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Ingenium Global Consulting Releases DEImetrix™ for Business Transformation
[June 23, 2021]

Ingenium Global Consulting Releases DEImetrix™ for Business Transformation

Ingenium Global Consulting announced today the launch of its new comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) assessment, training, and action planning solution, DEImetrix™. The solution is for businesses who aspire to create a high performing culture where everyone feels welcome and valued. By focusing on everyday workplace behaviors, DEImetrix™ increases self-awareness and provides the ability to create personalized action plans.

Developed by Sandhya Johnson, Ph.D., DEImetrix™ provides an alternative to the broad, formulaic approaches to DEI. Dr. Johnson, a leadership consultant and executive coach wth more than 20 years of experience, observed that several DEI solutions focus on risk mitigation rather than behavioral optimization. She noted that while these solutions impart knowledge, there was a gap between understanding and action. For example, learning about psychological safety and allyship is helpful from an educational point of view, but it needs to be translated into behavioral applications.

Comparable to emotional intelligence (EQ), DEI intelligence (DEI-Q) is not static and can be improved. To do so, DEI-Q needs to be quantitively and comprehensively assessed and then supported with actionable plans that assist individuals in reaching their full potential. "Creating a strong DEI workplace is ultimately everyone's responsibility every day," Dr. Johnson said. "I believe that everyone wants to do their best when it comes to DEI, we just need to provide people with the opportunity to be reflective, constructive and goal specific."

On a personal level, Dr. Johnson understands how different racial and ethnic backgrounds intersect. Her family is multi-racial. That personal lived experience combined with her career in talent development and her doctoral studies, led to the creation of DEImetrix™. According to Dr. Johnson, increasing someone's DEI-Q is as essential and game changing to improving individual effectiveness and team performance as improving EQ. "Therefore, DEI-Q has an important role in identifying, promoting, coaching and developing talent from the front-line to the board room," Dr. Johnson said.

DEImetrix™ helps make it possible to create a human-centered workplace.


Sandhya Johnson has broad-based experience that spans over 20 years in all aspects of leadership and talent development in industries such as hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, consulting, pharmaceuticals, consumer durables, oil and gas, and financial services. She has a doctorate degree in Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University.

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