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ISM To Introduce New Product
[April 01, 2021]

ISM To Introduce New Product

SINGAPORE, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The crypto ecosystem is inherently laden with high market volatility. Traders under no financial cover are taking major risk with their trading capital to market forces. Planning for tough situations is a new concept in the crypto world. It presents an opportunity for investors and traders to insulate themselves against market volatility.

The team at ISM brings an insurance product geared towards the crypto marketplace. The ISM premium insurance cover helps to reduce volatility and other market risks that investors are usually exposed to.

ISM Cover Policy

If you are an investor in the crypto space, ISM has an insurance cover that will protect you from capital losses and market volatility. If you purchase the insurance cover, you will be able to generate ISM tokens. Liquidity providers will also be able to contribute into the pool for crypto trading to take place. Compensation in the form of additional tokens are available for liquidity providers.

Categories Of Participants

There are four categories of participants on the ISM platform. These are investors who need insurance protection against market volatility, liquidity providers who facilitate crypto trading in TRX, ETah, and ISM, insurance experts in the advisory board, as well as, participants in DAO governance. These four levels of participants are always on the ISM platform interacting to make a decent profit on their investments.

About ISM

ISM is the first DeFi insurance project based on Heco Chain. The mission of ISM is to protect investors' interest and prevent them from burning their fingers in the investment space. Except you are new o the crypto ecosystem, you should know that the crypto market is highly volatile. ISM seeks to resolve the problem of market volatility trader’s trade with peace of mind.

The team at ISM comprises financial and insurance experts, as well as blockchain developers. ISM is the brainchild of the team after looking for a solution to insulate investors from market volatility and capital losses. ISM has a utility token that you can use to pay for goods and services on the platform. You can also stake the token to make passive income.

Furthermore, the price of 1 ISM surged from $26 to $70+ in a few days. There are lots of positive and incredible predictions about the ISM tokens. The team has made giant strides, as listing are expected on some of the world's largest exchanges. Since launch, 14 million USDT have been staked on the ISM platform, mining has already generated profits of more than 1 million USDT.

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