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September 26, 2011

Facebook makes Un-Friending People a Private Action Again

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

We have all been in a situation where, in a fit of madness we friended someone we should not have. It might be a situation where we decided it was safe to add an old girlfriend or boyfriend, only to have a spouse make a stink. 

It may have been that we did not know the person all that well and have now found their constant updating about what kind of sweaters their cats prefer a little annoying. Whatever the reason we un-friend someone on Facebook (News - Alert) from time to time and until recently it was something that was kept private.

After the steady stream of updates that Facebook trotted out over the last few weeks, we cannot really blame the social networking site for making a mistake. That mistake was that after the new rollout, one of the new features was the ability to see if someone had un-friended you. 

Not surprisingly, some users found this particular glitch a bit embarrassing combined it with all the new features, worrisome. Was Facebook willing to throw users under the bus all just to have another new feature rolled out? Alternatively, was this particular problem really just a glitch that was going to be fixed?

Turns out that making the business of un-finding someone was in fact just a mistake that was shown off by their new time-line feature. It appears that as of Monday, Facebook had fixed the bug with little fanfare or announcement. It seems quite in line with the bug they fixed that they should allow this particular fix to done quietly. In order to see who had un-friended you, a user simply had to use the new timeline feature. Before the fix, you could see who all your friends were and when they had added you. Then it was simply a matter of matching that timeline list up with your current list of friends. 

Facebook has now apparently changed it so that anyone who has un-friended you at any time will will not appear in your timeline. This of course means that, unless you are aware of someone specifically who should be in your list of friends who is not, you probably won't notice when you have been dropped.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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