home cooking experience and enable mealtime wins."

To learn more about the Table platform, visit or speak with a Pampered Chef consultant.

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