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Hackers Wreck New NFT Release of and Steal $2m
[March 28, 2022]

Hackers Wreck New NFT Release of and Steal $2m

LONDON, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Repeated cyber-attacks by hackers have destroyed the most anticipated NFT release of the year so far - The Shifters

Previously the NFT collectables had sold incredibly well and were expected to be one of the biggest NFT ranges of 2022.

But repeated FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) attacks on Discord had ruined confidence in the digital collectibles which are beautiful graphic artworks of a fictional "species of sentient, living robotic beings".

However, despite these attacks the main Shifter character Vortex still managed to sell out, with over $1m worth of sales.

Shifters creator Andrew Brown AKA Doctor Troller said: The level of FUD attacks on all new NFTs is now out of control. There is an out-of-control mob of influencers who just enjoy taking down new lines of collectibles.

"We spent months creating these NFTs and worked on the most amazing high-res artwork and then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing them, only to be taken down by people spreading damaging misinformation about them online.

"The toxic nature of the NFT marketplace is now making it almost impossible for new launches of collectibles to be successful."

Hackers also managed to steal over $2m by creating fake websites of The Shifters and creating elaborate channels to trick unsuspecting investors into buying counterfeit NFTs that are worthless.

They sent a large number of DMs to Discord members notifying them the sale was open and then took payment through an illegitimate Mint link.

Andrew Brown said: "It's been really upsetting; we have tried to keep our potential customers informed of the legitimate channels to purchase genuine Shifters NFTs but hackers have taken advantage of some less experienced investors and have managed to get them to purchase from bogus sites. We estimate there has been around $2m worth of fraudulent transactions of fake Shifters. We are doing everything we can to educate customers of the correct way to buy them and hopefully no one else will be tricked by these hackers."

For more details on The Shifters go to or the official Instagram account @theshifters_

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