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Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018
[September 12, 2012]

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018 Research announces that it has published a new study Business Process Management (BPM: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018. The 2012 study has 533 pages, 172 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as people seek to control automated process better and interact with it in a more flexible manner.According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the study, "Cloud computing and smart devices represent the major forces impacting business process management (BPM) markets. As the enterprise managers work to implement apps that make automated process more responsive to the needs of customers, partners, suppliers, and distributors, people use business process management (BPM) as the tools to help workers." Business process management software is achieving the ability to connect people across applications within the siloed lines of business software capability. As enterprises realize that automation of process is key to market growth BPM is creating new market opportunities. Innovation depends on process automation. BPM software is critical to enabling solutions. Software is a strategic business asset used in every industry at every level. Software is necessary to provide automated process.IBM gained two points of market share in BPM platforms as WebSphere extended its functionality to encompass cloud and more of the process interactions that occur on an everyday basis in an enterprise. IBM is positioning to let people connect across the lines of business from within the business process applications.This ability to connect immediately is improving productivity. If the shipping department needs to talk to the order department, that can be done form within the business process management application.Messaging and collaboration are key aspects of Business Process Management (BPM) making processes more efficient. When people can work things out as a problem occurs, then the delays are eliminated and the business runs far more efficiently.Business process management software is achieving the ability to connect people across applications within the BPM software capability. As enterprises realize that automation of process is key to market growth BPM is creating new market opportunities. Innovation depends on process automation. BPM software is critical to enabling solutions. Software is a strategic business asset used in every industry at every level. Software is necessary to provide automated process.IBM gained two points of market share in BPM platforms as WebSphere extended its functionality to encompass cloud and more of the process interactions that occur on an everyday basis in an enterprise. IBM is positioning to let people connect across the lines of business from within the business process applications. This ability to connect immediately is improving productivity. If the shipping department needs to talk to the order department, that can be done form within the business process management application.Messaging and collaboration are key to making process more efficient. When people can work things out as a problem occurs, then the delays are eliminated and the business runs far more efficiently.Consideration of Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts indicates that markets at $2.6 billion will reach $7 billion by 2018. Growth comes as automation of process adapts more efficiently to collaboration between people and provides interactive process based on exception management.WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market, Research and Markets, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial.Market LeadersIBM Microsoft Fujitsu Oracle SAP Kofax / Singulatiry Software AG PegaSystems OpenText Progress Software Tibco EMCMarket Participants5. (BPM) Company Profiles Active Endpoints Adobe Systems Agile Point Appian BizAgi Cordys HandySoft Intalio K2 Lexmark International Newgen Software Polymita Wipro Fiorano Global 360 HandySoft Hewlett Packard (HP)Report MethodologyThis is the 522th report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are priorities in topic selection.The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases.The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so WinterGreen Research looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty.The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate.Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share.Over 200 in depth interviews are conducted for each report with a broad range of key participants and industry leaders in the market segment. We establish accurate market forecasts based on economic and market conditions as a base. Use input/output ratios, flow charts, and other economic methods to quantify data. Use in-house analysts who meet stringent quality standards.Interviewing key industry participants, experts and end-users is a central part of the study. Our research includes access to large proprietary databases. Literature search includes analysis of trade publications, government reports, and corporate literature.Findings and conclusions of this report are based on information gathered from industry sources, including manufacturers, distributors, partners, opinion leaders, and users. Interview data was combined with information gathered through an extensive review of internet and printed sources such as trade publications, trade associations, company literature, and online databases. The projections contained in this report are checked from top down and bottom up analysis to be sure there is congruence from that perspective.The base year for analysis and projection is 2010. With 2010 and several years prior to that as a baseline, market projections were developed for 2011 through 2017. These projections are based on a combination of a consensus among the opinion leader contacts interviewed combined with understanding of the key market drivers and their impact from a historical and analytical perspective. The analytical methodologies used to generate the market estimates are based on penetration analyses, similar market analyses, and delta calculations to supplement independent and dependent variable analysis. All analyses are displaying selected descriptions of products and services. This research includes referencde to an ROI model that is part of a series that provides IT systems financial planners access to information that supports analysis of all the numbers that impact management of a product launch or large and complex data center. The methodology used in the models relates to having a sophisticated analytical technique for understanding the impact of workload on processor consumption and cost. WinterGreen Research has looked at the metrics and independent research to develop assumptions that reflect the actual anticipated usage and cost of systems. Comparative analyses reflect the input of these values into models. The variables and assumptions provided in the market research study and the ROI models are based on extensive experience in providing research to large enterprise organizations and data centers. The ROI models have lists of servers from different manufacturers, Systems z models from IBM, and labor costs by category around the world. This information has been developed from WinterGreen research proprietary data bases constructed as a result of preparing market research studies that address the software, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, and hardware businesses.Table of ContentsBusiness Process Management (BPM) Executive SummaryThe study is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the Business Process Management (BPM) equipment market segment. Research represents a selection from the mountains of data available of the most relevant and cogent market materials, with selections made by the most senior analysts. Commentary on every aspect of the market from independent analysts creates an independent perspective in the evaluation of the market. In this manner the study presents a comprehensive overview of what is going on in this market, assisting managers with designing market strategies likely to succeed.Business Process Management (BPM) Executive SummaryBusiness Process Management Market Driving ForcesInnovation Drives MarketsBusiness Process Management Market SharesBusiness Process Management (BPM) Market ForecastsBusiness Process Management (BPM) Market Description and Market Dynamics1. Business Process Management (BPM) MarketDefinition and Market Dynamics1.1 Speed And Complexity Of Business Operations1.2 Growth of Bottom Line While Managing Response to Regulation1.2.1 Respond Quickly To Regulatory Changes1.2.2 Mitigate risk and manage compliance.1.2.3 Promote The Right Offer, At The Right Time,Though The Right Channel1.3 Business Process Management Defines How AnEnterprise Operates1.3.1 BPM Process Modeling1.3.2 BPM Targeted Solution Frameworks, EmbeddingAgile Project Management Features1.3.3 Collaboration Key