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November 30, 2011

Welcome to the Social Enterprise: Salesforce Unveils Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud

By Tammy Wolf, TMCnet Web Editor

Did you know that Salesforce + your company = Like? If not, today’s announcement from enterprise cloud computing leader from Cloudforce New York 2011 is going to have companies looking to strengthen their customer relationships through the social media channels more than elated.

Salesforce unveiled today its all-new Social Marketing Cloud, powered by Radian6, an innovative solution that combines today’s booming world of social media with marketing by leveraging new functionality across social monitoring, insights, engagements, workflows and websites. As a result, companies can transform the millions of social conversations occurring about their brand, products and industry into active engagements that will in turn cultivate customer relationships.

“Social media is the single biggest change in marketing in the last decade. Social enterprises recognize that social media provides real-time opportunities to delight customers and prospects. The Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud will enable every company to be at the forefront of this exciting industry shift,” said Marcel LeBrun, senior vice president and general manager for Salesforce Radian6, in a prepared statement.

The Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud is based upon the idea that today’s millions of Facebook posts, Twitter updates, and billions of YouTube (News - Alert) videos revolve around companies’ products and services. However, companies obviously lack a steadfast way to monitor this massive volume of social media conversations. With the Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud, enterprises can now adapt to this new world of social marketing through five distinct key pillars:

Social Monitoring: With the ability to capture 150 million sources of social media conversations taking place across the Web, Radian6 allows companies to monitor these enagements on sites such as social media platforms Facebook (News - Alert), Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Insights: In order to best understand the customer, Radian6’s Social Insights delivers intelligent dashboards and sophisticated analytics to weed out the “stuff” and pinpoint relevant posts and conversations and thus perform marketing campaign analysis.

Social Engagement: Taking Social Insights a step further, the Radian6 Social Engagement Console now offers a direct path for companies to engage with customers – right where the conversation is taking place, be it Twitter (News - Alert), Facebook or others.

Social Workflow: The massive volume of these social media conversations taking place over the Web can certainly be overwhelming, so Radian (News - Alert) 6 Social Hub enables companies to sort and organize these exchanges. Moreover, Social Hub has been designed to fill social customer profiles in order to assist marketers in creating relevant campaigns based on customer requirements.

Social Websites: With Siteforce, marketing companies can “move at the speed of social” and quickly and simply build socially-packed websites with additional social features like Twitter streams, Facebook likes, and more, for engaging with customers and prospects. More than 2,500 customers, including leading global brands Southwest Airlines, GEICO, AAA, and Pizza Hut, have already enlisted the help of the Radian6-powered Social Marketing Cloud from Salesforce to revolutionize their marketing campaigns. 

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff took the stage for this morning’s Cloudforce keynote at the Jacob Javits Convention Center to a massive audience ready to hear all about the announcement and what Benioff aptly called the “social revolution.”

Citing the Occupy Wall Street movement and the influence of social conversations on companies like Bank of America and Netflix that have adjusted their prices and actions based on social feedback, Benioff expounded upon the social revolution in which companies “need to embrace social media or be affected by them.”

“The social revolution has created a social divide. Not everybody is on board… Our customers and employees are social, but what about our company? What about our products? How do we get a higher fidelity relationship with our customers? How do we help our customers bridge that social divide? Benioff asked the audience.

Benioff then went on to describe a three-step model that has led to the creation of the “social enterprise” powered by the cloud.

In a mini video, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts explained how this social enterprise has created a whole new “Burberry world.”

“Burberry had a vision to be the first company to be fully digital end-to-end. The experience would be a customer would have total access to Burberry across any device, anywhere, and get exactly the same feeling of the brand, feeling of the culture, regardless of where, when how they were accessing the brand. Everyone now can come into Burberry world and understand the journey and mission Burberry is on. You have to create a social enterprise today and be connected with everyone…If you don’t do that I don’t know what your business model is in five years,” she said.

Starting today, Salesforce Radian6 is generally available for customers at a start price of $600 per deployment, per month. Prices and availability vary for Radian6 Social Hub, Radian6 Social Insights and Siteforce. For more information, click here.

Keep TMCnet and TMC (News - Alert) CEO Rich Tehrani’s live blog bookmarked for more on this exciting announcement as we tune into this morning’s Cloudforce keynote with Benioff.

Tammy Wolf is a TMCnet web editor. She covers a wide range of topics, including IP communications and information technology. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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