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PrimeHangout Introduces Transparency™ - Technology Developed to Help Students Achieve Academic Excellence
[August 03, 2020]

PrimeHangout Introduces Transparency™ - Technology Developed to Help Students Achieve Academic Excellence

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PrimeHangout a 100% minority owned social media carefully positioned to successfully compete through exclusive technology as well as success driven innovation now presents Transparency™ announced by Dr. Henry I. Balogun Founder/CEO of This is a technology developed to assist students of all ages in their quest for academic excellence and to lend a helping hand to every institution of learning all over the world. "What is Transparency™? Transparency™, a free service at every level is developed to remove stigma associated with learning problems. It is equally designed to assist teachers who are frustrated and wrestling with a what-do-I-do to help students a little more."

"No child should suffer and struggle quietly with learning difficulties. Transparency™ provides an open door to a child having problems with whatever subject - math, science or any subject in any school in the United States and around the world. One thing we cannot over emphasize is the fact that Transparency™ is otally free for schools and free for students and their parents. All there is to be done is for schools to register to use it. Once registered, invitation goes out to Teachers who would in turn enter their student's as well as parents' information to receive exclusive registration invitation," declared by Dr. Balogun.

Talk about social distancing, Transparency™ does not allow virtual discrete attraction or solicited prone personal interactions between teachers and students, or teachers and parents and even between teachers. The main mission to assist cannot be compromised. We are neither a school nor a meeting place for whatever reason but a platform to assist teachers and for students to gain better understanding. Our primary objective is to make it easier for students everywhere to have access to all necessary help.

What you see or have access to within the PrimeHangout platform depend on who you are and your login credential. PrimeHangout provides helpful and growth oriented interconnected web of technologies within a social media and this is just the beginning There is nothing like this. PrimeHangout takes social networking to a new height. You've got to experience it to believe it. We are still work in progress. Go to to become a registered user and invite as many people as possible to do the same.

Transparency™ makes it possible for teachers to post homework along with any specific instructions. Students and their parents would immediately have access to the homework posted. Any child in need of help should be able to find mentors. Those who would like to step forward and help as mentors are also encouraged to login to PrimeHangout and register to assist.

We also developed a unique Library as additional resource center and would greatly appreciate donating eBooks, teaching videos, etc. to the Library. Donation of materials that can help students every step of the way can only be submitted to PrimeHangout through our Library. As mentioned earlier, if you are willing to help students one-on-one as a Mentor, do not hesitate to register as such. Nothing is required other than your willingness to meet virtually for a minimum of one hour a day or one hour a week with the student you pick based on the subject of interest to you.

We are asking the media to give us equal attention, equal coverage and equal exposure as accorded Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and for investors to check us out for possible investment. We are ready to continue to innovate, improve and grow as God would grant us the opportunity to do so. Come in and hangout with us for a rewarding experience.

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