To BPM Program Success1.3.4 BPM Acquisitions1.4 Business Process Management Platforms1.4.1 Comprehensive Risk Analysis1.5 Business Process Management Functions1.5.1 Execution of Business Processes1.5.2 Integration Aspects of BPM1.5.3 BPM Supports Overlapping Systems1.5.4 SOA / B2Bi Systems1.5.5 A Comprehensive BPM Platform1.6 BPM Web Services1.6.1 A Business Process Monitoring, Analysis and Control Platform1.7 Web 2.0 Internet Scale Mainstream Applications1.7.1 Web 2.0 Design Patterns1.7.2 Data is t Next for Web Network Effects1.7.4 Collaboration1.7.5 Social Networking Heuristics1.7.6 Wiki-Style Collaborative Editing1.8 Core Competencies of Web 2.01.9 Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications1.10 Web 2.0 Impact On Business Environment1.10.1 Web 2.0 Corporate and Marketing Communications1.11 Blogging1.11.1 Architecture of Participation1.11.2 Permalink Functionality1.12 Organization Central To BPM Strategy1.12.1 Organizational ChangesBusiness Process Management (BPM) Market Shares and Market ForecastsThis section selectively describes market shares, forecasts, segments, and regional revenue. Numbers are the result of primary research in all cases. Selected companies are described from an independent analyst perspective with a thumbnail sketch or analysis of their market numbers or commentary on their strengths and weaknesses. Some of the analysis is focused on looking at the topic segment by segment, including company descriptive analyses by segment and subsegment.2. Business Process Management (BPM) Market Sharesand Market Forecasts2.1 Business Process Management Market Driving Forces2.1.1 Innovation Drives Markets2.2 Business Process Management Market Shares2.2.1 IBM BPM2.2.2 IBM Blueworks Live2.2.3 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)2.2.4 Pegasystems2.2.5 PegaSystems Recognized Industry Leader2.2.6 Kofax / Singularity2.2.7 Fujitsu Interstage Products & Solutions2.2.8 K2 Map2.2.9 Intalio2.2.10 HandySoft2.2.11 OpenText2.2.12 OpenText Metastorm Business Process Management (BPM)2.2.13 Open Text / Global 3602.2.14 Oracle2.2.15 Microsoft Biz Talk Server2.2.16 Adobe2.2.17 Tibco Dynamic BPM2.2.18 EMC2.2.19 SAP BPM2.2.20 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS IntegratedBusiness Rules Management2.2.21 Progress Software Savvion BusinessManager2.2.22 PNMsoft2.2.23 Newgen Software Automates Key Processes2.2.24 Polymita2.2.25 Fabasoft2.2.26 Kofax / Singularity2.3 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts2.3.1 Business Process Management (BPM)Market Industry Segments,2.3.2 BPM Systems Provide A Complete View Of End-To-EndBusiness Processes2.3.3 Automation of Business Process2.3.4 Linked BPM and SOA2.3.5 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small,Mid-Size, and Large Systems2.3.6 BPM Financial Services2.3.7 BPM Insurance2.3.8 BPM Government2.3.9 BPM Other Industries2.3.10 BPM Industry Aspects2.3.11 Lincoln Trust Achieves 120% ROI In A Year Using IBM BWL2.3.12 IBM BPM Software WebSphere Delivers ROI2.3.13 Quantities of Information to be Managed2.4 Business Process Management (BPM) Regional Market SegmentsBusiness Process Management (BPM) Product DescriptionThis section describes selected companies and selected products. Products for this market segment are described with attention to the most significant aspect of features and functions in this category of product. The juxtaposition of a range of different product descriptions from a single market category provides a really good way to access market directions and achieve market competitive analysis. This section is useful because it compliments other views of innovation, providing a clear presentation of all the alternatives for positioning products in this market. Company products are described in the appropriate sections, meaning a company is mentioned several times in the chapter in different places.3. Business Process Management (BPM)Product Description3.1 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)3.1.1 IBM BlueWorks Live3.1.2 IBM BlueWorks3.1.3 Security of Process Information Priority For IBM3.1.4 IBM Business Monitor3.1.5 IBM Business Monitor3.1.6 IBM Business Monitor Functions3.1.7 Business Process Management (BPM) from IBM3.1.8 IBM Business Monitor Agility3.1.9 IBM BPM Software3.1.10 IBM ILOG Visualization for Java3.1.11 IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise3.1.12 IBM ILOG3.1.13 IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS3.1.14 IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management3.1.15 IBM WODM Capabilities3.1.16 IBM Social Media