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Global 3D Printing (Equipment, Services, Others) Market Outlook Strategic Business Report 2018: Analysis & Forecasts 2014-2022
[July 12, 2018]

Global 3D Printing (Equipment, Services, Others) Market Outlook Strategic Business Report 2018: Analysis & Forecasts 2014-2022

DUBLIN, July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The "3D Printing - Global Strategic Business Report" report has been added to's offering.

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The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2014 through 2022.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets in US$ Thousand by the following types:

  • 3D Printing Equipment
  • 3D Printing Services
  • Others

The global market is also analyzed by the following End-Use Segments:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical
  • Others

The report profiles 117 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • 3D Systems Corporation (USA)
  • Arcam AB (Sweden)
  • envisionTEC GmbH (Germany)
  • EOS GmbH (Germany)
  • MakerBot Industries, LLC (USA)
  • Solidscape, Inc. (USA)
  • Stratasys Ltd. (USA)
  • The ExOne Company (USA)

Key Topics Covered

3D Printing: A Transformative Technology
Transforming Traditional Manufacturing Operations
Commercial Applications of 3D Printing
Additive Manufacturing (AM): Applications Timeline
3D Printing
A Complementary Manufacturing Solution
Rapid Prototyping: Major Commercial Application of 3D Printing
Rapid Manufacturing or DDM: Emerging Application of 3D Printing
A High Growth Market
Current and Future Analysis
Analysis by Type
Analysis by End-Use Sector
Impact of Recession in Retrospect and the Road Ahead
Rising Disposable Incomes Propel Market Growth
Healthcare: A Promising Market for 3D Printing Technology
Increasing Healthcare Spending: Opportunities in Store
Consumer & Professional Markets: A Brief Review
Consumer 3D Printing Market
Professional-Grade 3D Printers Market
Role of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) in 3D Printing
Faster Time to Market Capabilities Encourage Market Adoption
Vendors Shed Focus on SMBs
What Does the Future Hold for 3D Printing Technology?

Developed Nations Looking to Revive Domestic Manufacturing
3D Printing Technology Continues to Grow and Innovate
Additive Manufacturing of Metal Parts: An Evolving Market
3D Bioprinting Growing in Prominence
Industries Utilizing Rapid Prototyping Poised to Spur Demand
Hybrid Systems Come into Focus
Low Volume Printing: A Key Driving Factor
Patent Expiration to Boost Market Growth
Expiry of 3D Printing Patents (2013-2016)
Metal Printing Materials to Outdo Plastic Materials
Metal 3D Printing: Application in Key Industries
Commonly Used Materials for 3D Printing by Various Printing Processes
Graphene: A Material with Enormous Potential
Increasing R&D Focus on Print Materials
Home 3D Printing Catches Consumer Attention
DIY Consumers Boost Demand for 3D Printing
Declining Prices to Foster Adoption
Increasing Use of Online Service Providers
Mass Customization is Key to Growth
Creating Light & Strong Structures
Potential for Growth
3D Printing: Key Role in Niche Applications
3D Printing Technology to Gain Prominence in Textile and Apparel Market
Premise of Downloading Physical Objects: Turning into Reality?
Expanding Applications of High-End 3D Printers Machines
Open Source 3D Printers: An Area of Opportunity
Open Design: A Collaborative Approach to Designing
Enterprises Warm Up to 3D Printing Technology
Children: The Next Target Market for 3D Printers?
3D Printing Affects Supply Chain Management
3D Printing: Challenges and Barriers
Can 3D Printing Completely Replace Conventional Manufacturing?
3DP Systems Pricing
Limitations on Material Usage: A Key Constraint
Multi-Materials Limitations
High Material Cost: A Major Obstacle
Product Quality Concerns
Inadequate In-house Expertise
Integration to Operational Status Quo
Intelligence Property Issues
Build Envelope and Product Size
Legislations & Intellectual Property Protection: Threats to 3D Printing Market
Voxelfab to Replace 3D Prints?

Current and Future 3D Initiatives of Leading OEMs using 3D Printing Technology
3D Printing Revolutionizing Industrial Manufacturing
Consumer Products
Consumer Electronics
Jewelry: The New Fad
Healthcare Industry
Revolutionary Applications of 3D Printing in Healthcare Sector
Creation of Models
Customized Products & Prosthetics
3D Print-Temporary Implants
A Niche Market Beckons
3D Organ & Tissue Printing: Still in Early Stages
Aerospace Industry
Current and Potential Applications of AM Technology in Aerospace and Defense Industry
Automobile Industry
Printing Speed Critical for Future Growth
Military/Defense Sector
Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry
Architecture and Architectural Services
Printing Circuit Boards
Footwear Manufacturing
Other End-Use Applications


