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World's First Digital College Counselor Revolutionizes College Prep
[July 24, 2018]

World's First Digital College Counselor Revolutionizes College Prep

NEW YORK, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MyKlovr, the first of its kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled college counselor, has been equipped with new features and functionality for students and parents to tackle the college admissions journey at an affordable price. With new president Kenneth Volet to lead the team and new cutting-edge features such as the parent-portal and a new version of the college-finder, myKlovr 2.0 is ready to provide America with the enhanced solution to attaining a post-secondary education, released on July 15, 2018.

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The ever-increasing demand for college education and the rapid evolution of technology have made the process of getting children into college more complex and more competitive. MyKlovr 2.0 delivers direct action plans for students and parents on the college admissions playing field. The entire user interface and software have been improved and new features were carefully implemented to assist with the overall goal of guiding college-bound students to successful college acceptance. The product far exceeds anything currently on the market, offering students who lack the proper resources an opportunity to find their route to college.

"I am convinced myKlovr represents the future of college counseling. It already does a better job offering individualized college admissions advice than most US public school college counselors, who are overburdened with an average of 350 students per counselor. The nature of AI technology will only getbetter over time as it makes use of more and more data. This is an exciting and important project of inestimable proportions," says Dr. Michael Youmans, Harvard educated, independent college counselor with over 20 years of experience. Youmans is spot-on with his claims. MyKlovr 2.0 has software and AI processing like nothing seen before and will continue to advance as it is further developed and collects more information.

Key features of myKlovr that have been extensively developed for optimal success are as follows:

  • The college finder. The new version of the college finder application equips students with highly relevant information about schools they intend to apply to and pairs them with colleges and universities that match their interests, needs, and aspirations.
  • The parent account. Data shows that students are more likely to achieve their educational goals when a parent's support is present, so the company has created an account for parents that is linked to a student and balances the student's desire for independence with a parent's need for oversight, helping them work together to achieve their joint college-admission goals.
  • The dashboard. This addition to the myKlovr platform helps users to make the most of myKlovr and have a quick access to a snapshot of their college readiness plan.

"I believe we have something unique to offer the marketplace. MyKlovr's current state and its potential go far beyond any product or service that is presently on the marketplace," states Kenneth Volet, Global President.

Volet was recently brought on the team to lead operations and assist in building the myKlovr brand and user population. He comes from a background of over three decades of experience in senior management, technical research and systems operations for several highly successful "Software as a Service" organizations such as RantNetwork Inc., Seagate Software Inc. and Gentia Software, Plc.     

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Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machinery, unlike the natural intelligence (NI) shown by humans and other animals. The term "artificial intelligence" is used when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions associated with the human mind, such as "learning" and "problem solving".

MyKlovr is the first ever digital college counselor. It recognizes the potential of AI and uses its capabilities in order to achieve its mission of helping students accomplish their post-secondary education dreams.

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