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Montreal's Reacts Platform Selected by Global Leader Philips to Revolutionize Remote Collaboration in Portable Ultrasound
[March 26, 2018]

Montreal's Reacts Platform Selected by Global Leader Philips to Revolutionize Remote Collaboration in Portable Ultrasound

MONTREAL, March 26, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc. (IIT) is proud to announce that global health technology leader Philips has selected its Reacts collaborative platform for integration into the Philips Lumify portable ultrasound system, which will become the world's first integrated tele-ultrasound solution. This ground-breaking innovation connects clinicians around the globe in real time by turning a compatible smart device into an integrated tele-ultrasound machine, combining two-way audio and visual calls with live ultrasound streaming via Reacts. This innovation in point-of-care ultrasound brings endless possibilities to its users both inside and outside hospital walls.

Lumify with Reacts is a valuable tool for emergency medical service providers with long transit times, who can stream a live ultrasound exam from the back of an ambulance while discussing the patient’s condition with an emergency department physician. (CNW Group/Reacts)

Integration of the Reacts technology, developed by Montreal-based IIT, now enables live sharing of the Philips Lumify ultrasound stream, as well as the bidirectional sharing of audio, webcam video stream and interactive virtual pointers. This innovation thereby provides limitless opportunities to portable ultrasound users, free of any geographical barriers.

Through this intuitive, easy-to-use integrated system, clinicians can now:

  1. Launch a Reacts session and begin a remote face-to-face conversation on their Lumify ultrasound system.
  2. Flip the camera on their smart device to show the ultrasound probe positioning.
  3. Share the Lumify ultrasound stream, so both parties are simultaneously viewing the live ultrasound image and probe positining, while discussing and interacting through the Reacts platform

"The unprecedented mobility and reliability of Philips Lumify with Reacts will open up new doors for the way clinicians collaborate, educate and train," said Randy Hamlin, Point-of-Care Business Leader, Philips. "This all-in-one tele-ultrasound solution will change care delivery by bringing even more confidence to ultrasound clinicians and removing longstanding barriers in education, support and training."

Integrating Reacts to Lumify's Portable Ultrasound System Shatters Barriers

Reacts' integration with Lumify enables clinicians to connect and collaborate in real time like never before. This solution can help optimize patient care by bringing experts into an ultrasound exam anywhere in the world. Here are some possible uses:

  • A professor can go on virtual ultrasound rounds with students, helping them learn anatomy and probe positioning quickly and efficiently, unrestricted by location
  • A doctor can consult a colleague and collaborate using live streaming ultrasound.
  • A midwife in a remote location can call upon an obstetrician who is miles away to receive perspective and guidance, discussing the ultrasound exam as if they were in the same room.
  • In acute care, Lumify with Reacts allows an emergency medical technician in an ambulance to stream the live ultrasound exam and discuss a patient's condition with an emergency department physician, expediting appropriate care delivery upon arrival.

 "Philips was the ideal partner for this revolutionary collaboration. Reacts' secure, versatile and interactive collaboration platform deployed on technology solutions like Lumify can change education and patient care models and enable a positive disruptive change to healthcare " said Yanick Beaulieu, MD, FRCPC, CEO of IIT and creator of Reacts.

The Reacts interactive collaboration platform integrated with the Philips Lumify mobile ultrasound system will be available in Canada and globally, everywhere Lumify is sold.

About Reacts
Reacts (Remote Education, Augmented Communication, Training and Supervision), is a secure, integrated, collaborative platform with unique and unparalleled interactive tools designed to suit the multiple collaborative needs of healthcare professionals and patients. It incorporates innovative tools, like augmented reality, for remote virtual guidance, supervision and training. It was created by Quebec-based Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc. (IIT). Its President, Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, leads a multi-disciplinary team specialized in multimedia and software development. Reacts is being used in 28 countries and has been deployed across various disciplines in both clinical and educational settings for uses going from secure messaging, remote wound care, tele-ultrasound, teleconsultations, to interactive tele-surgical assistance and remote procedural supervision. IIT is currently collaborating with several major hospitals in Québec, Canada and abroad, as well as innovation and health care focused organizations like Joule, a Canadian Medical Association company. For more information, visit: 


Lumify with Reacts brings experts into an ultrasound exam, no matter the distance, allowing a midwife in a remote location to call upon an obstetrician to provide perspective and guidance as though they were in the same room. (CNW Group/Reacts)

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