3D Printing Solutions Providers: List of Major Market Participants
Leading Global 3D Printing Players & their Core Technologies
Major Vendors in 3D Printing Market
Comparative Analysis of Leading Players in the 3D Printing Industry by Printing Process
Stratasys & 3D Systems Lead 3D Printing Market
3D Systems Vs Stratasys: A Comparative Review
Comparative Analysis of Leading Players in the 3D Printing Industry by Average Selling Price (ASP)
Consolidation Picks Momentum in 3D Printing Market
M&A Activity in the 3D Printing Landscape (2013-2017)
Select Niche Innovators in 3D Printing Space
3D Hubs
3D Slash
Body Labs
Doob Group
Food Ink / By Flow
Local Motors
Made In Space
Nano Dimensions
Rize 3D
Siemens and Stratasys Partner for Advanced AM Composite Parts
HP's Innovation Trails


New Innovations Driving Speed, Performance of 3D Printing, While Lowering Costs
Metals and Metallic Printing
Small Packages
Diversifying Materials
Speed Printing
Hybrid Machine Tools
Biomedicine Applications
Welding and Construction Automation
Phone Printer
3D Printing in Space
3D Printed Food
3D Printed Homes
3D Printing and Augmented Reality Improve Consumer Experience
Select Technological Developments in Recent Past
University of Sheffield Augments Research on HSS Technology
First Rapid 3D Nanoscale Printer Launched in MicroNano Research Facility (MNRF) in RMIT University Australia
3D Printed Musical Instruments!
Researchers Create 3D Bioprinted Human Tissue with Functional Vascular Network
3D Printed Material for Wind Turbine Construction
Energy Sector Embraces 3D Printing Technology
US Army Studies New FALCom 3D Printing Composites
DARPA Presents Open Manufacturing to Speed up Metal 3D Printing

WASP Debuts New 3D Printers and Extruders
DWS Unveils DFAB set of SLA 3D Printer for Dentistry
Stratasys Launches J700 Dental 3D Printing Solution for Orthodontics
3D Systems Launches the First Modular, Scalable and Fully- Integrated Additive Manufacturing Platform
Stratasys Unveils new Fused Deposition Modeling- based F123 Series
Polaroid Launches Three Models of 3D Printers and Pens
3D Systems Launches 3D Sprint 2.0 Software for Enhancing and Optimizing Printing Productivity
Stratasys Introduces Next Generation Fortus 900mc, FDM Production 3D Printer
EnvisionTEC Introduces Double Resolution Vector Hi-Res 3SP 3D Printer
MakerBot Introduces 3D Printing Solutions, Addressing Needs of Educators and Professionals
EnvisionTEC Unveils the New Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing (cDLM) Technology
EnvisionTEC Launches the New 3D-Bioplotter Starter and Developer Series
Hewlett Packard Unveils Line of 3D Printers with Multi Jet Fusion Technology
Stratasys Unveils New Software Strategy to Simplify 3D Printing
Stratasys Unveils J750, the First Full-Color Multi-Material 3d Printer
EnvisionTEC Releases the New PolyPro MAX 3SP Material
Ricoh Company Releases its First 3D Printer, the RICOH AM S5500P
The ExOne Company Announces the Availability of the Exerial, its Largest 3D Printing System
Eastman Chemical and Helian Polymers Launch ColorFabb XT 3D Printing Filament
BEEVERYCREATIVE Introduces the BEEPOINT 3D Print Service
Filabot Releases New 3D Printing Filaments
MakerBot Introduces New MakerBot-Ready App
Blacksmith Group Introduces 3D Printer-Cum- Scanner
Cimatron Unveils CimatronE 12 Software Supporting 3D Printing Technologies
Lockheed Introduces 3D Printing into Space
Amazon Introduces New Portal to Customize and Sell 3D Printed Products
Zeni Kinetic Introduces Origin 3D Printers
Autodesk Introduces Spark Open Software Platform
3D Systems Releases New iSense 3D Scanner
MakerBot Introduces MakerBot Developer Program
Stratasys Introduces New Flexible Color Digital Materials for Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer
3D Systems Unveils Cube 3 and CubePro 3D Printers
Kudo3D Introduces Titan 1 DLP SLA 3D Desktop Printer
EOS Introduces the EOS M 290 Metal Additive Manufacturing System
Stratasys Launches Highest Precision Wax 3D printers
Solidscape Introduces Solidscape MAX 3D Printer
Tinkerine Rolls Out DittoPro 3D Printer
EnvisionTEC Introduces 3D-Bioplotter 3D Printing Technology
3D Systems Upgrades Popular Sense 3D Scanner with New Software and Features
EOS Introduces New EOS Titanium Ti64 ELI and EOS StainlessSteel 316L Materials for Additive Manufacturing
Stratasys Releases VeroGlaze Dental Material for Objet EdenV and OrthoDesk 3D Printers
Stratasys Introduces Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer
Stratasys Releases Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer
3D Systems Introduces New CubeJet 3D Printer
3D Systems Launches Haptic-Based, Consumer 3D Mouse
3D Systems Introduces ChefJet Series of 3D Printers
3D Systems Introduces Cubify 2.0
MakerBot Releases New 3D Printing Platform and 3D Ecosystem
MakerBot Unveils MakerBot PrintShop
MakerBot Introduces MakerBot Mobile App
MakerBot Introduces 3D Printable Curriculum Content to Thingiverse

