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What's New In Products & Services [Pipeline & Gas Journal]
[November 09, 2012]

What's New In Products & Services [Pipeline & Gas Journal]

(Pipeline & Gas Journal Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Cameron Measurement Systems Cameron's Measurement Systems division has launched the LEFM® 380Ci ultrasonic flow meter (UFM), described as the natural gas industry's first UFM to completely isolate the acoustic transducers from the process, improving reliability, ease of maintenance and personnel safety. Because the acoustic transducers are completely isolated from the process, employees are not exposed to high-pressure natural gas if a transducer should require replacement, and the product can continue to flow through the meter while being serviced. Replacement of the transducers can be accomplished without blocking and depressurizing the line. Cameron says it enhanced the design of the meter by drastically reducing me opportunity for contamination and corrosion. The flow meter has a patent-pending proprietary coating that prevents corrosion and contamination of the internal surfaces of the UFM and adjacent piping. The meter utilizes an eight-path, dual-plane, cross-path design that eliminates the need for flow conditioning elements. The design essentially comprises two four-path meters in one unit - one exactly mirroring the other - that resolves asymmetric velocity profiles and the effects of swirl while requiring only five pipe diameters of straight pipe installed upstream of the meter. This simple installation recommendation will meet AGA Report 9, Section 7.2.2 recommendations for a maximum deviation of ±0.3% due to piping configuration. The meter is designed specifically for use in natural gas applications, including, but not limited to, custody transfer metering, fiscal metering, city gate metering, check metering and movement of product to and from underground storage facilities (bi-directional measurement capability), E-mail:

Nevis Pipeline Products, LLC Nevis Pipeline Products, LLC announces commercial introduction of its range of pig diverter/switching valves. Nevis says the design of the equipment lends itself to use in offshore and onshore pipeline applications where a reduced footprint and lower package weight are desired. Cleaning and ILI tools may be launched from a single pig launcher and then diverted between two or more pipelines. Outlet connections are configured in a symmetrical pattern to the inlet connection to suit specific client requirements and with the internal baffle mechanism profiled to either 3D or 5D radius, thereby accommodating the passage of most pipeline pits and ILI tools. Actuation of the assembly requires minimal effort, allowing for easy manual operation or actuating using pneumatic/hydraulic or electric drives. Nevis says the simple and proven design approach enables the pig diverter/ switching valve to be furnished in a broad range of sizes, ANSI pressure ratings and materials of construction, including the 4-and 6-inch ANSI 2500# versions. The access cover is either designed using a bolted flange or the Nevis Series G-SR body clamp, which can be supplied for pressures ranging up to 8,500 psig. The new pig diverter/switching valve complements the company's existing product range which includes automated pig traps for both spherical and standard cleaning pigs, quick opening closures, vessel body clamps, pig signalers and pipeline strainers. 832-632-4450,

Phoenix Contact Phoenix Contact has introduced several new versions of the FL mGuard industrial security devices. With upgraded hardware and advanced configuration options, the mGuard RS2000 and RS4000 can provide defense-in-depth cybersecurity in more critical applications. Like the original mGuard products, some of which have been discontinued, the RS2000 and the RS4000 variants feature all-in-one firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and routing capability. Thanks to the new metal housing, the new mGuards can operate between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius, compared with 0-55 degrees Celsius for the original RS variants. The RS4000 is awaiting UL Class I, Div. 2 approval which will make it suitable for demanding environments such as die oil and gas industry. The integrated SD card reader makes managing configurations much easier. Users can save a configuration on an SD card inserted in one mGuard. Then, if they want to use the same settings on another Lincoln Electric The Magnum® PRO product family includes semiautomatic MlG/flux-cored guns with barrelstyle or Curve(TM) handles; dedicated self-shielded flux-cored 126(TM) guns; and Magnum® PRO Thru-Arm and External Dress torches for robotic applications. The guns use die same interchangeable Copper Plus(TM) contact tips, nozzles and diffusers with AntiSeize(TM) thread design, available in only two groups - 350 amp and 550 amp ranges. This reduces the need to stock multiple expendable parts for each gun model. Recent additions include: 1) multiple gun cable lengths for every semiautomatic model - 10, 15, 20 and 25 feet; 2) breakaway discs, mounting kits and other accessories - now available for Thru- Arm and External Dress robotic torch models; 3) dual procedure models that allow users to easily change welding procedures using an added thumb toggle switch, even while performing a weld, to automatically adjust weld parameters like voltage or wire feed speed without making changes at the wire feeder; and 4) dual schedule models that allow users to easily change welding procedures by depressing the gun trigger - half trigger or first position for the first or starting procedure and full trigger or second position for a second procedure. 216-481-8100,, bulletin E 12.09.