BPM3.1.17 IBM BlueWorks Synchronizing the SupplyChain through Adaptive Collaboration3.1.18 IBM WebSphere Lombardi Software3.1.19 IBM Blueprint Process Modeling3.2 Adobe3.2.1 Adobe LiveCycle ES3 Business Process Management3.3 PegaSystems BPM3.3.1 Pegasystems Pega Solutions Benchmarks3.3.2 Pegasystems Pega BPM suite is a BPM platform3.3.3 Pegasystems Build For Change Technology3.3.4 Pegasystems Next-Generation Healthcare ProductDevelopment and Management Solution3.3.5 Pegasystems Health Care Solutions3.3.6 Pegasystems Order Management for Communications3.3.7 Pegasystems BPM for Government Agencies3.3.8 Pega for Government(TM) and Pega CustomerProcess Manager (Pega CPM) for Government(TM),3.3.9 PegaRULES Process Commander3.3.10 Pegasystems Solution Frameworks3.3.11 Pega CRM3.3.12 Pegasystems Pega Decision Management3.3.13 Pegasystems Pega Cloud ®3.4 Tibco3.4.1 Tibco Hosted Services3.4.2 TibcoBusiness Process Management3.4.3 Tibco BPM in the Enterprise3.4.4 Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM3.5 SoftwareAG3.5.1 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS3.5.2 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Unified Eclipse-Based Design Tool3.5.3 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Enterprise-ClassProcess Management3.5.4 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Business Process modeling3.5.5 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Integrated BusinessRules Management3.6 SAP BPM3.7 OpenText / Metastorm / Global 360 Business ProcessManagement Group3.7.1 OpenText / Metastorm, Global 360 and BPM3.7.2 OpenText Business Process Management Strategy3.8 Open Text / Global 3603.8.1 OpenText / Microsoft Relationship3.9 Progress Software BPM Solutions3.9.1 Progress Software 360-Degree Situational Awareness3.9.2 Progress Software Streaming Event Analysis and Response3.9.3 Progress Software Continuous Process Optimization3.9.4 Progress Software Savvion Supports Collaboration3.9.5 Progress RPM Rapid Time to Value3.9.6 Progress Software Savvion Business Expert Portal3.10 Oracle BPM Adoption Patterns & Practices in Industry3.10.1 Oracle Business Process Management Suite3.10.2 Oracle Process Accelerators3.10.3 Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)3.11 Appian BPM Suite3.11.1 Appian Process Modeler3.11.2 Appian BPMN Process Modeling:3.11.3 Appian Process Modeler Repository:3.12 Appian Process Modeler Smart Services:3.13 Appian Process Execution:3.14 Appian Process Optimization:3.14.1 Appian Deploys BPM in the Cloud3.14.2 Appian BPM In The Cloud3.14.3 Appian Cloud BPM3.14.4 Appian Security In Cloud Computing3.14.5 Appian Security and Reliability3.14.6 Appian Cloud BPM3.14.7 Appian BPM Software Brings Work and Social Together3.15 EMC3.15.1 EMC Delivers Enterprise Capabilities3.16 Fujitsu3.16.1 Automated Process Discovery (APD) from Fujitsu3.17 FujitsuFujitsu Interstage Products & SolutionsFujitsu Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager3.18 Intalio BPMS3.19 Polymita Business Process Management (BPM)3.20 K23.21 Newgen Software Technologies3.21.1 Newgen Software Technologies BPMS (BPM Tools)3.21.2 Newgen Software BPM Suite3.22 Agile Point3.23 HandySoft3.24 Bonita Open Solution3.25 Lexmark / Perceptive Software / Palias Athans3.26 Active Endpoints3.27 BizAgi3.27.1 BizAgi Banking3.27.2 BizAgi Insurance3.27.3 BizAgi Administrative & HR3.27.4 BizAgi IT Operations3.27.5 BizAgi Compliance3.27.6 BizAgi Quality3.27.7 BizAgi Customer Service3.28 Cordys Business Process Management Suite3.28.1 Cordys Faster Process Optimization WithBusiness Process Management3.28.2 Cordys Business Process Management Suite in the cloud3.28.3 Cordys BPMS: Business and IT Collaboration3.28.4 Cordys Middle-Out design paradigmBusiness Process Management (BPM) Technology4. Business Process Management (BPM) Technology4.1 BPM platforms4.2 Industry Frameworks Used to Implement BPM Process4.3 Business Process Management Technology Issues4.3.1 Application Integration Professional ServicesImplementation Strategies4.3.2 Application Connectivity4.3.3 Single Vendor Issues4.3.4 Standards Adoption4.4 BPM Technology Analysis4.5 BPM Business Benefits4.6 Technology Platforms4.6.1 Automated Virtualization Of Existing Enterprise Assets4.6.2 Complexity Of The Underlying IT Technologies4.6.3 Impact of Platforms4.6.4 Platforms and Disparate Technologies4.7 Events4.7.1 Event Transmission4.7.2 Business Process Automation4.8 SOA Foundation Reference Architecture4.8.1 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Business Rule BeansIBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model ExtensionsIBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of Service4.9 Oracle SOA Suite4.9.1 Oracle SOA Benefits4.9.2 Process-Oriented Architecture4.9.3 Business Process Automation4.9.4 Business Process Management Modular Architecture4.9.5 Business ComponentsBusiness Process Management (BPM) Company ProfilesThis section selectively describes company strategies, partners, acquisitions, and revenue by segment and regional revenue when available. Companies are described by looking at what is most interesting about that company. The descriptions collectively give a sense of market directions within the industry segment. The alphabetical listing of company thumbnail sketches provides an accessible way to find out what is going on in any particular company.5 Business Process Management (BPM) Company Profiles5.1 Active Endpoints5.2 Adobe5.2.1 Adobe Market Presence5.2.2 Adobe Revenue 20125.2.3 Adobe Systems5.2.4 Adobe Targets Businesses And Organizations5.2.5 Adobe Revenue5.2.6 Adobe Systems Revenue:5.2.7 Adobe Systems Software Tools5.2.8 Adobe Systems Creative Solutions Business Summary5.2.9 Adobe Knowledge Worker Market Opportunity5.2.10 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker Products5.2.11 Adobe Systems Enterprise Opportunity5.2.12 Adobe Systems Enterprise Business Summary5.2.13 Adobe Systems Enterprise Strategy5.2.14 Adobe Systems Process Management5.2.15 Adobe Systems Content Services5.2.16 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker and EnterpriseRelated Products5.3 Agile Point5.4 Appian5.4.1 Appian Technology5.4.2 Appian Customers5.5 BizAgi5.6 Cordys5.7 EMC5.7.1 EMC Cloud Computing5.7.2 EMC Big data Transforms Business5.7.3 EMC Big Data Strategic Differentiators5.7.4 EMC Developer Of Information Infrastructure Technology5.7.5 EMC Velocity² Atmos Partner Program5.7.6 EMC / VMware5.7.7 EMC Virtual Storage5.7.8 EMC Supports Information Technology (IT)5.1.1 RSA Information Security5.1.2 Information Storage Segment5.1.3 EMC Symmetrix Systems5.1.4 EMC CLARiiON Systems5.1.5 EMC Celerra IP Storage Systems5.1.6 EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage Systems5.1.7 EMC Connectrix Directors and Switches5.1.8 EMC Consumer and Small Business Products Division5.1.9 EMC /Decho Corporation5.1.10 EMC Content Management and Archiving Segment5.1.11 EMC RSA Information Security Segment5.1.12 EMC Global Services5.1.13 EMC VMware Virtual Infrastructure Segment5.1.14 EMC (NYSE: EMC)5.1.15 EMC (NYSE: EMC) / VMware (VMW)5.1.16 EMC Information Infrastructure Products and Offerings5.1.17 EMC Information Storage Segment5.1.18 EMC Acquisitions5.1.19 EMC Big Data5.1.20 EMC Global Services5.1.21 EMC Technology Alliances5.1.22 Cisco and EMC5.8 Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform Service Powered by MicrosoftWindows Azure5.8.1 Fujitsu FGCP/A5 Cloud Service ProvidesReliability, Control, And Compliance5.8.2 Fujitsu FGCP/A5 Cloud Service Sales Target5.8.3 Fujitsu Cloud Opportunities5.8.4 Fujitsu Cloud Challenges5.8.5 Fujitsu IT-Based Business Solutions5.8.6 Fujitsu OSS/NOS5.8.7 Fujitsu SOA5.8.8 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance5.9 HandySoft5.10 IBM5.10.1 IBM Lombardi5.10.2 IBM Revenue Q2 20125.10.3 IBM Business Model5.10.4 IBM Revenue Second-Quarter 20125.10.5 IBM Geographic Regions Q2 20125.10.6 IBM Growth Markets Q2 20125.10.7 IBM Services Q2 20125.10.8 IBM Software Q2 20125.10.9 IBM Hardware Q2 20125.10.10 IBM Financing Q2 20125.11 Intalio5.12 K25.12.1 K2 Map5.12.2 K2 Underground5.12.3 K2 Partners5.13 Kofax / Singularity5.13.1 Kofax Revenue5.14 Lexmark International5.14.1 Lexmark / Pallas Athena5.15 Microsoft5.15.1 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments5.15.2 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices5.15.3 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming TheData Center And Information Technology5.15.4 Microsoft Entertainment5.15.5 Microsoft Search5.15.6 Microsoft Communications And Productivity5.15.7 Microsoft Sales5.15.8 Microsoft / Skype5.15.9 Skype Viral Marketing5.15.10 Skype Strategic Relationships and Partners5.15.11 Skype Peer-To-Peer Software Architecture5.15.12 Skype Revenue5.15.13 Skype Users And Financial Performance5.15.14 Microsoft5.15.15 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices5.15.16 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming TheData Center And Information Technology5.16 Newgen Software Technologies5.16.1 Newgen Software Receives Investment from SAP Ventures5.17 OpenText5.17.1 OpenText Strategy5.17.2 OpenText's MBPM5.17.3 OpenText MBPM5.17.4 