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NetBrain Introduces Continuous Network Assessment Technology in its Flagship No-Code Network Automation Platform
[February 05, 2024]

NetBrain Introduces Continuous Network Assessment Technology in its Flagship No-Code Network Automation Platform

NetBrain Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of no-code network automation and dynamic mapping solutions for hybrid cloud-connected networks, today announced the availability of the third release of Next-Gen, its flagship no-code network automation platform. Next-Gen now includes NetBrain's new Continuous Network Assessment (CNA) technology. This revolutionary new technology enables organizations to transform their operational approaches into executable automation in minutes, and to view and maintain the hybrid network using collaborative drill-down summary dashboards.

Continuous Network Assessment and its associated summary dashboard engine enable clients to automate network-wide assessments of their core infrastructure including operational status, security, config drift and change, bandwidth capacity and more. CNA allows customers to visualize the integrity of the network and its service delivery capabilities by answering questions like:

  • What's changed in my network and have my required configurations drifted?
  • Is my network healthy and supporting each of the needs of our applications?
  • Are my cloud services being delivered at the level needed by the business?
  • Do I have security, NIST or CVSS vulnerabilities?
  • Are past problems re-occurring anywhere in the network?
  • Am I running out of capacity anywhere across the hybrid network?

CNA continuously assesses and validates any number of points across the hybrid network and organizes these points into clear summary dashboards. These dashboards can be created on thefly and then used to collaboratively navigate network investigations. They precisely visualize the status and where specific issues may be occurring, with natural groupings as needed. Additionally, engineers can create a summary dashboard of each incident in one click for collaborative troubleshooting with activities organized by triggered events, Level 1 and Level 2 network operations center engineers.

"Release 3 introduces our Continuous Network Assessment technology which changes the way organizations approach network operations. It enables each problem incident, every policy and rule enforcement, and every change process to be addressed through automation," said Song Pang, SVP of Engineering at NetBrain. "By leveraging our new CNA technology and our advanced summary dashboards, troubleshooting becomes collaborative and streamlined, outage prevention becomes a regular part of the standard operating procedures, and changes are made in a protected fashion. CNA changes the very fundamentals of how networks are operated, becoming machine-centric rather than continuing to be labor-intensive."

Other major improvements included in Release 3:

  • Virtual assessments: NetBrain can use extracted configuration data allowing sensitive and off-line infrastructure to be part of the network assessment process.
  • Enhanced Intent Scheduler: Network assessment now runs more efficiently, aligning the frequency of polling to the importance of each part of the hybrid infrastructure.
  • Intent Creation improvements: Includes significant improvements to NetBrain's no-code user interface and a Quick Parser that simplifies automation intent building for end users, reducing learning and usage barriers while leveraging their knowledge and experience.

Continuous Next-Gen Release 3 is available now to all customers with active subscriptions or maintenance contracts at no additional charge. For more information see:

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