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The Aeternals: New NFT and Interactive Technology Connect to Make a Lasting Impact on the Planet
[March 02, 2022]

The Aeternals: New NFT and Interactive Technology Connect to Make a Lasting Impact on the Planet

Digigo announced the release of a first-of-its kind NFT asset that uniquely combines elevated aesthetics and gamification with real-world impact. They're designed to give collectors a deeper connection to their positive impact on the world.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

"We have been working on a new class of NFTs," said Lucia Gallardo, founder of Emerge and Project Co-Lead at Aeternals. "We've brought together an evolution of interactive and metamorphic technology with passionate investing opportunities to forge a bond between the buyer and the cause they are supporting through their NFT collection."

The Aeternals are non-fungible tokens inspired by acres of Amazonian Rainforest. The NFTs are interactive- collectors can rotate and interact with their plot, causing the NFT to change and evolve. "And they're metamorphic," said Kat Hoelck, Creative Director at Digigo. "We will be installing IOT sensors in the rainforest o collect environmental data which will trigger artistic changes in The Aeternals over time." They are on a 24-hour track synchronized to a rainforest's time zone, which changes from dawn to daylight to twilight to evening.

Beyond the artful user experience, The Aeternals is unique in its measurable impact: 55% of the sale of these assets goes directly to conservation non-profit organization, Rainforest Partnership, for the continued protection and restoration of one of Earth's oldest and most precious ecosystems. Special perks and events are designed for community engagement.

"Our project's goal is to connect Rainforest Partnership with popular culture in a bold, innovative, and engaging way that doesn't rely on traditional donation-based fundraising," said Gallardo. "Aeternals NFTs are a new asset class - their value is not tethered to the extraction or consumption of resources. Instead, their incentive structure is based on regenerative value: a buyer's demonstrable passion for our environment."

Digigo is an agency offering NFTs-as-a-service. Emerge specializes in bridging together distributed technologies with sustainable development and economic incentive models. Together, Emerge and Digigo work on NFT-based instruments, such as The Aeternals, making "impact" an investable asset class and socio-economic movement.

Rainforest Partnership fuels the work of indigenous and rainforest communities, who are guarding the rainforests of South America to support a healthy and vibrant planet. Digigo is driving that mission into the digital dimension.

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