OpenText MBPM 9 Business Process Management (BPM)Solution Achieves Top Government Security Certification5.17.5 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS5.17.6 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS5.17.7 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS5.17.8 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS5.17.9 OpenText Cloud5.17.10 OpenText Products for SAP®5.17.11 OpenText Products for Microsoft®5.17.12 Open Text / Global 3605.17.13 OpenText Microsoft Relationship5.17.14 OpenText Products for Oracle®5.17.15 OpenText Products5.17.16 OpenText Building a Business Case for BPM - A FastPath to Results5.17.17 OpenText Distribution Model5.17.18 OpenText FY2012 Financial Results5.17.19 OpenText Customer Base5.18 Oracle5.18.1 Oracle Revenues:5.18.2 Oracle Acquisitions / Sun, BEA, AmberPoint5.18.3 Oracle Fiscal 2011 Acquisitions Including Art TechnologyGroup, Inc. (ATG),5.18.4 Oracle Fiscal 2010 Acquisitions5.18.5 Oracle Software Business5.18.6 Oracle SOA5.18.7 Oracle / Amberpoint5.18.8 Oracle SOA Suite5.18.9 Oracle JDeveloper -5.18.10 Oracle / Stellent5.19 Pegasystems5.19.1 Pegasystems Process Commander Software5.19.2 PegaSystems Target Markets5.19.3 Pegasystems Partners5.19.4 Pegasystems Regions5.19.5 PegaSystems Revenue5.19.6 PegaSystems Revenue5.19.7 Pegasystems Health Insurer Market Participation5.19.8 Pegasystems Supports BPM Order Management forService Providers5.19.9 Pegasystems Build for Change® Technology5.19.10 Pegasystems Wipro as Platinum Partner for ProvidingBPM Solutions to Global Customers5.19.11 Pegasystems Q1 12 Revenue5.19.12 Pegasystems Six Year Revenue5.20 Polymita5.20.1 Polymita Helps Companies In Which People Play Crucial Roles5.21 Progress Software5.21.1 Progress Software and FastFill Partner to DeliverFirst Low-latency Hosted FX Aggregation and Algo Trading Solution5.21.2 Progress SoftwareProgress Software Revenue by Segment5.21.3 Progress Software Delivering Operational Responsiveness5.22 Software AG5.22.1 Software AG Reports Stable Revenue For Fiscal Year 20115.22.2 Software AG Business Line Development5.22.3 Software AG Helps Build "Hospital Of The Future" For Nemours5.23 Tibco5.23.1 Tibco Challenge: Big Data & Meeting theDemands of Digital Consumers5.23.2 Harness the Power of TIBCO's Event-EnabledEnterprise Platform5.23.3 Tibco Software Middleware And Infrastructure Software5.23.4 Tibco Software Products5.23.5 Tibco SOA and Core Infrastructure5.23.6 Tibco Business Optimization5.23.7 Tibco Process Automation And Collaboration5.23.8 Tibco BPM Business Process Management, Software5.23.9 Tibco ServicesTibco Revenue5.23.10 TIBCO Platform5.23.11 Tibco AcquireS LogLogic5.23.12 Tibco / LogLogic Customer Base5.23.13 Tibco / LogLogic5.23.14 Tibco Infrastructure Software5.23.15 Siemens Smart Grid Division and Tibco Software5.23.16 Tibco Positioning5.24 Wipro Limited5.25 Selected Business Process CompaniesList of Tables and FiguresBusiness Process Management (BPM) Executive SummaryTable ES-1Business Process Management Market Driving ForcesFigure ES-2Comparative Value of InnovationFigure ES-3Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Dollars, 2011Figure ES-4Business Process Management (BPM) Markets Forecasts Dollars,Worldwide, 201ES-2018Business Process Management (BPM) Market Description and Market DynamicsTable 1-1Business Process Management FunctionsDefines How An Enterprise OperatesTable 1-2BPM Platform Automation Of Process FunctionsTable 1-3Basic Workflow Products Overlap With BPM systemsTable 1-4SOA / B2Bi Systems FunctionsTable 1-5Business Process Manager FunctionsTable 1-6Harnessing Collective IntelligenceTable 1-7Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications ProvidersTable 1-8Web 2.0 Web Space CharacteristicsTable 1-9Web 2.0 Next Generation ApplicationsTable 1-10Web 2.0 Next Generation FunctionsBusiness Process Management (BPM) Market Shares and Market ForecastsTable 2-1Business Process Management Market Driving ForcesFigure 2-2Comparative Value of InnovationFigure 2-3Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Dollars, 2011Figure 2-4Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Dollars,Worldwide, 2011Table 2-5Selected List of Business Process Management (BPM) CompaniesFigure 2-6IBM illustrates Business Process Management Standardized,Efficient And Consistent Process ManagementTable 2-7IBM BPM Product ComponentsTable 2-8IBM Smarter Planet Initiative Industry SolutionsFigure 2-9IBM Smarter Industry SolutionsTable 2-10Fujitsu Cloud-Based Software Related to BPM.Table 2-11Tibco BPM ComponentsFigure 2-12Business