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PortaOne, FVN Alliance Inc. Partner to Offer Universal Phone Numbers to PBX Users
[February 18, 2009]

PortaOne, FVN Alliance Inc. Partner to Offer Universal Phone Numbers to PBX Users

COQUITLAM, British Columbia and MARKHAM, Ontario, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Global communications infrastructure company PortaOne, Inc. and Free Virtual Number (FVN) technology leader FVN Alliance Inc. today announced a partnership that will enable users of the PBXpress VoIP Private Branch eXchange (PBX) to enjoy universal personal phone number capability. The combination of technologies from the two companies will result in significantly greater convenience and productivity for PBXpress users, as well as for outside callers who communicate with them from across the street or around the world.

FVN Alliance's FVN technology allows users to have a single, universal personal phone number good for inbound calls from all networks, real or virtual. By associating a phone number with an individual rather than a geographic location, it becomes easier for customers, clients and even co-workers to find employees. Call effectiveness is improved and communication networks--often the biggest barrier to workplace productivity--is optimized.

The FVN network from FVN Alliance supports cell phones, VoIP and land line networks. Users can route calls from the universal FVN environment to their current real number automatically or manually. Free virtual numbers are an ideal complement to PBXpress, a next-generation IP-based corporate branch exchange that allows enterprises to conduct all their call traffic using VoIP. In addition to dramatically reducing local, long distance and international calling costs, PBXpress offers call recording--a differentiating feature in the VoIP PBX segment.

PBXpress is a product of PBXpress Communications, Inc. ( PortaOne, a PBXpress distributor, is the only outside reseller that supplies 24/7 technical support for PBXpress. Support is provided by the same team that backs PortaOne's carrier-grade IP multimedia subsystem, PortaSwitch.

"In today's world where instant communication is essential, universal phone numbers are a major business advantage. By partnering with FVN Alliance, PortaOne is able to add this powerful capability to one of the best VoIP-based PBX platforms available," said Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne.

"Connecting the FVN concept to a Web-based branch exchange creates a structured solution that will benefit virtually any enterprise on the move," said Valery Donchenko, president of FVN Alliance, Inc. "From law firms and consulting practices to sales organizations and software companies, the FVN network and PBXpress can change customer perceptions and generate a compelling service advantage." FVN Alliance's universal personal phone number technology spans all real and virtual networks. Users are given an 11-digit global number (1 00X YYY ZZZZ) where X is the project index, YYY is the zone number, and ZZZZ is the individual phone number. The FVN network automatically routes the incoming call through its universal call environment to the specified location, normalizing the call regardless of its origin in a real or virtual network.

Enterprises with multiple points of presence in a single region can order FVN with Direct Inward Dialing (DID), enabling all calls to be funneled into one office. Users can also set a follow-me hierarchy that allows inbound calls to pursue a prioritized sequence (for example, office number, alternate office number, cell phone, home number) until the user is found. Sequences can be set manually or automatically via Web interface or through the system's phone management features.

As an addition to PBXpress, the FVN network enhances other features of the IP branch exchange product including call recording, auto-detection and auto-provisioning of IP phones, auto-attendant, operator console, clustering, Web administration and self-care. The system also provides a PTSN fallback in case of Internet failure, allowing calls to be completed using traditional telecom phone lines.

For more information about FVN Network, log on to To learn more about PortaOne's PBXpress product, go to

About PortaOne: Based in Canada, PortaOne is a leading global vendor of carrier grade software for Internet Telephony Service Providers. The company enables ITSPs to run a broad line of telecommunication services with a single software package, and offers a complete product for ITSP consisting of converged VoIP billing and provisioning platform, class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch, unified messaging and conferencing applications, IPPBX software and more. The company's products are a fundamental part of the business infrastructure at over 300 service provider locations worldwide. To learn more, visit

About FVN Alliance Inc.: FVN Alliance Inc. is a highly professional international company with headquarters in Canada, regional offices in Europe and Latin America and a partner network that comprises 1000+ companies worldwide. Having well-established relations with telecom equipment manufacturers, FVN Alliance performs comprehensive equipment testing, certification and distribution with subsequent technical and consulting support. For more information visit

About PBXpress Communications: PBXpress Communications, Inc. specializes in software development and the marketing of communication tools for small to medium size businesses. The company offers development of customized telephone-related solutions based on the PortaOne and IVRSoft award-winning communication technologies that allow rapid creation of telecommunication applications. PBXpress Communications, Inc. is currently releasing a VoIP PBX with call recording. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, PBXpress Communications, Inc. is a privately held company.

PortaOne CONTACT: Molly Antos of S&S Public Relations, Inc., +1-847-955-0700,ext. 9327, [email protected], for PortaOne;, or Valery Donchenko of FVN AllianceInc., +1-647-288-0505, [email protected] Web Site:

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