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March 28, 2024

The most popular gaming tech of 2024 so far


Gaming technology has gone through a period of heightened development over the past decade, in which there have constantly been new and exciting technologies changing the world we live in. For the gaming industry in particular, these technologies have been groundbreaking and have helped to transform the online gaming world into something that exists between the physical and the digital.

From technologies that enable us to play virtual casino slot games with exciting themes and more reliable software, to ones that transport us from the digital to the physical world through a simulation, gaming today looks pretty different to the world of Snake on the Nokia (News - Alert) phone or Solitaire games on the early flip phones.

Below, we'll take a look at some of the most popular gaming technologies that are again transforming the gaming industry across 2024.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) technology started off as a commercial tool that was used by the likes of the medical, architectural and car manufacturing industries. Such technology was very expensive and only the incredibly wealthy would own such technology for gaming. However, VR technology has become very affordable and readily available in the consumer market now and has transformed how we play video games.

Virtual Reality enables gamers to step away from their reality and enter the world of the game by transforming their visual environment into a digital one. The game is enhanced as any real world distractions are taken away for the player, while the graphics, motion and sound all work together to help the player step into the world of the game.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is used across the globe by many different industries today, from the security sector, to building and construction, public services, and of course, the gaming sector. It has played a huge part in the advancement of video games by providing greater insights into player behavior and adapting the game in accordance with such behaviors.

Such examples in the online casino world include being able to suggest the best games to players based on their previous gaming history, or being able to detect problem gaming behavior and suggest account limits to help manage this. Today’s video games use artificial intelligence to pre-programme automated characters to be able to act with intelligence and form strategies based on how the game is unfolding.

Random Number Generators

Digital Random Number Generators, or better known as RGN’s, are a gaming technology that have helped to transform the online casino sector and make people feel safer about making deposits and interacting with casinos online.

Digital RGN’s are much more reliable than physical RNG technology as an RGN is not affected by natural entropy. In order to ensure complete randomness, a digital RGN works by having a short initial value which goes through a complex equation. Using a seed value key, a digital RGN creates a random sequence that does not have any predictable patterns.

While we call this complete randomness, there is a much more complex technical process that goes on where the digital RGN is based on vast digital simulations. This method ensures that every time a player embarks on an online slot game, they get of one of the fairest and safest experiences possible.

Some of the benefits of this over traditional RGN’s include:

  •  that they are not affected by factors like roughness of the material or temperature of the room.
  • Provide greater peace of mind to players
  • Work with digital simulators

Live casinos

The online casino world has also been transformed by live casino technology, allowing players to play virtually while not missing out on the real life casino excitement. A live casino is an online casino where the dealer is provided in a real life setting, allowing players to play from the comfort of their own home while seeing and talking to areal person as the dealer.

Not only do people trust a real life dealer more but there is also software monitory the dealer to make the game extra secure.

Motion Control

Motion control is very similar to VR and AR technology and works hard creating a harmonious relationship. Motion Control, enabling gamers to use real life actions to make changes in the video gaming world. Motion control technology has also come a long way in recent years in which it’s now far more advanced than the likes of the first Nintendo Wii games.

Motion control is able to bring players closer into the physical gaming world, enhancing the experience while also making it much more engaging for the user.

Overall, there are so many new and continuing gaming technologies coming out every month that are transforming the industry. As people learn to adapt to such technologies, the gaming industry is becoming more diverse and exciting than ever.

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