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NetQin: The First One Intercepting the Mobile Phone Malware Transmitter.C
[July 01, 2009]

NetQin: The First One Intercepting the Mobile Phone Malware Transmitter.C

BEIJING, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- A new malware plaguing mobile phones named Transmitter.C has been intercepted by NetQin, the biggest mobile phone security company in the world. A few days ago, NetQin delivered the new version of anti-virus library which can inspect and remove this kind of virus efficiently.

A mobile phone user said that his phone had sent more than 500 short messages with pornography links to the numbers in his phone book and random number section after he installed the software Advanced Device Locks. NetQin is the first anti-virus company monitoring this kind of malicious software and doing analysis on it. The information coming from NetQin Anti-Virus Center shows that this virus usually pretends to be or attaches itself to other software e.g. games or IM software, seducing users into downloading and installing it. Once this virus is installed, the mobile phone will send short messages every 10 to 15 seconds to randomly created numbers or to the main phone book of the phone, which causes the user economic loss. But the worst thing is that these messages include suggestive pornographic information like "A very interesting girl. Try it now!", which may cause reputation damage to the user. Also, if the receiver clicks the links in these messages their phone will download and install the malware and it will start to spread the next round to more receivers.

NetQin created a solution targeting this malicious ware in just a few hours, and the latest version of NetQin anti-virus software can inspect and remove the virus now. NetQin anti-virus software will alert users to stop installing if the user has downloaded it, and can kill and remove the virus thoroughly if the malicious software has been installed. You can download the NetQin anti-virus software from . Given virus outbreak situations nowadays NetQin warns user to pay more attention to mobile phone security.

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