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Somalia: Puntland navy frees cargo ship, arrests 10 pirates
[October 15, 2008]

Somalia: Puntland navy frees cargo ship, arrests 10 pirates

Oct 14, 2008 (BBC Monitoring via COMTEX) --
The Puntland security forces have freed a Somali cargo ship that was hijacked by pirates on 9 October. Ten pirates were arrested and two policemen were wounded during the assault. The Somali ship owner authorized the military intervention against the pirates. The Puntland Navy acquired a speed boat a few months ago. Let us listen to Akmat Saimour, the Puntland's minister of ports and fishing, speaking to Olivier Roger.

[Begin recording] [Saimour] The forces of Puntland attacked a Somali ship that was hijacked by pirates a few days ago. They freed the ship, and the sailors are all safe and sound. We captured and jailed 10 pirates.

[Roger] The Puntland forces do not usually intervene to free ships hijacked by pirates. Why did they intervene this time around?

[Saimour] The ship owner was in favour of the military intervention. This is what prompted us to intervene. The ship owner gave us full assurance that he was for a military solution. This is what emboldened us.

[Roger] The ship owner was Somalian. Does this mean that foreign ship owners are more reluctant to let you launch a military intervention?

[Saimour] Foreign ship owners always oppose a military intervention. This is why we cannot always intervene. [end recording]

Source: Radio France Internationale, Paris, in French 1830 gmt 14 Oct 08
BBC Mon AF1 AFEauwaf 151008/mm

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