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BEZ Systems Announces Solution to Extend the Reach of Traditional Performance Analysis Software; BEZProphet(TM) integrates predictive capability and capacity management with VERITAS i3 for Oracle
[December 05, 2005]

BEZ Systems Announces Solution to Extend the Reach of Traditional Performance Analysis Software; BEZProphet(TM) integrates predictive capability and capacity management with VERITAS i3 for Oracle

LAS VEGAS --(Business Wire)-- Dec. 5, 2005 -- BEZ Systems, an innovator in the emerging market for Proactive Performance Management solutions, today announced at the Gartner Data Center Conference, a new release of BEZProphet for Oracle that both integrates with Symantec's VERITAS i3 application performance management software and extends the reach of VERITAS Indepth for Oracle, now from Symantec, by adding future predictions of performance and capacity.

BEZProphet delivers high performing, uninterrupted database services to the business by measuring, managing and predicting future resource consumption, data usage, performance and throughput by line-of-business.

"In speaking with Symantec's VERITAS Indepth for Oracle customers over the years, we've heard a consistent request to help define, measure and predict future data service levels," said Dan Haley, CEO and President of BEZ Systems. "This new release of BEZProphet goes a long way to meeting this need."

Customers have the choice of either using BEZ agentless collection technology or integrating with the VERITAS i3 Performance Warehouse. Integration with the VERITAS i3 application performance management software allows BEZProphet to act as a VERITAS i3 application, utilizing the rich performance data already collected by VERITAS Indepth for Oracle. BEZProphet's Prediction Engine uses this historic performance data to understand current service levels, create performance profiles that represent the unique performance footprint of each line of business, predict future service levels and notify IT of potential service breaches in the near- and long-term future. By utilizing these unique performance profiles, BEZProphet can, within seconds, provide "What-If" analysis to better understand how future hardware, software or tuning changes will affect overall service delivery.

"BEZ System's integration with Symantec's VERITAS i3 software reinforces the need for organizations to adopt a proactive stance on application performance management. Today's business leaders must simultaneously maximize staff productivity, control IT spending, and maintain service levels," said Bob Maness, Vice President of Product Management, Symantec. "The combination of BEZProphet and VERITAS i3 software is a winning solution for customers as it provides a unique fusion of the detailed root-cause analysis and performance tuning of Indepth for Oracle, with the forecasting and predictive capabilities of BEZProphet. The result is meaningful historical and trending information that ensures better service delivery."

By adding BEZProphet for Oracle to VERITAS Indepth for Oracle, customers can:

-- Predict performance issues days, weeks, or months in advance

-- Control ongoing application performance resource and data utilization by individual lines-of-business

-- Understand the performance ramifications of moving to Oracle 10g or RAC

-- Understand the performance ramifications of future software or hardware changes, new application implementations or server consolidations

-- Evaluate alternative solutions including advice and recommendations in seconds

-- Manage capacity for uninterrupted low cost service

-- Verify that changes actually boost performance as predicted

BEZProphet for Oracle helps IT align service delivery with the business units. It empowers organizations to manage change, set realistic expectations, justify corrective actions and ensure the delivery of consistent, uninterrupted data service to the business at the lowest cost.

About BEZ Systems

Since 1993, BEZ Systems has been offering innovative Proactive Performance Management (PPM) solutions that provide a line-of-business view of application performance, resource utilization and data usage for today and tomorrow. BEZ solutions work cooperatively with companies' existing performance tools to allow enterprises to accurately predict the impact of the expected changes, evaluate alternatives and justify solutions, ensuring delivery of consistently acceptable data service levels.

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