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Olympic Gold Medalist Kathy Kreiner-Phillips Joins NeuroNetwork Team to Bring Competitive Edge Through Advanced Neurofeedback
[May 27, 2009]

Olympic Gold Medalist Kathy Kreiner-Phillips Joins NeuroNetwork Team to Bring Competitive Edge Through Advanced Neurofeedback

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, May 27, 2009 (Marketwire via COMTEX) -- Canadian gold medal Olympic skier Kathy Kreiner-Phillips has joined Vancouver's newest wellness centre, NeuroNetwork, as a staff member and brain trainer.

NeuroNetwork is a community-based wellness centre that provides brain training, using an advanced, personalized form of neurofeedback to balance and harmonize the brain. Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive technique that maps brain patterns, and mirrors those patterns back to the brain, forming new pathways that optimize balance and personal wellness. Neuroplasticity - or the ability of the brain to re-wire itself - is a growing area of scientific research. Sport Canada funded research at McGill University just concluded 4 years of study on Canada's elite winter athletes and found neurofeedback sharpened the athletes' mental focus. NeuroNetwork President Brenda Gerhard says, "We're honoured to have a Canadian athlete and trainer of Kathy's caliber as part of the NeuroNetwork team. Especially in light of recent evidence such as McGill University's findings about neurofeedback's positive impact on the performance of Canadian athletes - potentially at the 2010 Olympics - this is another endorsement of the power of using neurofeedback to train the brain - utilizing its neuroplasticity." In 1976, 18-year-old Kathy Kreiner blew past the top-rated German and Austrian skiers at the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck to grab Olympic Gold for Canada in the giant slalom race.

Kreiner credits her dramatic performance that day to mental preparation and visualization that put her in 'the zone'. It led her to a 20-year career in sport psychology and mental training. "I believe neurofeedback can be a radical 'short cut' to the process of getting athletes - or anyone - in the zone," says Kreiner-Phillips.

Kreiner-Phillips became passionate about neurofeedback when she and her 14-year-old daughter underwent the one-week brain training protocol. "My daughter is a competitive gymnast. Two weeks after she had neurofeedback, she won the balance beam portion of her competition - and that was dramatic, because balance beam had always been her worst element," says Kreiner-Phillips. While Kreiner-Phillips' expertise in the world of elite athletes will offer neurofeedback to those in the sporting world, NeuroNetwork's services are for not just for athletes.

"Neurofeedback can put everyone in the zone - not just athletes," says Brenda Gerhard. "The majority of our clients are people wanting to improve their general wellness, people dealing with trauma, injuries, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, addictions; seniors and students, business leaders - and people wanting to optimize their golf game, improve their bottom line - or deepen their meditation practice. I liken our personalized neurofeedback protocol to a 'meditation machine'," says Gerhard. "Stresses and trauma cause our brains to become unbalanced - brain training coaches the brain to re-balance itself - and unlike drugs - there are no toxic side effects." Stroke-survivor Michael Twyman credits his neurofeedback sessions at NeuroNetwork with helping him regain some sensation and movement in his left side, after a right-brain stroke left half of his body paralyzed. "Performance enhancement for me is to walk normally - that's my Olympic feat," says Twyman. "To have improved balance and gait - and to think coherently - to have a normal life. I am moving in that direction. Neurofeedback is helping me along the way." To set up media interviews with Kathy Kreiner-Phillips, Michael Twyman or Brenda Gerhard (or to see neurofeedback in action), contact Brenda Gerhard at 604-616-3131. NeuroNetwork is located at #110-3880 Chatham Street, Richmond, BC.

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