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February 26, 2024

Largest-ever Data cyberattack in France. This is what we know.

A major cybersecurity breach in France was one of the largest in the country's history. The incident resulted in the identity of one in two French people having their personal data stolen and 33 million people at risk. Two French service providers for health insurance companies, as well as dozens of third-party websites, were targeted by hackers. Companies affected by the attack have confirmed that the data of millions of people may have ended up in the hands of the attackers.

How the attackers operated

The hackers used various methods to infiltrate the system, including phishing and leaked healthcare provider logins. It is important to note that the hackers could not break into the companies' central system, but they could access the portal used by the healthcare providers.

In addition, dozens of sites on various topics were out of order: online movie theaters, reference portals, and ticketing services. For several hours, users could not download mostbet app apk, or even enter Google (News - Alert) Play.

This incident is a severe warning about the need to improve cybersecurity both within companies and in society as a whole. French authorities have already announced an investigation and have taken measures to tighten the protection of citizens' confidential information.

What data cybercriminals have gotten hold of

Almost half of the population of France was affected by the "leak" of data that contained marital status, date of birth and social security numbers. Information about the name of the health insurance company and the coverage provided under the policy was also leaked.

The information could be used to create false identities, fraudulent activities, and other criminal intent. It is important to note that a "leak" can dramatically change the lives of people affected by cybercriminals. While official information suggests that critical data such as bank details or medical and contact information has been left unharmed, the case still undermines the provision of adequate levels of personal privacy.

What are the implications?

The consequences of such a large-scale cybersecurity breach have a direct impact on both patients and healthcare professionals, destroying their trust and confidence in protecting their personal data and privacy. The actions of criminals harm the security of patient data, as cybercriminals can use the information obtained to organize fraudulent activities.

Users should be extremely cautious by carefully authenticating all messages, emails, and calls regarding requests for personal information in light of possible phishing attacks in which criminals attempt to gain access to sensitive information by masquerading as official sources.

In addition, the compromise of medical data may also impact compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) required for the processing of personal information. Individuals whose data has been hijacked by fraudsters should contact their health insurer for up-to-date notification of the phishing attack.

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