Stratasys and SIA Engineering Partner for Additive Manufacturing of 3D Printed Parts for Commercial Aviation
Carpenter Technology Acquires Puris, Producer of Additive Manufacturing Powder
Roboze Signs Distribution Agreement with YES01, Korean 3D Printer Reseller
DMG MORI Acquires Majority Stake in REALIZER, German Additive Manufacturing Leader
Solidscape and DesignTech Systems Sign Distribution Partnership for High Precision 3D Printers
3D Printing Specialist SD3D Acquires
Stratasys Partners Siemens to Integrate the Latter's Digital Factory Solutions with AM Solutions
GE Purchases Controlling Shares of Arcam
Arcam's Canada based Powder Manufacturing Subsidiary AP&C Starts Building Second Powder Plant
ExOne Collaborates with Lowe's to Expand Home Improvement Offerings
Siemens Acquires Majority Stake in Materials Solutions, a SLM and AM Specialist
Nike to Use HP's Jet Fusion 3D Printer for Manufacturing 3D Printed Footwear
EnvisionTEC Partners Viridis3D for Sand Molds and Cores for Foundry Applications
Arcam Delivers Arcam Q20plus to Alcoa, thus Expanding the Latter's AM Solutions Portfolio
Stratasys Asia Pacific Partners Fuji Xerox Australia for Expanding 3D Printing Outreach in Australia
Polaroid and UK Based EBP Group Enter into Three-Year 3D Printer Partnership
3D Systems and MirrorMe3D Partner to Deliver Improved Experience in Cosmetic Surgery
Stratasys and Adobe Partner to Bring High Quality Color 3D Printing for Professionals
MakerBot Expands Sales of Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer to All Sam's Club Locations
PTC and Stratasys Come Together for Providing Seamless Access of AM to Designers and Manufacturers
3D Systems Signs 3D Printing Product Distribution Agreement with Konica Minolta Australia
MakerBot Signs agreement with D&H for 3D Printers and Scanners Distribution in the US
3D Systems Acquires China Based Easyway to Establish 3D Systems China
3D Systems Acquires Cimatron
EnvisionTEC Integrates 3Shape's Dental System and Cambridge with its 3Dent Machine for Dental Models
EnvisionTEC Signs Distribution Agreement with DKSH for 3D Printing Solutions in Asia
Arcam Acquires DiSanto Technology
3D Systems Takes Over LayerWise
3D Systems Acquires Simbionix
3D Systems Acquires American Precision Prototyping and American Precision Machining
3D Systems Acquires Laser Reproductions
3D Systems Takes Over Digital PlaySpace
Stratasys Concludes Acquisition of Solid Concepts
3D Systems Takes Over Gentle Giant Studios
3D Systems Takes Over Medical Modeling
Materialise Acquires e-Prototypy
3D Systems to Take Over Robtec
3D Systems Partners with Vortex VR and GameFace Labs
MakerBot Enters into Partnership with Florida Polytechnic University
3D Systems Partners with Konica Minolta
MakerBot Partners with Pretty Ugly
Stratasys Collaborates with Jenny Wu
EOS Collaborates with plasmo Industrietechnik
Organovo Collaborates with J&J for 3D Bioprinting Drug Discovery Research
Solidscape Enters into Strategic Alliance with Kangshuo Electric Group
MakerBot Enters into Distribution Agreement with Adorama
Graphtec Enters into Agreement with CSIRO
MakerBot Commences Shipment of New MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printer
MakerBot Signs Distribution Agreement with Tech Data
3D Systems Expands Partnership with Canon Marketing Japan
Spritzguss + Formenbau Bergmann Buys the EOSINT M 280 Metal Additive Manufacturing System
MakerBot Commences Shipment of MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer
3D Systems Launches MAKE.DIGITAL Website
3D Systems Partners with ScanSource
ETH Zurich Spin-off Launches
3D Systems Teams Up with Hasbro
Intel Capital Invests in CGTrader and makexyz
3D Systems Collaborates with Intel

3D Systems Corporation (USA)
Arcam AB (Sweden)
envisionTEC GmbH (Germany)
EOS GmbH (Germany)
The ExOne Company (USA)
Stratasys Ltd. (USA)
MakerBot Industries, LLC (USA)
Solidscape, Inc. (USA)


Total Companies Profiled: 117 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries 120)

  • The United States (49)
  • Canada (5)
  • Japan (3)
  • Europe (51)
    • France (3)
    • Germany (12)
    • The United Kingdom (20)
    • Italy (5)
    • Rest of Europe (11)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (8)
  • Middle East (4)

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