Process Management (BPM) Markets ForecastsDollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-13Business Process Management (BPM) Markets Dollars,Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-14Business Process Management (BPM) Market IndustrySegments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-15Business Process Management (BPM) Market IndustrySegments, Percent, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-16Business Process Management (BPM) Market Systems FunctionsTable 2-17BPM Adoption BenefitsFigure 2-18IBM Business Process Manager FunctionsTable 2-19BPM Market ForcesTable 2-20BPM Market ChallengesTable 2-21SOA / BPM FunctionsTable 2-22SOA / BPM FeaturesTable 2-23BPM And SOA ProcessTable 2-24Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small, Mid-Size, andLarge Systems, Installed Base,Units, and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Figure 2-25Business Process Management (BPM) Large Size SystemsMarket Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-26Business Process Management (BPM) Market Large Systems,Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Figure 2-27Business Process Management (BPM) Mid-Size SystemsMarket Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-28Business Process Management (BPM) Market Mid Size Systems,Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Figure 2-29Business Process Management (BPM) Small SystemsMarket Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-30Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small Systems,Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-31BPM Industry AspectsFigure 2-32Number of Instrumented Connections Needing SoftwareFigure 2-33Business Process Management (BPM) Regional Market Segments,Dollars, 2011Table 2-34Business Process Management Regional Market Segments, 2011Business Process Management (BPM) Product DescriptionFigure 3-1IBM BPM Seeks to Personalize Client InteractionsTable 3-2IBM BPM PositioningTable 3-3IBM BPM Software ProductsFigure 3-4IBM Business Process ManagementTable 3-5IBM BlueWorks Live FunctionsTable 3-6IBM SmartCloud BPMFigure 3-7IBM Business Process ManagerTable 3-8IBM BPM Business Rules Management System FunctionsTable 3-9IBM WebSphere BPM Business Rules Management System BenefitsTable 3-10IBM WebSphere BPM Business Rules Management SystemOrganizational BenefitsTable 3-11IBM WebSphere BPM Business Rules Management System ProductDetailsTable 3-12IBM Business Monitor Cross-Process, Cross-System ComprehensiveBusiness Activity Monitoring (Bam) Software FunctionsTable 3-13IBM Business Monitor FunctionsTable 3-14IBM Business Monitor AgilityFigure 3-15IBM Risk Management BPM Addresses Problems RedundantInconsistent And Inefficient ProcessesTable 3-16IBM Identifies Typical process problems causeFigure 3-17IBM illustrates Business Process Management Standardized,Efficient And Consistent Process ManagementTable 3-18IBM ILOG ProductsTable 3-19IBM ILOG SolutionsFigure 3-20IBM BPM Ilog Chart DesignerTable 3-21IBM BPM Ilog Operational Decision SupportTable 3-22IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS FunctionsFigure 3-23IBM BPM Developer for ILogTable 3-24IBM Business Rules Management System FunctionsTable 3-25IBM Operational Decision Management to Process ImprovementInitiatives Value PropositionFigure 3-26IBM Operational Decision Management ILog Rules Value PropositionFigure 3-27IBM WebSphere ILog BRMS Enables Reuse Across the EnterpriseFigure 3-28IBM BPM Decision Support ToolsTable 3-29IBM BPM Synchronization of ProcessTaable 3-30Adobe LiveCycle ES3 Key CapabilitiesFigure 3-31Adobe Workflow diagramTable 3-32PegaSystems Pega Solutions Key BenefitsTable 3-33Pegasystems Pega BPM Platform UsesTable 3-34Pegasystems Next-Generation Healthcare Solution BenefitsTable 3-35Pegasystems Government SolutionsFigure 3-36Tibco BPM Business StudioTable 3-37Tibco BPM Product CategoriesTable 3-38Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM FunctionsTable 3-39Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM FunctionsTable 3-40Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Key FeaturesTable 3-41Progress RPM: Smart BPM Tools for Fast Process CreationTable 3-42Progress RPM r Intelligent BPM Solution BenefitsTable 3-43Oracle BPM BenefitsFigure 3-44Appian BPM Suite Business Process ComponentsTable 3-45Appian Modeler Process Improvement FeaturesFigure 3-46Appian BPMN Process ModelsFigure 3-47Appian Process Modeler Repository:Figure 3-48Appian Process Modeler Smart ServicesFigure 3-49Appian Process Execution:Table 3-50Appian BPM in the