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AcuNetx Expands Its Mission, Establishes Three Market-Oriented Divisions
[April 17, 2006]

AcuNetx Expands Its Mission, Establishes Three Market-Oriented Divisions

SUPERIOR, Colo. --(Business Wire)-- April 17, 2006 -- AcuNetx Inc. (OTC BB: ANTX) today announced that, in order to successfully execute its expanded mission, it has developed three market-oriented operating divisions: IntelliNetx, VisioNetx and OrthoNetx.

The AcuNetx mission--to read the human body with 'smart' devices, to connect stakeholders to the information, and to facilitate the understanding and the means to solve human problems--defines the Company's product offerings in each of its divisions.

"We are dedicated to the notion that devices acting on, or residing in, the human body must be 'smart', much like OnStar(R) has made automobiles smart, allowing remote monitoring and remote management, and offering safety and protection for users," said Terry Knapp, M.D., CEO of AcuNetx. "We call our platform SmartDevice-Connect(TM). 'Smart' devices will rapidly provide knowledge enhancement for doctors and patients, enhance workplace and highway safety, and reduce risk and injuries in many sectors of society. We have the patents, technologies, platform and devices to rapidly realize market opportunities for 'smart' devices in medicine, occupational safety and law enforcement. The market opportunities for AcuNetx are enormous and virtually untapped, auguring well for accelerated revenue growth and enhanced shareholder value."

The IntelliNetx division markets patented medical devices that assist in the diagnosis of dizziness and vertigo, and rehabilitate those in danger of falling as a result of balance disorders. Making its devices 'smart' allows IntelliNetx to deliver information to doctors and patients in order to reduce risk and improve outcomes.

The VisioNetx division markets patented products that track and analyze human eye movements. The devices, made 'smart' with AcuNetx technology, allow employers to assure that workers in high-risk jobs are clear-headed and unimpaired, creating safer work environments. VisioNetx 'smart' eye tracking products also serve as training aids and objective evidence-capture devices in support of the Standard Field Sobriety Test used at roadside and in jailhouses for decades by traffic patrol officers and drug recognition experts (DREs).

The OrthoNetx division markets patented medical devices that mechanically induce new bone formation in patients with skeletal deformities of the face, skull, jaws, extremities and dentition. Making these devices 'smart' enables remote monitoring of the bone generation process in the patient by the supervising physician, as well as providing the same near-real-time information to patients.

About AcuNetx, Inc.

AcuNetx combines diagnostic, analytical and therapeutic devices with proprietary software to permit: health providers to diagnose and treat balance disorders and various bone deficiencies; law enforcement officers to evaluate roadside sobriety; and employers in high-risk industries to determine--in real-time--the mental fitness of their employees to perform mission-critical tasks. AcuNetx is headquartered in Superior Colo., and has operating divisions in Torrance, Calif. For more information about AcuNetx and its divisions, please visit

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