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Get a Deep Insight into the Netbooks: a Linux Appliance Opportunity
[April 23, 2009]

Get a Deep Insight into the Netbooks: a Linux Appliance Opportunity

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue.

Netbooks: a Linux appliance opportunity The success of netbooks has taken the market by surprise. After the surprise comes the pain and the backlash, with expectations (and hopes) that netbooks will be squeezed out by smartphones and low-cost laptops. This is unlikely to happen.

Executive summary In a nutshell Key messages An instant success Upward view: Linux losing ground Downward view: appliance opportunities for Linux Recommendations Linux vendors should focus on the netbook as an appliance Linux developers should focus on specialised distributions Linux supporters need to build a more coherent ecosystem A multi-faceted phenomenon Instant success Captures the zeitgeist Success breeds success Variety of perspectives Variety of labels Variety of fast-evolving form factors Variety of opinions Netbooks reshape the laptop market Mixed market impact Customers benefit from increased choice and competition Vendors gain some, lose some The market benefits in the short term The netbook momentum will slow down faster than expected Fast evolution The netbook/laptop divide is shrinking Decreasing price divide leads to increasing focus on ‘fit for purpose' Decreasing price divide leads to focus on fashion Decreasing price divide leads to back-to-basics backlash Sub-$200 netbook to redefine the boundaries between netbooks and laptops Netbooks are a limited Linux opportunity The empire has struck back Microsoft reacted fast and decisively It nonetheless got hurt Linux is losing ground Linux had a head-start but is now losing ground Linux remains a strong contender But it still has many limitations All is not quite lost though Netbooks will keep on hurting Microsoft Linux could stage a comeback as the netbook appliance kid MIDs could prove a bigger Linux opportunity Netbooks are increasingly sold on their MID credentials Connectivity is key, as are online applications and services Mobile broadband expands sales and channel opportunities Netbook versus smartphone: complementary approaches to mobile broadband Netbook versus laptops: alternative approaches to mobile broadband MIDs are yet to emerge as a discrete market segment A long-awaited market segment Sub-$200 netbooks and other appliances will increasingly feature here Linux as the backbone of the MID revolution Driven by the Lintel vision Benefits from the use of open source in the mobile phone market Benefits from its potential as a multi-device platform Benefits from its momentum in Asia-Pacific Suffers from Intel's lack of momentum Suffers from the diversity and lack of focus of the Linux ecosystem Android could be the long-term winner in the space Microsoft to fight back To order this report: Netbooks: a Linux appliance opportunity More market research reports here!

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