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Fire in the Sky? UFOs Spotted Over China and Manhattan
[October 15, 2010]

Fire in the Sky? UFOs Spotted Over China and Manhattan

TMCnet Contributor
There's been quite a lot of buzz in the past few weeks about UFO sightings all over the world. 

Now, I am not really sure if I believe in aliens or vampires. I would love to, because frankly the idea of a whole sub-culture of Rob Pattison-lookalikes roaming about being steamy and emo really, really appeals to me.
But as much as I would simply like to just believe, I guess I just need to see them with my own eyes (yes, hot vampires, this is an invitation).
According to an article at USADAILY, one of the most prominent sightings came recently, when a Chinese airport was shut down. China's state-run People's Daily reported Sept. 13 that air traffic controllers 'observed with instruments' a UFO about 20 miles from Baotou, the largest city in Inner Mongolia, about 8 p.m. on Sept. 11. Flights were diverted to a secondary airport and three flights were forced to circle to avoid 'collisions,' according to a Baotou Airport spokeswoman.

And Chinese citizens have reported many, many other UFO sightings lately. The most recent reports came from a few days ago. Which shouldn't shock anyone, as Stanley Fulham, a former NORAD officer had written a book stating that there would be sightings on Oct. 13.
But the Chinese aren't the only ones reporting strange things in the skies. The Russians have been reporting the same sort of phenomenon.

And just the other day many jaded Manhattanites stopped dead in their tracks to gawk into the air. Crowds gathered in Chelsea, and bystanders had their eyes trained upwards.
Major news organizations dismissed the identity of UFOs as balloons (hmm, sounds familiar…), but the truth is that no one really knows what the UFOs were. After watching the various videos on YouTube (News - Alert), I have to say the 'balloons' were a bit fast moving for my liking.

'We re-ran radar to see if there was anything there that we can't account for but there is nothing in the area,' a spokesman for the FAA told the Daily News. 'There was some helicopter traffic over the river at that time and we checked with LaGuardia Tower. And they said they had nothing going low at that time.'
If there are aliens, I hope they look like Rob Pattison.

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