Cloud Deployment BenefitsTable 3-45Appian Cloud Computing Security FunctionsTable 3-45Appian Cloud Computing Security FeaturesTable 3-46EMC Case Management BPM FunctionsTable 5-47Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite FeaturesTable 3-48Fujitsu Cloud-Based Software Related to BPM.Figure 3-49Polymita Business Process Management (BPM) Lifecycle ManagementTable 3-50Polymita BPM Key benefits:Table 3-51Newgen Software Technologies BPMS (BPM Tools)Table 3-52AgilePoint BMP Suite ComponentsTable 3-53AgilePoint BPM Lines of Business ConnectedTable 3-54Bonita Open Solution Modeling FunctionsTable 3-55ActiveVOS Features and BenefitsTable 3-56BizAgi BPM Banking SolutionsTable 3-57BizAgi BPM Insurance SolutionsTable 3-58Bizagi Administrative & Human Resources SolutionsTable 3-59BizAgi Available BPM Solutions for IT Operations:Table 3-60BizAgi available BPM Compliance Solutions:Table 3-61BizAgi BPM Solutions for Quality:Table 3-62BizAgi BPM Customer Service Solutions are:Table 3-63Cordys BPM Functions AutomatedBusiness Process Management (BPM) TechnologyFigure 4-1IBM Software Uses System z for Smarter Industry SolutionsFigure 4-2IBM Frameworks Are Implemented with MiddlewareTable 4-6IBM SOA Business Innovation & Optimization ServicesTable 4-7IBM SOA Services Atomic And Composite ArchitectureTable 4-8SOA Foundation Reference ArchitectureTable 4-9IBM SOA Business Rule SupportTable 4-10IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model ExtensionsTable 4-10 (Continued)IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model ExtensionsTable 4-11IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model FunctionsTable 4-11 (Continued)IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model FunctionsTable 4-11 (Continued)IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model FunctionsTable 4-12IBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of Service FunctionsTable 4-12 (Continued)IBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of Service FunctionsTable 4-13Oracle SOA BenefitsTable 4-14Business Components Chained Together To Comprise A Business ServiceTable 4-15Integration ServicesBusiness Process Management (BPM) Company ProfilesFigure 5-1Active Endpoints Workflow for BPMFigure 5-2Appian CustomersTable 5-3EMC Storage Systems Environment TypesTable 5-4Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite FeaturesTable 5-5Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Management InformationTable 5-6Handisoft BPM Application PackagesTable 5-8OpenText PositioningTable 5-9OpenText StrategyFigure 5-10OpenText Growth StrategyTable 5-11OpenText BPM StrategyTable 5-12OpenText's Business Process Management Products Functions:Table 5-13OpenText MBPM Business Functions:Table 5-14OpenText BPM Integration FeaturesTable 5-15Opentext BPM FeaturesTable 5-16OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS BenefitsTable 5-17OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS Integration FeaturesTable 5-18OpenText BPM FeaturesTable 5-19OpenText - Product Category -Table 5-20OpenText Product FamilyTable 5-21Opentext EcosystemTable 5-22OpenText Embraces Established BrandsTable 5-23Business Process Management FunctionsFigure 5-24OpenText Distribution ModelFigure 5-25OpenText Seven Year Revenue GrowthFigure 5-26Fiscal Year 2012 Financial HighlightsFigure 5-27OpenText.Fiscal Year 2012 Revenue by Industry and GeographyFigure 5-28OpenText Market Opportunity and GrowthFigure 5-29OpenText Cloud ServicesFigure 5-30OpenText Enterprise Information Management in the CloudFigure 5-31OpenText Enterprise Secure File Sharing in the CloudFigure 5-32OpenText Customer BaseTable 5-33Oracle SOA PositioningTable 5-34Oracle's Open, Integrated SOA StackTable 5-35Oracle: Amberpoint SOA AdvantagesTable 5-36Oracle SOA Suite FeaturesTable 5-37Oracle SOA Product Suite:Table 5-38Oracle / Stellent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software SolutionsTable 5-39Pegasystems Partner FunctionsTable 5-40Pegasystems PartnersFigure 5-41Progress Software Product SetFigure 5-42Progress Software Revenue by SegmentFigure 5-43Progress Software Delivering Operational ResponsivenessTable 5-44Software AG CapabilitiesFigure 5-45Tibco Software Middleware And Infrastructure SoftwareTable 5-46TIBCO Software Platform Major GroupsTo order this report:Solution_Integration Industry: Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018Nicolas BombourgReportlinkerEmail: nicolasbombourg@reportlinker.comUS: (805)652-2626Intl: +1 805-652-2626 SOURCE Reportlinker

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