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20-Year Technology Veteran to Launch New Streaming Platform
[August 13, 2020]

20-Year Technology Veteran to Launch New Streaming Platform

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Poised to upend the technology sector, IT professional and software engineer Shannon Atkinson has announced his plans for a new and cutting-edge social media and content delivery platform. He has made clear the ambition behind this platform, setting his sights on YouTube and Twitch, committing himself to the heights of the sector and pushing forward with groundbreaking features that respond to the ideas and concepts for which content creators have been clamoring. This is, of course, an undertaking that is years in the making, drawing on the large and growing demand for a viable competitor to the established platforms, which users have often accused of stifling innovation.

Listing some of the world's top brands in his work history, Shannon understands what technology at the highest levels looks like. He has served such organizations as Nike, Tile, Comcast, and Intel, and he intends to bring the same standards of excellence that they expect to his new platform, which he is calling CHNL. Standing up for the sort of highly organized, highly intelligent system that he knows CHNL will need in order to compete with YouTube and Twitch effectively, he is starting small with his platform – enabling it to grow gradually and organically.

After his separation from the military, he went on to work at America Online, which was at the time the juggernut of the IT sector. Time and again, he has sought out and contributed to winning cultures in technology, accruing a set of skills that he knows will make a difference for CHNL. He is also, however, collaborating with multiple teams from around the world, including one in India and one in England, positioning CHNL as a global platform from the time of its launch.

Although Shannon is putting an emphasis on development and innovation, he has also pointed out a series of specific challenges and issues that he is eager to overcome early in the CHNL life cycle. Celebrating values over everything else, he has expressed his steadfast devotion to privacy, discovery fairness, transparency, and freedom. In his view, social media should act as a democratizing force online, empowering all people through video and audio sharing, viewing, and publishing, offering both live and on-demand options.

Shannon has charted a bold but sensible launch plan for CHNL, beginning with a crowdfunding campaign, which will both prove the demand around a new social media platform and generate the seed capital needed to get the platform up and running. To date, he has funded development entirely through his own capital to ensure that it reflects his, and the community's, vision for the next generation of content delivery and social media services.

To learn more about CHNL, you can contact Shannon at 1-855-950-CHNL or visit the CHNL crowdfunding campaign at and follow us at

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