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SIPquest releases new SIP/H.323 gateway (10,000 concurrent sessions)

[February 26, 2004]

SIPquest releases new SIP/H.323 gateway (10,000 concurrent sessions)

SIPquest releases new SIP/H.323 gateway that supports audio and video for 10,000 concurrent sessions
Allows service providers and telecom equipment vendors to bridge the VoIP divide

OTTAWA, Canada – February 26, 2004. SIPquest Inc. (, a leading developer of VoIP software based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), today announced the release of an enhanced version of its popular SIP/H.323 Gateway which now supports 10,000 concurrent sessions. The new release comes just two months after the completion of its 2.0 software suite which included the most comprehensive set of SIP-based software applications and components on the market.

With the recent surge in demand for IP telephony services, the SIP/H.323 Gateway fills an important void with a quick and cost-effective way to bridge the gap between the new SIP-IP telephony technologies and the old H.323 based ones. “We expedited the development of the enhanced gateway because of the customer demand”, said SIPquest vice president, Hélène Joncas. “We’ve replaced the need for pricey hardware systems with a simple software solution.”

The SIP/H.323 Gateway performs signal translation between SIP and legacy H.323 protocols, enabling the seamless exchange of voice-over IP packets to a broader base of customer environments. “VoIP is a reality and this gateway simply bridges the gap between new and old technologies,” said Richard Kelly, CEO of New York based CLEC Reynwood Communications. “The SIPquest gateway strengthens our ability to deliver big-business solutions to small and medium enterprise in a tremendously cost-efficient way,”

The SIP/H.323 Gateway is a pure signaling converter that functions independent of media or transport type; it runs on Linux and integrates SIP phones, SIP user agents, SIP proxies, H.323 terminals, endpoints and gatekeepers and SIP-PSTN or H.323-PSTN gateways.

"The telecoms that we talk to want to deploy SIP infrastructures but they also need to leverage their existing H.323 networks," explains Frederic Potter, CTO of France-based softswitch vendor Cirpack. "SIPquest’s SIP/H.323 Gateway is the perfect solution to meet this need and we are very impressed with its performance. It’s an important enabler in this multimedia revolution and 2004 is going to be an exciting year for equipment vendors, application developers, service providers and customers."

SIPquest is a technology pioneer with specific expertise in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Located in Ottawa, Canada, SIPquest has the most complete and advanced suite of SIP-based software modules and components on the market. By embedding or bundling these SIP-based software products with their own hardware products, telecom and datacom equipment vendors are able to take advantage of the growing demand for voice over IP. SIPquest benefits from an exclusive licensing agreement with Columbia University’s Internet Real-Time Lab and Professor Henning Schulzrinne, Chief Scientist of SIPquest and co-author of SIP. Professor Schulzrinne is involved in a number of IP-telephony and SIP-related groups and research initiatives.

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