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Fastbase Inc. (OTC: FBSE) has released the following shareholder update
[September 16, 2022]

Fastbase Inc. (OTC: FBSE) has released the following shareholder update

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Fastbase Inc. (OTC: FBSE), one of the leading web analytics and data providers in the world, has released the following shareholder update:

HEMED Holdings

The company controls, via ownership of preferred shares, Trustfeed Corp. (OTC: HEMED) and is diligently building out the software capabilities of the company. It is in talks to recruit additional software developers to build out All software being built is proprietary and not licensed through any other company, allowing us to keep all revenues derived from the software built.

New Features in WebLeads 8.0

Our proprietary software, WebLeads 8.0, is being developed further and over the course of the last year has additional features. The application now integrates with Google. This year, Google allowed Fastbase to extract additional data from website visitors. This includes faster delivery of data and tracking of data from website visitors over the past 5 years. Other features updated on the Fastbase WebLeads 8.0 application include integration with Firebase, Google Ads, Intercom, Salesforce (CRM), Slack, Zoho, and Trello.

IR and Marketing Update

Last month, the company retained Cervitude IR to assist with investor relations, marketing, and advertising. The company has begun investor awareness outreach to market makers and private family offices focused on OTC investments. In addition, Cervitude IR is spearheading a social media marketing campaign that include content creation, social media engagement, PPC ads, and interviews with social media influencers for Fastbase, Inc. (OTC:FBSE)

WebLeads 8.0 Traction & Growth

Our subscriber numbers have continued to grow with WebLeads 8.0. Web domains that have signed up now have topped over 130,000 unique URLs, which represent over 1,300,000 website visitors. The software is currenty being utilized in over 110 countries. Client companies utilizing the software application include United Parcel Service (UPS), Nestle, Hellman's, Panasonic, Kickstarter, Ford, and Coca Cola.

Company & Shareholder Meetups

The company's CEO, Rasmus Refer, will begin investor meetups starting at the end of November 2022 and continue into 2023. Investor meetup locations for Fastbase, Inc will include Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Sweden, The United States, Dubai, and China. The purpose of these meetups is to continue an open dialogue with Fastbase shareholders and increase transparency. 

About Fastbase, Inc.

Fastbase Inc. is a Nevada-registered web and data company that synthesizes Big Data to provide business insights faster and at a large scale. The company offers a growing suite of business solutions to support B2B lead acquisition, marketing, and sales, to provide business data processing and to support companies with intelligent data supply. Fastbase's international lead acquisitions suite gathers and displays detailed information on website visitors, including the name of the company, contact information, email addresses and LinkedIn profiles. Fastbase's success has been facilitated by its seamless integration with Google Analytics. Trustfeed is the most recent of Fastbase's software developments and disrupting the community-based consumer review site paradigm. It is a company and product review site that was designed to accurately reflects users' real experiences and show trusted reviews that are helpful to consumers, to sellers and the public. Fastbase data can be utilized with CRM systems and sales and marketing applications, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Mailchimp. Fastbase customers that use Google Analytics can easily access a detailed list of their website visitors for the past 24 months. Fastbase provides a listing of companies searching for specific products, services or businesses and gives B2B marketers a much better chance of creating a prospective sale or helping determine if marketing efforts are effective. Fastbase's Global Media unit is responsible for monitoring the huge demand for data information/intelligence services to support B2B businesses and incubating leading-edge solutions.

Forward-Looking Statements

This release may contain forward-looking statements regarding projected business performance, operating results, financial condition, and other aspects of the company, expressed by such language as "expected," "anticipated," "projected" and "forecasted." These statements may also include estimates of the pace of customer adoption, customer usage and software development. Please be advised that such statements are estimates only and there is no assurance that the results stated or implied by forward-looking statements will be realized by the company. Forward-looking statements may be based on management assumptions that prove to be wrong. The Company's predictions may not be realized for a variety of reasons, including due to competition, customer sales cycles, and engineering or technical issues, among others. The Company and its business are subject to substantial risks and potential events beyond its control that would cause material differences between predicted results and actual results, including the company incurring operating losses and experiencing unexpected material adverse events.

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