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December 07, 2011

Ngmoco and Neon Supply Partner With MoPub

By Jordan Eggers, Contributing Writer

Ngmoco has recently entered a partnership with MoPub to serve directly-sold Marketplace ads as well as ad network campaigns on Android-based Mobage, ngmoco’s (News - Alert) mobile social games platform; according to new press release.

“MoPub will open access to new revenue opportunities for us by selling spots directly to advertisers, leveraging ad networks or even auctioning impressions on Marketplace to drive pricing,” said ngomoco’s vice president of Social Apps, Jason Oberfest. “We are impressed with the efficiencies that MoPub brings to the table, even as we retain the control we desire.”

MoPub, based in San Francisco, is a mobile ad serving platform founded by former AdMob (News - Alert) and Google employees in 2010. The company was created to be a one-stop place for mobile app publishers to manage their ad inventory on iOS and Android devices. MoPub, as stated in the press release, manages all of a publisher’s advertising inventory needs – including direct sales to brands, house ads, ad network meditation, or real-time bidding campaigns through MoPub Marketplace.

The MoPub Marketplace was introduced in October as the first self-service, real-time bidding platform for mobile advertising, aimed at giving publishers access to new sources of revenue through a competitive auction, while enabling them to retain complete control and transparency. The program has already experienced 30 percent week-over-week growth in ad dollars.

“Our goal with the MoPub Marketplace was to create an efficient and liquid exchange of high quality mobile ad inventory and top-tier advertisers that supplemented the ad revenue that publishers are already receiving via direct sold and ad network campaigns,” said Jim Payne, CEO and co-founder of MoPub. “The addition of these well-known gaming publishers is a major step toward driving those results.”

In addition to the recent alliance with ngmoco, Neon Play, U.K.-based mobile games startup, has also signed on to be one of MoPub’s gaming publishers. Neon Play is known for Paper Glider, Office Zombie, Gravity Guy, Slice It! and My Car Salon. CEO and founder of Neon Play, Oli Christie said, “Having investigated several advertising platforms, we’ve found MoPub to be the best one to monetize our advertising inventory,” adding, “Marketplace proves that mobile advertising doesn’t have to be confusing and opaque, and sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.”

MoPub also announced their full support for MRAID and ORMMA, rich media standards established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. According to the press release, ORMMA and MRAID industry standards will enable publishers to leverage advanced rich media ads, such as in-app expansion ads and HTML 5 animation. This will allow better compatibility for programs with Unity 3D capabilities. 

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Jordan Eggers has five years of writing experience and has written pieces for various print outlets and websites. Currently living abroad, she is working as a freelance writer and enjoys keeping up-to-date on everything new happening in technology.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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» More TMCnet Feature Articles