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Hotspot Success Determined by Six Competitive Factors, According to MultiMedia Intelligence's Free Whitepaper
[January 24, 2008]

Hotspot Success Determined by Six Competitive Factors, According to MultiMedia Intelligence's Free Whitepaper

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. --(Business Wire)-- The hotspot market is on the verge of a revolution--a revolution being driven by new users, new access devices, and new applications. However, hotspots are a highly competitive market with stiff competition, according to a whitepaper by MultiMedia Intelligence.

The whitepaper, "The Six Competitive Factors for Hotspot Success," identifies the six key success factors that hotspot providers need to address in an offering. Comprehensive execution on the factors means market success. Failure leads to a company's elimination or acquisition.

Access the free whitepaper via this link: task=view&id=47&Itemid=64

In the near future, hotspots will not just be for business travelers anymore. The increasing availability of dual-mode handsets in 2008, coupled with the anticipated introduction of lower priced access fees, will result in the hotspot user base broadening to include consumers. Branded venues such as Starbucks and McDonald's are becoming increasingly important in driving consumer usage.

The beginning of a trend toward consumer usage is already evident, with consumers accounting for nearly 25 percent of connects in 2007, up from approximately 15 percent in 2006. This trend is accelerating going forward, lead by companies such as Boingo, iPass, Trustive and WeRoam.

While revenue per connect is expected to fall significantly for cafes and similar venues, MultiMedia Intelligence believes revenues will be sustained by access fees in full service hotels and airports, which together will comprise over 80 percent of access revenues. To help offset the lower consumer ARPU, hotspot operators are also beginning to explore new revenue opportunities including back office services, application/content offerings, and advertising to bolster revenue.

The whitepaper examines the developing hotspot marketplace and the six critical success factors. "The Six Competitive Factors for Hotspot Success" is free for download upon registration, and available at: view&id=47&Itemid=64

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