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Kognoz launches Hiperlearn - An analytics-driven content engine and platform, designed to equip high workplace performance
[July 22, 2021]

Kognoz launches Hiperlearn - An analytics-driven content engine and platform, designed to equip high workplace performance

GURGAON, India, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "This is the future of learning and I congratulate, Kognoz and Hiperlearn team on their vision and idea. People need to take responsibility for their learning themselves, be self-directed and learn throughout the life, and I believe Hiperlearn would facilitate that," said Ashish Vidyarthi, veteran actor, coach, motivational speaker, and a lifelong learner himself, during the launch of Hiperlearn, earlier this month on July 15th, 2021.

As Hiperlearn comes to life, Lokesh Nigam, Co-founder and Director at Kognoz Consulting shared his vision saying, "It is the responsibility of leaders, to enable and maximise human potential. People are the heart of the business and collective people skills turn an organization's ideas and resources into gold. Skill-building may well be the single-most strategic activity an organization can undertake if it indeed wants to succeed in the long run. Collective people skills ultimately are each organization's distinct competitive advantage."

Leena Sahijwani, Vice President, Group Human Resources - Tata Group, said during the launch event, "Learning has transformed drastically, especially during the pandemic and it is a critical area of work for HR and business professionals - we need to bring content and resources, most nimbly to the learner at a great speed." Hiperlearn is designed and visualized for enabling a learner, at the instance of learning need and enabling coaches, experts, and businesses to speedily provide content to their learner in a multi-modal and hyper-personalized manner. Ritu Raj, Talent, Learning & OD Lead, Walmart Global Tech India says, "Learning has to become an ecosystem that provides personalized experience and context is of utmost importance. It is required to continuously create, and experiment ideas on learning & content from a beginner's mindset." The core idea of Hiperlearn, is to enable larning for higher employee performance through highly contextualized and personalized content.

Hiperlearn is created to help organizations solve their role-skill-performance riddle. As the workforce is expected to meet ever more complex challenges in making their organization win, and continuously develop skills that enhance productivity and performance, the learning ecosystem must provide for that. Sandeep Marwah, Founder, and Chancellor, AAFT and ABS Group, said, "Bringing content, coaches, facilitators, and infrastructure together and using creative means of education to people is itself a creative task and better the corporate enables it, better are the chances of their having a competitive advantage." Hiperlearn brings just the right tool to help organizations create, curate, and distribute learning content and learning spirals that continuously grow the skills of their workforce, as also help them multiply their performance.

Hiperlearn promises to solve the ever-growing problem of content dumping that distracts learners, rather than enabling them in growing their skills. Prithvi Shergill, Co-founder Entomo & Smarten Spaces and a veteran HR leader, said, "Communities and cohorts of practice enable a learner in pursuing their career objectives and access sources of content they can trust, that goes a long way in helping learners shape their growth." Hiperlearn provides deep analytics on skills and tools for internal experts that will enable them to create the right content at the instance of a performance need. In addition, it helps communities and experts curate content and knowledge that would help in contextual learning. Learning spirals, an interesting feature of the product provide career and development related solution to the employees, that focuses on providing employees analytics and content that would help them be future-ready.

Adhir Mane, CHRO - Raymond Lifestyle spoke, "Hyper-personalization and democratizing is key to learning, especially in the changing times as learning enables better response time and agility in business."

On being requested a comment, Harpreet Kaur Kapoor, Co-founder, and Chief Product Officer at Kognoz, said, "Requisite skills create great performance and more autonomous people. Kognoz dedicates Hiperlearn, a platform powered by learning analytics and a content engine that will help corporate learners, learning professionals, HR, and businesses drive performance-based learning that would help achieve better business success through great people performance and skills."

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