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group offers the Yale® SafeClamp(TM) Closure featuring a patentpending, innovative external clamp ring design for safe and secure sealing of pipelines and vessels. The closures provide quick access, easy operation and exceptional operator safety. The operation of the closure is accomplished with the operator standing at the side of the pipeline or vessel closure, which raises the level of operator safety without increasing the effort or the amount of time required to operate the closure. R&M says it typically takes operators less than 90 seconds to open or close the closure door. The Yale® SafeClamp(TM) closure features a triple redundancy latching system. This safety system utilizes an external clamp ring, external bolts and a proprietary pressure alert device (PAD) with actuator disk. Additional features: secure closure sealing; external clamp ring design for safe, secure, easy operation and bidirectional hinge for added application versatility. The system also meets the highest industry standards. 936-890-1064, E-mail:

mGuard device, they can insert that card into a new mGuard. Once the mGuard has been configured with an SD card, the settings will remain, even if the SD card is removed, until reconfigured. E-mail:, www.

Technical Toolboxes Technical Toolboxes and Seikowave have partnered to transform the way pipeline owners, operators and their select pipeline integrity service vendors "prove-up" pipeline defects identified during ILI and routine Inspections. The two say they offer a complete packaged solution of hardware (the 3D Pit Gauge) and software (Image Processing and Integrated Defect Assessment Software, including FSS 1,2,3, ASME B31G, RSTRENG, etc.) called the 3D Toolbox. The new solution is described as faster and more cost-effective than anything else on the market. Hazardous liquid and gas pipeline operators are tasked with complying with federal and state regulatory requirements to ensure that field data gathering of pipe and corrosion defects are assessed properly after inline inspection runs, direct assessment or other maintenance activities. Yet too often, companies are hired using tools and technologies that do not meet today's regulatory standards. Technicians who are qualified in some tasks, but not experienced in all phases of direct examination of corrosion, gouges, dents, weld defects, cracks, wrinkle bends, SCC, construction defects, etc. have the most problems. Joe Pikas, 713-630-0505,

ESAB ESAB, a leader in welding and cutting technologies, is launching the Origo(TM) Mig 4004i and 5004i welding machines. These compact and lightweight inverter-based power sources are designed for high-productivity applications using MIG/MAG and MMA welding processes. Compared with alternative machines, these new models benefit from a 70% smaller footprint, an 80% lower weight and the ability to operate at higher duty cycles: at a 100% duty cycle both machines deliver 300A at 32V; while the output can be maintained at 400A/36V by the 4004i and 5004i machines operating at 60% and 80% duty cycles, respectively. As well as being suitable for manual welding, the innovative power sources can be used for mechanized welding. Depending on the wire feeder chosen, the machines can be used with solid or cored welding wires up to 1.6 or 2.4 mm in diameter. 44-(0)-800-3893152, E-mail:

3M 3M(TM) Scotchkote(TM) FBE Coating 6233P is an advanced thermosetting epoxy coating specifically designed to help provide pipeline infrastructure with lasting corrosion protection. Scotchkote 6233P incorporates 3M's proprietary advanced adhesion promotion technologies. 3M's patented technology is an advanced formula designed to be more resilient to disbondment when exposed to cathodic protection currents, resulting in not only less total disbondment during long-term testing, but also less variability between test samples. The advanced Scotchkote 6233P 4G, 8G and 1 IG incorporates color stabilization technologies, allowing for a more consistent final product appearance. www.3m. com/corrosion.

Association of Equipment Manufacturers The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has extensively updated its "TruckMounted Forklift Safety Manual" to provide machine operators, maintenance personnel and others on the jobsite with up-to-date industry safety and maintenance information. The publication outlines some of the basic safety situations that may be encountered during normal operation and maintenance of the machine and suggests possible ways of dealing with these conditions. AEM says the manual is not a substitute for the manufacturer's operating manual(s). The 48-page manual was developed with the help of AEM member manufacturers, including members of the association's Truck-Mounted Forklift Committee. It uses an updated layout with the latest AEM pictorials for easier comprehension. Significant content changes include: 1) more accurate information specific to different machine configurations; 2) new guidance provided for travelling while unloaded; 3) expanded instructions for operating on uneven terrain; 4) expanded guidance for handling high loads; and 5) a new section explaining load stability factors.

Buildings And Canopies, Inc.

Buildings and Canopies presents the newest edition to its evolving building line. The BCI Building is a small prefabricated metal building that is an economic, durable solution to your needs. They are designed by a licensed engineer (P.E.). They are built on a skid and are designed to accommodate cutouts for wall penetrations, with or without floor. They are flexible, highly versatile and built in Omaha, NE and shipped to and set in place at the end-user's job site. Customization is welcome and the building can be built to be insulated, pre-wired, furnished with specialized customer equipment and heated/cooled. The BCI Buildings are highly weather resistant and engineered to local county codes. They can be used as guard shacks, meter buildings, regulator buildings, electrical buildings, pump houses, wind energy control buildings, cell tower control buildings and for numerous other small building needs. 402-330-6244,

Dot Norske Veritas (USA), Inc.

DNV recently said it had expanded its regulatory support and records management services to include MAOP Records Verification for pipeline operators complying with recent PHMSA advisories. DNV said it utilizes dedicated teams made up of verification specialists with each team led by a senior pipeline engineer. The specialists are trained to recognize pertinent MAOPrelated data while the engineer is well-versed in pipeline construction methods, materials, pipeline integrity and document management. DNV's pipeline SMEs are used only as needed. DNV uses a five-step process to verify MAOP while constructing an auditable framework to ease future audits and management of change. 281-396-1678, E-mail: www. (under Hot Topics).

Dresser-Rand Dresser-Rand says its DATUM® ICS compressor is the only compressor in the world to incorporate centrifugal separator technology that permits simultaneous separation of liquids from a gas stream and compression of the dry saturated gas in a very compact, single-lift package. It is designed for a variety of onshore, offshore and subsea applications. Maintaining the reliability and efficiency of the original DATUM compressor and reducing the size and cost, the DATUM ICS features: centrifugal separation technology; a high-speed, close-coupled, gas-cooled motor; dedicated unit controls; and process coolers, valves, instrumentation and interconnecting piping. Oil and gas operators using the DATUM ICS benefit from the overall size reduction of production facilities, platforms and sub-sea modules as the footprint of the DATUM I compression system is smaller than traditional units. Clients also experience reduced costs as well as reduced installation and startup times when using the ICS unit.

Endress+Hauser Endress+Hauser has unveiled the Proline Promass 100 transmitter which can be combined with industry-specific sensors, materials and finishes so it can be used in a variety of industries. It measures mass flow, volume flow, density, viscosity, concentration and temperature with accuracy up to ±0.05%, and with immunity from process and environmental influences. All measurements are fully traceable as the flow meter is certified on calibration rigs accredited to 1SO/IEC 17025. Seamless system integration is possible via EtherNet/IP and Modbus RS-485 digital communication (future 4-20mA with HART and PROFIBUS DP). Wiring is via an M 12 plug, allowing easy and quick connections. The flow meter is approved for operation in Zone 2 and Class 1, Division 2 hazardous areas, and with the intrinsically safe Modbus output, it is approved for Zone 1 and Class 1, Division 1. 1 00.

Mojix Mojix offers the STAR 3000 asset tracking system. Operating an offshore platform and the supply chain that supports it requires tracking thousands of business-critical assets. According to Mojix, with Mojix's STAR 3000 system, the risk of losing a critical asset is virtually eliminated. The STAR system is designed for scalable visibility across the enterprise-wide supply chain, providing significant impact on an organization's operational efficiency and bottom line. The Mojix STAR 3000 is the only system capable of locating passive RFID sensors in large areas with coverage in excess of 200,000 square feet. It can read and locate an RFID tag at up to 600 feet, utilizing a single STAR System. E-mail: info@mojix. com,

Powerblanket Powerblanket(TM) has introduced heated pipe wraps to provide freeze protection and rapid thawing. Featuring patented GreenHeat(TM) technology and able to fit nearly any size pipe, the new Pipe Wraps provide an environmentally friendly heating solution for freeze protection and rapid thawing of pipelines, according to Powerblanket(TM). These lightweight wraps can be used to heat pipes, manifolds, pumps, hoses and other temperaturesensitive equipment. The provider's innovative all-in-one product design substantially reduces installation time, eliminates the need for multiple product procurement and significantly reduces labor costs. The end result is an efficient, cost-effective heating solution with unlimited possibilities. Installing Pipe Wraps on long sections of pipe will maintain flow and maximize production even in harsh winter conditions. The new Pipe Wraps can be provided in sizes ranging from one to 78 inches in diameter to accommodate a variety of pipe sizes. The wraps are equipped with adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit to maximize heating performance. The Pipe Wraps consist of heat trace, heat-spreading carbon fiber material, an insulation barrier and an outer vinyl shell - all in one package. 877-642-5240,,

