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CoverUS launches breakthrough mobile app helping Americans manage the costs of chronic disease by leveraging the power of their personal data
[October 09, 2019]

CoverUS launches breakthrough mobile app helping Americans manage the costs of chronic disease by leveraging the power of their personal data

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, CoverUS announced the launch of a new pilot program that empowers Americans living with chronic conditions to better manage rising health costs. Upon securely connecting their health data to the CoverUS app, members are matched with opportunities to earn and save money by participating in health research and receiving discounts on the prescriptions, products, and procedures they need to stay healthy. 

CoverUS Pilot App

"More than 50% of Americans delay or avoid purchasing health care services because of money, which is bad for patients, bad for business, and bad for taxpayers," said CoverUS President Christopher Sealey. "By giving consumers more control over their health data, we can streamline medical innovation and help make preventative healthcare an economic reality for everyone."

The CoverUS pilot aims to serve the more than 60 million Americans living with gastrointestinal conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, and Colitis. IBS, a chronic ondition with no cure that affects nearly 1 billion people worldwide, costs the U.S. economy $20 billion annually in lost productivity, and incurs over $1.6 billion annually in health-related spending. Even in single-payer healthcare systems like Canada, 47% of IBS patients report spending more than $150 per month to manage their symptoms. 

CoverUS is also designed to help the medical industry improve innovation and care practices by engaging larger numbers of patients quickly and efficiently, capturing key real world data streams and introducing consumers to vital health products and services when they need them most.

"The time for data-driven financial empowerment in health has come," says CoverUS CEO Andrew Hoppin. "CoverUS puts our data to work for us while protecting our privacy -- we want to foster trusted, mutually rewarding engagement between patients and the healthcare industry."

After winning a prominent social impact hackathon, CoverUS was formed to financially empower members through their health data, protecting it with RESPECT, a patient-centric privacy framework that ensures individual member data is never sold or shared. CoverUS members will have direct agency over sensitive personal health data that is commonly bought and sold without full patient awareness. 

To better serve people with IBS, CoverUS has partnered for its launch with ALBY, which provides digestion-friendly recipes, meal plans, and symptom tracking tools, for more than a million people every year. "For IBS sufferers, finances can be precarious, and anything we can do to provide broader access to resources and care is core to our mission," says Alana Scott, founder of ALBY.

The CoverUS pilot app pilot is currently available to Americans over 18 years of age with an iPhone and a gastrointestinal health condition, at:

About CoverUS

CoverUS helps 150+ million Americans with chronic diseases earn and save money by harnessing the power of their personal data. Our app-based marketplace intelligently match patients with industry, streamlining healthcare research and boosting sales. 


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