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May 22, 2024

We "Might" Soon Say Goodbye to Unknown Callers with Google's Lookup Button

Many have experienced receiving spam calls from unknown numbers, which can be unsettling. It’s hard to tell whether the calls are from people we know or scammers with ill intent. Fortunately, technology has advanced, with Google (News - Alert) introducing an ingenious solution to this persistent problem.

Google’s New Innovative In-App Feature

Google is an internationally acclaimed search engine company that has expanded its reach within the tech industry. Notable ventures include the Android OS and the Google Pixel smartphones.

Recently, Google developed an innovative feature known as the Lookup button, and it’s making its rounds online. The Lookup button allows users to quickly identify callers from unknown numbers. It uses Google's extensive database to retrieve information associated with incoming calls. This information helps users decide whether to answer the call or not.

Unfortunately, the feature is only available in the beta version of the Google Phone (News - Alert) app. This means it's still undergoing testing and refinement, and we can't use it yet. However, once fully launched, it's expected to be a game changer in how users handle unidentified calls.

How does the new feature work?

Based on the existing data available to the public, the Lookup button works as follows:

1. Initiate search

Tap the Lookup button once you receive a call from an unknown number. The Google Phone app will immediately begin its search for information on the caller’s phone number.

2. Database Query

Google’s technology searches its database. Any data relevant to the number will be scoured from public directories to user-generated content.

3. Present search results

Once Google has run through its existing data, it will display the results on the Google Phone app. It will classify whether the unknown caller is a business contact, a specific individual, or a spam caller.

Benefits of Google’s Lookup Button

This new feature from Google holds significant promise. Although it’s still a work in progress, it offers multiple advantages that the public can enjoy upon its release. These benefits include:

Fewer spam calls

With its ability to report potential spam calls, the app can help Android (News - Alert) users significantly decrease their interactions with suspicious individuals. Lookup can assist you in narrowing down the numbers you can block, giving you peace of mind. However, it’s best to remember that spammers can also use spoofing to make their numbers appear legitimate, so stay cautious.

Better user experience

There’s no need to copy and paste the numbers of unknown callers to search for who they are and what they want. With the help of Google’s Lookup, you can streamline the search process and experience less stress.

Development in the Android Platform

The Android platform is undoubtedly one of Google’s premiere developments. And with the introduction and integration of the Lookup button, the company is set on making another unprecedented move.

Google’s Lookup button will be at the forefront of Google’s developments. This addition is a step forward for the tech giant, raising the bar for competitors in the industry.

Besides Lookup, users can anticipate other innovative features from Google. For example, android users will soon experience a feature called Private Space. It aims to safeguard files, apps, and other confidential data. Other significant announcements to expect from Google this 2024 include the launch of Android 15, Gemini updates, and new Google Pixel devices.

What To Use Instead of the Google Phone Lookup Button

Since Lookup is still in the beta stage, some smartphone users will likely search for alternatives before its launch. Interestingly, you can replicate the Lookup process. Some solutions include:

Mobile carrier services

Some mobile carriers provide features designed to block spam calls. Contact center software to ask if they offer this feature. If they do, ask them to activate this service. They will provide instructions on how to enable it through your phone settings or a dedicated app.

Third-party applications

Many applications are available in the Google Play Store, including ones designed to identify spam calls. Applications that offer this feature have a database complete with reported spam numbers. They use this data to crosscheck any calls you will receive from unknown numbers. However, it’s always best to select reliable apps with positive user feedback.

Manual search

If you prefer doing things the traditional way, you can always search for unknown numbers on a search engine like Google. You only need to copy and paste the number from your call history. You could find reports about the number being used with ill intent.

Should you pick it up?

The future of call handling is promising. We will soon have access to convenient call screening features. Whether you wait for Google’s upcoming feature or use existing alternatives, we must adapt and embrace these changes. With these technological developments, we can experience better online and offline security.

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