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Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc. Announces Breakthrough Drug Candidate for Prevention and Treatment of Pulmonary Infections
[November 16, 2020]

Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc. Announces Breakthrough Drug Candidate for Prevention and Treatment of Pulmonary Infections

PETALUMA, Calif., Nov. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc., a subsidiary of Collidion, Inc. announces the development of a novel antiviral drug candidate designed to treat pulmonary infections. SPC-069 is a new class of therapy designed to treat viral, bacterial, and fungal infections in the lung and respiratory tract. This promising therapy was developed to eradicate not only common pathogens but also those caused by antibiotic resistant strains known as “Super Bugs.” The Company plans to advance this drug candidate into human clinical studies as soon as possible with a partner or upon completion of its financing.

The Company believes SPC-069, has a three-fold mechanism of action against pathogens that may affect the respiratory system. First, it achieves viral and bacterial destruction through a non- selective reaction pathway. This causes fundamental damage to viral structures that are responsible for causing infection. SPC-069’s mechanism of action against bacteria causes damage to the bacterial cell membrane followed by interruption of ATP production, where such damages are irreversible. The secondary mode of action for SPC-069 involves reduction of inflammation through the possible stabilization of mast cells, reducing the overall release of histamines. Lastly, it has a non-selective reaction with general cellular receptors that may be responsible for the reduction of ACE II receptor activity. This may potentially inhibit the spike proteins of the virus from attaching to the receptor which leads to the infection of healthy cells. ACE II has been identified as the primary entry point for coronaviruses which cause respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu.

Hoji Alimi, Founder and CEO of Spectrum Antimicrobials stated, “We are hopeful that further testing will confirm that SPC-069 is safe and effective and will shorten the time for recovery in patients with lung infections caused by either viruses, bacteria or fungi. We believe that clinical studies may provide further evidence that SPC-069 can be used as a preventative therapy against cold, influenzas, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. SPC-069 is a patent pending modified hypochlorous acid (HOCl) formulation that has been created with a novel chemistry. HOCl is an endogenous antiviral and antimicrobial chemical that is produced by the immune cells when fighting an infection. SPC-069 essentially reintroduces the modified active chemistry that our bodies naturally produce to fight an infection and protect the respiratory tissues against infections.”

Dr. Sridhar Prasad, Chief Scientific Officer, added, “We have created four other novel antiviral and antibacterial chemistries that can effectively address infection and infection control in a vast number of treatment options as well as applications where control of infection is required. I am especially proud of our scientific talent at Plex Pharmaceuticals who have made significant contributions to our antiviral program goals at Spectrum Antimicrobials.”

Dr. Jerry Stonemetz, Spectrum’s Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of Perioperative Services at The John Hopkins Hospital affirmed, “These findings may be crucial for the treatment of pulmonary infections since the drug deactivates viruses regardless of their mutations. Once the drug contacts the virus, it damages the virus’ structure, rendering it ineffective and incapable of spreading. This means a great deal for therapeutic treatments of other viral infections as the vaccine industry is continually trying to catch up with the mutating viruses. We hope that further testing will confirm that SPC-069 may very well become the preferred preventative therapy globally against, thecoronavirus family that causes cold, influenza, and pneumonia.”

According to the CDC, up to 45 million people in the U.S. contract influenza each year. Up to 800,000 patients are hospitalized and up to 61,000 die each year. SPC-069 may become the first non-antibiotic, non-vaccine class of drug for the potential treatment of such pulmonary infections.

Bill Watson, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Business Development and Global Sales added, “Our new drug and device programs have the potential to revolutionize the infection control industry. SPC-069 could be the first broad-spectrum non-selective antimicrobial and antiviral drug developed to treat lung infections. We intend to extend our future clinical programs to include testing of pulmonary infections caused by Candida aureus, which may have morbidity rate of over 60%. While antibiotics are becoming less effective due to emergence of resistance, SPC-069 has the potential to become the next generation treatment option to resolve the microbial attack factors in the lung without concerns of creating new resistant strains of viruses or bacteria.

“This is a pivotal point in the Company’s evolution as we begin to turn our various novel chemistries into products for use in healthcare applications where infection control is mission critical for patient outcome. The initial driver for our product development mission was to create products that would eliminate “Super Bug” infections in wounds. In a study by Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, as many as 153,000 lives are lost each year in the U.S. and 700,000 globally, due to antibiotic resistant infections, at a cost of $40 billion annually to the U.S. healthcare system. The discoveries made in resolving infection issues in wound care demonstrates the potential for the technology to be repurposed to fight viruses, leading to the application of SPC- 069 to treat respiratory conditions.”

Dr. David Allie, a Spectrum Board Member and Chief of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at the nation’s first dedicated Cardiovascular & Limb Salvage Center in Lafayette, LA. stated, “I am proud to have been part of the leading physicians who have contributed to the design of the clinical programs for SPC-069 and I remain optimistic that this drug candidate may revolutionize the treatment of pulmonary infections. Clinical success in future trials may lead to creation of other therapies including new treatments for wounds, burns, and surgical site infections. Based on the success of such clinical studies, Spectrum’s wound care solutions may obsolete the use of many other topical wound solutions including all other generic forms of HOCl.”

Mr. Alimi, concluded, “I am confident our breakthrough chemistries may ultimately allow us to optimize the use of SPC-069 and similar chemistries to prevent and treat infections that have been challenging if not impossible to cure. We are facing a moment in history where we hope to utilize our novel chemistries to change the standard of care in infection control, preventing and treating infections in pulmonary, wound care, burns, and surgical procedures.”

About Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc.

Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc. is an Infection Control Solutions Company focused on the development and commercialization of platform chemistries and drug formulations created for the treatment and prevention of infection in the healthcare industry. Our product use broad spectrum antimicrobial solutions that are highly effective against bacteria, virus, mold, fungi, and spores, including antibiotic resistant pathogens known as “Superbugs”. These novel platform chemistries were designed as therapeutics to reduce patient treatment times and the economic impact of community and hospital acquired infections. Infection management is one of the most important global challenges in medicine.

Spectrum Antimicrobials is launching a non-alcohol based hand sanitizer and a hard surface disinfectant in the United Kingdom, a novel wound solution in the animal healthcare market in the U.S. under the brand name of VetriceptTM, and a new Pathogen Resistant WaterTM for use in Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines to prevent the growth of biofilms, mold, fungi and bacteria in solution within the device humidifier. The Company is advancing several of its programs into human clinical studies in 2021 and beyond and plans to launch additional products into the U.S. market and internationally.

For further information, please visit our web site at or contact:

William Watson, Executive Vice President
Business Development and Global Sales

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