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NetVirta Launches Verifyt, An Unparalleled 3D Scanning App for Fit Technology Applications
[July 21, 2021]

NetVirta Launches Verifyt, An Unparalleled 3D Scanning App for Fit Technology Applications

BOSTON, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- NetVirta, creator of the world's only FDA-cleared 3D body scanning app for medical applications, announces the official release of Verifyt® ((iOS) (Android), a 3D body scanning app for apparel and footwear brands. The app, which has hosted 3D foot scanning since December 2020, has now added 3D full body scanning to its range of capabilities and is available for install in the Apple and Google Play Stores today. Brands that offer apparel, footwear, intimates, sports equipment, and other product types are now able to leverage the Verifyt® app in conjunction with Verifyt®'s business platform to provide their customers the perfect fit, helping to reduce returns and increase conversions.

Consumers returned an estimated $428 billion in merchandise last year, and it is estimated that 72% of returns are caused by poor fit. Despite brands and retailers' adoption of new fit technology in recent years, their struggles with online product returns persist due to inconsistent sizing standards across the fashion industry and even within brands. This paradigm makes it difficult for both brands and consumers to align on correct sizing for their customers. Sizing charts, and size recommendation technologies that predicate their recommendations on the comparison of them, will not solve the underlying issues.

NetVirta now offers the fashion industry a solution it desperately needs: an accurate 3D body scanning app and product-specific size recommendations. By mapping customer's body measurements to the dimensional data of brand's apparel and footear products, NetVirta can provide customers precise size recommendations or a truly custom fit.

"Even within brands, sizing inconsistencies are an issue," says Jeff Chen, Founder and CEO of NetVirta, "In addition to precision mobile 3D scanning, we work with brands to produce product specific recommendations to their customers, based on brands' product specs and the customer's 3D body data."

Already the medical industry's established leader in precision smartphone 3D body scanning, NetVirta is uniquely positioned to support fashion brands and retail sectors. NetVirta's consumer-facing Verifyt® scanning technology provides a close-to-medical accuracy, thanks to the 375 million data points taken during NetVirta's 8 years of service in the medical industry.

Founded by researchers from MIT, the Verifyt® app features an AR user experience and precise 3D model generation based on 2D information users capture from their smartphone. In addition to being the world's only app to host both full body and foot scanning capabilities, Verifyt® also maintains the greatest compatibility with smartphone devices around the world, with around 87% in North America, 93% in EMEA, and 90% in APAC.

"One of the biggest challenges impacting Ecommerce fashion retailers is high return rates." says Mr. Jeff Kantor, president of JAK consulting, previously president of, "The largest percentage of returns are caused by incorrect fit. Netvirta's Verifyt® 3D body scanning app is a great solution for both wholesalers and retailers. The accuracy is truly impressive. "

After working behind the scenes since 2019 with several major fashion brands to perfect its solution, NetVirta is now in various stages of pilots with more than 15 global brands and retailers including the second largest e-commerce platform in China. Several major partnerships will be announced over the next few months, as Verifyt® rollout commences a string of brand launches.

In addition, NetVirta hopes it's solution will help reduce the industry's level of waste that contributes 5 billion pounds of returned goods to landfills every year.

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NetVirta is the world's leading provider of smartphone 3D body scanning technology, helping brands reduce online apparel and footwear returns by ensuring their customers receive the right fit. Already established in the medical industry, helping thousands of clinicians in 13 countries to 3D scan patients to obtain custom-fit orthoses and prostheses, NetVirta now enables apparel, footwear, and sports equipment brands to personalize the fit of their products, which will profoundly revolutionize brands' online shopping experience.

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