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Research and Markets: New Report Highlights Eight Trends Driving the Cleantech Industry and Examines the Worldwide Outlook
[February 18, 2008]

Research and Markets: New Report Highlights Eight Trends Driving the Cleantech Industry and Examines the Worldwide Outlook

DUBLIN, Ireland --(Business Wire)-- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Cleantech: Current Status and Worldwide Outlook to their offering.

The cleantech industry encompasses a broad range of products and services, from alternative energy generation to wastewater treatment to more resource-efficient industrial processes. Although some of these industries are very different, all share a common thread: they use new, innovative technology to create products and services that compete favorably on price and performance while reducing humankind's impact on the environment. To be considered "cleantech," products and services must:

-- Optimize use of natural resources, offering a cleaner or less wasteful alternative to traditional products and services;

-- Have their genesis in an innovative or novel technology or application;

-- Add economic value compared to traditional alternatives.

Research Targeted Key Cleantech Segments and Technology Areas:


Bio-based materials; farm efficiency technologies; micro-irrigation systems; bioremediation;non-toxic cleaners and natural pesticides. Does not include organic, health food, or natural health products.

Air & Environment

Air purification products and air filtration systems, energy efficient HVAC; universal gas detectors; multi-pollutant controls; fuel additives to increase efficiency and reduce toxic emissions.


Biodegradable materials derived from seed proteins; micro-fluidics technology for conducting biochemical reactions; nano materials; composite materials; thermal regulating fibers and fabrics; nano-technology components for electronics, sensor applications and energy storage; environmentally-friendly solvents; electrochromic glass; thermoelectric materials.


-Energy Generation

Distributed and renewable energy generation and conversion, including wind, solar/photovoltaics, hydro/marine, biofuels, fuel cells, gasification technologies for biomass, and flywheel power systems.

-Energy Infrastructure

Wireless networks to utilities for advanced metering, power quality monitoring and outage management; integrated electronic systems for the management of distributed power; demand response and energy management software.

-Energy Storage

Batteries e.g. thin film and rechargeable; power quality regulation; flywheels; electro-textiles

- Energy Efficiency

Energy management systems; systems that improve output of power generating plants; intelligent metering; solid state micro-refrigeration; control technology for HVAC systems; automated energy conservation networks.

Recycling & Waste

Recycling technologies; waste treatment; internet marketplace for materials; hazardous waste remediation; bio-mimetic technology for advanced metals separation and extraction.

Manufacturing/ Industrial

Advanced packaging; natural chemistry; sensors; smart construction materials; business process and data flow mapping tools; precision manufacturing instruments& fault detectors; chemical management services.


Hybrid vehicle technology; lighter materials for cars; smart logistics software; carsharing; temperature pressure sensors to improve transportation fuel efficiency; telecommuting.

Water & Wastewater

Water recycling and ultra-filtration systems (e.g. UV membrane & ion exchange systems); sensors and automation systems; water utility sub-metering technology desalination equipment.

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