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VITALL Welcomes Dianne Carmichael as CEO
[September 09, 2020]

VITALL Welcomes Dianne Carmichael as CEO

Vitall Intelligence Inc. (VITALL), a Canadian health and technology leader and the first to make an individual's entire health journey and corresponding health data available to them on their smartphone, formally announced that Dianne Carmichael has been named as Chief Executive Officer.

Carmichael brings more than 30 years of diverse executive management and board of director experience, spanning from start-up and growth companies to multinationals within the consumer- packaged goods, technology, financial services and health care industries.

"Dianne is a visionary and inspirational leader and we are thrilled she has elected to join VITALL as our CEO," said Don Simmonds, VITALL's chairman and founder. "With such a strong background in patient-centered care and participatory medicine, her conviction that patient-centric medical information can vastly improve health care and her proven track record of scaling companies to global recognition, Dianne is uniquely positioned to make VITALL a world-renowned health innovator."

Carmichael is perhaps best known for her work as President of Best Doctors Inc. where she helped create a remote second opinion platform that connected patients with 50,000 - the top two percent - of medical experts worldwide. In her time at Best Doctors Inc., Carmichael saw diagnoses changed 22 percent of the time and treatments changed 61 percent of the time, successfully reducing invasive surgeries 68 percent of the time. She helped grow Best Doctors Inc. to cover more than 6 million Canadians and 40 million individuals globally before the company was purchased for $500M USD.

As chairman and CEO of Wordsource Wealth Management at publicly traded Guardian Capital, Carmichael created and built an $8 billion pension, wealth and mutual management company. Most recently, she was President, Payer Markets and Head of Corporate Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions, at McKesson, one of America's Fortune 5 companies. Prior to that, Carmichael was the Founder and President of UHN Solutions at the University Health Network (UHN), Canada's leading group of research hospitals, where she developed a public/private funding model that significantly advanced patient care, and the Managing Director of MaRS Health Ventures and Innovation. She also led the health technology sector for Chair, Jim Balsillie's Council of Canadian Innovators, shaping public policy that helped companies to scale globally. As the founder of Carmichael Worldwide Inc., Dianne has also aided many dynamic healthcare and wellness organizations enhance the quality of their patient care through innovative digital technology solutions.

Dianne's personal passion for health care grew out of her experience with the Canadian health care system following her father's cancer diagnosis, compelling her to leave the financial sector to pursue health technology innovation full-time. At the helm of VITALL, Carmichael will address the very gaps and insufficiencies she experienced while navigating the health care system as a caregiver.

"I am so pleased to be leading an organization that is driving disruptive innovation in a customer-centric model that will transform health care by providing consumers with unprecedented access to their personal health records, empowering them with their own health data."

Dianne is also an expert health advisor to governments, has served on numerous health care boards and has received many awards, including the Top 20 Business Women in Canada, Top 100 Business Leaders in Canada, Canadian Women Transforming Health Care, WXN's Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and the University of Waterloo's Alumni of the Year Award (2019)

Carmichael holds a B.A. from the University of Waterloo.


VITALL is a patient-centered health care service that is revolutionizing the health technology sector by creating the first platform to successfully acquire individuals' health records, consolidating their medical history and integrating it with real-time data from fitness and medical devices, securely accessible on any smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. VITALL is a private entity that launched to the North American market in early 2020. For more information, visit

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