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February 28, 2024

Emerging tech in gaming

Gaming in 2024 is all about creating unforgettable immersive experiences that have players engaged within an alternate reality. There are some really exciting technological developments on the horizon that are helping to do just that.

With approximately 40 percent of the entire global population now taking up gaming, it is clear that it has an important role in our lives. Gaming isn’t just a distraction from reality, it creates a sense of community and social enrichment. Enjoyment in gaming expands across the generations and brings people today.

Just a couple of decades ago, games were far more basic than they are today. Often made with two-dimension graphics, they pale in comparison to the high quality, totally immersive games of today.

We are seeing growing interest in all types of gaming. For example, in the casino gaming sector huge demand for casino games has created a highly competitive industry with lots of choice in casino sites. You can find the best ones in Ontario here. Mobile games are also seeing a boost in popularity as gamers enjoy the convenience of playing high quality games from their smartphones.

From clouding gaming and virtual reality headsets to cross-platform games and next-gen consoles, we take a look some of the best emerging technology in gaming to get excited about:

The metaverse

Talk of a metaverse has been around for decades but only now is it starting to come into fruition. Gaming is the very heart of the metaverse concept, with 97 percent of surveyed gaming industry executives agreeing that gaming is central to the metaverse as it stands in the present.

In the metaverse, it is vital that players can seamlessly move between experiences and keep a hold of their digital assets and identities. This requires gaming companies and developers to work together to build a shared universe.

Fortnite is one example of how the metaverse could work. The Fortnite universe already utilises the concept with virtual concerts, violence-free hangout zones, art galleries, esports and much more.

Cloud gaming

Another emergent technology within gaming is the concept of cloud. Cloud gaming removes the need to have a specific high-end device to be able to play the latest gaming.

Instead, you can play on any device without having to download the game. Reducing the need for specific hardware requirements and increasing game accessibility for players.

Many game developers are working on cloud games, it has been predicted that by next year this industry will be worth more than $8 billion US dollars. Fortnite is also winning in this category alongside other games like PUBG.

Virtual reality gaming

Virtual reality, also known as VR, has been a huge talking point in gaming for the last decade. It has been expanding gradually over the last few years, moving from a niche concept to more of a mainstream option for gaming. Part of this is due to popular games like Minecraft investing in VR.

VR gamers need some accessories in order to enjoy the experience, for example the Oculus Quest headset is now used by 41.49 percent of Steam customers. As the VR headset becomes more affordable and there are a greater variety of models to choose from, we can expect even more gamers to adopt this tech.

Cross-platform gaming

Playing the same game on your PC, smartphone and Xbox or PlayStation console is the ultimate convenience and gives players the opportunity to play in a time and place that suits them with ease.

It is also important for the social aspect of gaming as it means more groups of friends will be able to play together no matter what devices they each have. It is particularly important for multiplayer games with 87 percent of multiplayer gamers demanding cross-platform gaming.

Examples of games that have achieved cross platform usability include Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft and Fortnite.

Next-gen gaming consoles

Lastly, another exciting emerging technology specific to console gamers is next generation gaming consoles. The PlayStation 5 was a game changer for console gamers, it was so popular that it became almost impossible to find in stock shortly after its release.

There is now talk of a Nintendo Switch Pro in the works. This device will have stronger processing power than its predecessor and portability will be at the heart of its design. The next generation of game consoles will be more powerful, faster and capability of displaying even more high-resolution graphics to create that immersive gaming experience audiences crave.

The advancement of technology has had a transformative impact on the gaming industry. Long gone are the days of pixelated two dimensional games, the games of today (and tomorrow) take players to a whole new reality and create wonderful social experiences to enjoy.

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