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Return Awarded TEDCO Investment To Simplify And Scale Enterprise Sales Intelligence
[June 10, 2021]

Return Awarded TEDCO Investment To Simplify And Scale Enterprise Sales Intelligence

BALTIMORE, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Return, a sales intelligence software company that enables brands to easily capture and scale sales engagement insights, announced today financing by TEDCO (Maryland Technology Development Corporation), which provides Maryland-based startup funding and resources for early stage technology companies.

"Our mission is simple: to help sales teams close deals faster."  -- Greg Dvorken, founder and CEO of Return.

According to  Forrester, "Today, the average rep spends only 23 percent of their time on core, direct engagement selling activities — not very productive. In the future, maximizing productivity for all sellers will differentiate organizations. Time-consuming, administrative tasks will be rooted out and automated to free reps up to spend more time selling and working towards their quotas."

"Our mission is simple: to help sales teams close deals faster," said Greg Dvorken, founder and CEO of Return. "If you're a business-to-business sales organization, engagements can last months or even years, and involve hundreds of touchpoints along the way, so capturing insights quickly and easily makes a huge difference in sales response times, winning sales opportunities, and getting smarter as an enterprise - helping everybody win."

Return has developed a platform that collects sales insights in 10 seconds or less through what the company calls "microconversions," letting sellers get back to selling and keeping administrative tasks to a minimum. These insights are captured by asking one simple question: Did the customer find the content they received from the seller helpful or not, and why? These signals occur hundreds of times during a B2B sales engagement and the answers usually reside in the minds of individual salespeople. Return easily captures those insights and marries them with a powerful recommendation and indexing engine that scales across an entire salesforce and company. This automates and significantly decreases administrative tasks and, more importantly, allows sellers to learn from the enterprise-wide experience of their peers, so they can share relevant content quickly and confidently with their customers.

"Return's founding team has lived the problem they're solving for," said Jack Miner, Chief Investment Officer of TEDCO. "We look forward to seeing how this testing and validation phase goes as Return releases this new technology to the world and into a $130 billion industry."   

Return has selected two pilot partners for its first product deployments: a Fortune 500 financial services company and a hyper-growth enterprise cybersecurity company. For the past year, Return has been working with advisors from more than a dozen B2B enterprises across the financial services, healthcare, energy and technology sectors in order to ensure its initial product fits the needs of revenue teams across these vertical industries. The company has also briefed some of the largest marketing agencies, consultancies and analyst firms in the world, helping to add new capabilities to their approaches, and forge new partnerships as Return builds and expands its customer base.

Measurement in B2B marketing has typically been based on "vanity metrics" such as clicks, open rates and time spent on a web page. Key customer-based insights have resided in the brains of individual sellers. Return has created a simple way of capturing human-to-human, seller-buyer interaction data that provides insights into what the customer is actually thinking at any given moment during that sales cycle. Return's software helps capture that interaction's result and then scale that insight to every seller across the organization. 

About Return

Return Solutions, Inc. is a Baltimore-based sales intelligence company developing a unique approach to capturing seller-to-buyer interactions, scaling that intelligence across B2B enterprises. Return calls these captured, 10-second interactions microconversions, measuring content-sharing signals between salespeople and their customers and prospects. These signals are the building blocks of truly understanding the health of a deal while also providing insights into what content is landing with customers. This data also closes the feedback loop with content creators, so an organization's content continuously gets better over time. These microconversions provide a success score for each piece of peer-tested content, giving salespeople the confidence to quickly respond to customers with the strongest, peer-tested sales content and close deals faster. To schedule a demo or for more information, please visit

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