Quest Integrity Group Quest Integrity Group continues to innovate by introducing larger In Vista(TM) tool sizes to meet industry demand for inline inspection of unpiggable pipelines. The 16-inch tool is available for ultrasonic inline inspection projects and has completed a series of surveys in North America. This single-module tool is followed by 20- and a 24-inch tools that will be available for projects scheduled in fall 2012. The In Vista technology is a lightweight tool that can be hand-carried, lifted and loaded. It performs in low flow/ low pressure environments and can navigate 1 .OD bends, including back-to-back and mitre bends. Along with this unique navigational capacity, the large-diameter tools boast longer battery life and faster on-board computing for greater axial flaw resolution and increased inspection velocity. The technology is ideal for space-constrained environments such as terminals, refineries and offshore environments and delivers a high-resolution data set for a detailed direct-measurement inspection with operational simplicity. 281-786-4700, www.

Weiler Corporation Looking for an abrasive disc to deburr, grind and blend using a right angle air die grinder Weiler Corporation invites you to check out Weiler's line of BobCat(TM) abrasive flap discs. The BobCat replaces small-diameter coated blending discs for weld blending and finishing purposes. BobCats increase productivity with fewer changeovers and longer product life. High stock removal and excellent finish consistency can be achieved in one easy step. Weiler's 2- and 3-inch flap discs are described as ideal for detail work and for hard-to-reach areas. BobCat discs are available in high-performing zirconium grain in angled and flat configurations with grit sizes ranging from 36-120Z. Angled BobCats should be used when the operator is seeking maximum aggression, while the flat BobCat excels with smoother grinding and enhanced conformability. For optimum performance, the angled discs are best used at an angle ranging from 15-25 degrees and the flat discs are recommended for use at a range of 0-15 degrees. 800835-9999,, info@

MAN Diesel & Turbo MAN Diesel & Turbo had won an order to deliver a complete compressor system to extend a gas storage cavern in Staßfurt (Saxony- Anhalt, Germany) from RWE, one of Germany's largest electricity and gas suppliers. The hermetically sealed type HOFIM(TM) unit will increase the capacity of the storage cavern from around 380 million standard cubic meters (MMscm) of natural gas at present to as much as 500 MMscm. Weighing around 80 metric tons, the unit comprises two multi-stage radial compressors arranged in tandem around a centrally positioned 14-MW high-performance motor driver. The driver was specially developed and manufactured by MAN Diesel & Turbo for use in compressor units wim magnetic bearings. Their tandem arrangement enables the compressors to feed gas into and out of the storage cavern, operating either in parallel or in series, The system achieves its highest output of 350,000 standard cubic meters an hour in parallel, and peak pressure of over 160 bar in series operation. The considerable range in quantity and pressure ratios achieved by the storage facility ensures customers maximum operating flexibility.,

University Of Texas Cockrell School Of Engineering The University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering has launched its online Master of Science in Engineering Management degree program. The 24-month degree, which is the newest expansion of Cockrell 's focused master's degree programs, commenced in August. "The (program) gives you the skills to excel in engineering and technology based companies," said Director Steve Nichols, Ph.D. "This program helps students build a lasting network of likeminded professionals who share their enthusiasm and drive to succeed." Students will complete 30 credit hours over 24 months in a comprehensive program designed to provide real-world, immediately applicable skills. Applications are now being accepted for the class of 2014. The deadline to apply is Nov. 1. Costs for the degree, including tuition, fees and books, are $40,000 for onsite students and $42,000 for online students. 512-232-5550,

Rig Source Inc.

Rig Source Inc. introduced its new Terramac RT9 rubber track multipurpose carrier. The CE-certified Terramac RT9 model has an 1 8,000-pound carrying capacity and is equipped with a 230-hp Cummins diesel engine in open cab and closed cab options. The unit has rollover protective structure (ROPS) as well as falling object protective structure (FOPS) components. Ground pressure when fully loaded is only 4.9 psi. The RT9's easy front and rear bolton attachments can accommodate a variety of needs in the drilling and general construction industries. The company says original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as contractors can easily mount their own machines - cranes, drills, water tanks and more - on Terramac crawler carriers, www. P&GJ (c) 2012 Oildom Publishing Company of Texas, Inc.

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