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February 12, 2024

These Are the Tech Trends Everyone's Anticipating In 2024

There’s no denying that the ever-advancing march of technology is one of the most interesting topics to focus on now that we’ve kicked off a new year. With AI technology such as ChatGPT absolutely rocking 2023, what are the big milestones to look out for this year?

With digital transformation, the only constant is change. Not only that, but the fact that we’re living in a fast-paced world only enhances the need for such technologies to be invented and adopted. And it can be seen the world over. Even something as seemingly commonplace as the creation of online casino games in South Africa relies heavily on many of these technological advancements we’re so eagerly awaiting. With that in mind, join us in exploring the different ways we’re expecting tech to evolve this year – and in which ways it could potentially improve our lives.

Generative AI: The Genie is Out of the Bottle

2023 was the year generative AI made its mainstream debut, and this year will mark the year that the world will find out how powerful and useful it can be. Unless you’re already tech inclined, you might not already be familiar with AI (which stands for artificial intelligence by the way), and rather than thinking about it as some evil software that’s out to steal your job, consider that we’re already actively been using this technology in so many other areas already.

When used properly, AI could be your 24/7 personal assistant, allowing you to free up your time from menial jobs such as scheduling appointments or managing your compliance, allowing you the time you need to leverage on your human skills such as brainstorming, being creative, or communicating on a one-on-one basis with other peers, friends and family amongst others.

Cyber Resilience: From Top-Priority to Absolute Necessity

2023 saw several massive cybersecurity breaches happen across the world and 2024 is going to be the year that represents the year we move on from thinking of IT security as a top priority and upgrade it to an absolute necessity.  This means that tech departments are going to need to consider some solid investment when it comes to advanced security to make sure their assets are adequately protected from any breaches.

It is currently said that the risk of cybercrime will rise to $10 trillion by the end of the year, with research suggesting that one in two businesses has been the victim of a successful cyber attack over the last three years. To this end, 2024 is set to be the year of cyber resilience rather than security, which goes beyond the attack and includes a series of measures that can be taken at later stages should the notorious breach ever occur.

 Sustainable Tech: Thinking About Tomorrow

The world is moving towards a greener and more sustainable model and so are the top technology companies out there, with various organizations pledging to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 for example.

Electric bikes, cars and even public transport will continue to grow in 2024, providing new solutions to longstanding issues such as carbon capture and storage, while concepts such as durability and recyclability will take center stage during the design process. A number of software companies will also embrace new concepts designed around the reduction of carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Quantum (News - Alert) Computing: Physics Levelling Up

Over the past couple of years there has already been quite a growing buzz around the concept of quantum computing, and we feel that 2024 might be the year that allows these beliefs to transition into reality. With super sophisticated quantum machines already carrying out enormous calculations by taking on elements from quantum physics such as the quantum entanglement and superpositions, these computers work by making use of quantum bits able to exist in multiple forms at the same time, rather than the standard 1 – 0 elements processed by computers.

Once perfected, this technology could prove irreplaceable to various industries including financial services organizations and banks with the intention of creating enhancements for powerful AI systems related to risk management, fraud detection, and high-frequency trading amongst others.

 Keeping Up and Staying Ahead

2024 will also represent the year where the digital transformation movement gains significant momentum, with a focus on customer satisfaction, competitive differentiation, and operational efficiency. 2023 already witnessed the rapid transformation in the AI race, with companies literally scrambling to stay ahead, and new businesses investing in re-skilling their workforce to keep up.

As we move into a more virtual world, it’s estimated that an increased number of meetings will keep taking place online, with IT departments across the road budgeting heavily towards this digital transformation that 2024 will bring. As a result, multiple companies are now recognizing the importance of bringing their workforce up to speed with the technology that’s being implemented, with digital literacy included as a focus point for this coming year.

 Great Expectations

With all of this in the pipeline its natural to feel a mix of emotions ranging from excitement to apprehension, as we’re all fully aware of the huge impact technology has on our work, personal lives and social interactions these days. 2024 calls for flexibility and quick adaptation to change, and we’re all for it – as for the rest, well, we can only wait and see.

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