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February 12, 2024

How Technology Is Helping Accident Victims

Technology has been valuable in many areas of our lives. It has made us more efficient at our jobs and made labor-intensive tasks less taxing. However, it may surprise you to learn that it has also been influential in the average car accident. Technology may help accident victims in these ways:

Finding Legal Help

Before phones and computers were commonplace, finding reliable personal injury lawyers wasn’t always straightforward. You often had to rely on word of mouth or walk the streets until you stumbled across a lawyer’s office.

Those days are over. Finding legal help is now as easy as typing ‘personal injury lawyer’ followed by your location into a search engine. If a lawyer has a website or a listing on a directory, they may appear prominently. As long as you have a mobile device and internet connectivity, you never have to be without the legal help you need.

Reducing Injuries

There is no way to entirely prevent injuries in car accidents. Even minor collisions can cause bruising, aches, and pains. However, technology is undoubtedly making a difference regarding injury severity in many situations.

We now have access to vehicles with top-of-the-line safety technology like blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, cross-traffic alerts, and electronic stability control. Many forms of vehicle safety technology are designed to prevent accidents and reduce their severity.

Proving Your Case

When you’re involved in a car accident that isn’t your fault, you must be able to prove that it’s not. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case may be. This can often mean that you have an increased chance of receiving the damages you deserve.

Technology has been a game-changer for evidence-gathering. Rather than relying on eyewitness statements and vehicle damage to draw a conclusion, you can use technology. We have CCTV cameras, smartphones capable of taking photos and videos, and dashcams. Those responsible for car accidents may find it challenging to lie about how an accident happened if there’s video footage to back up the victim’s version of events.

Taking Care of Injuries

Accident injuries can be life-changing, with head injuries, internal injuries, fractures, and back injuries being among the most common types. These can take several weeks, if not months, to heal. Some people never fully recover.

However, advanced medical technology has been helpful in diagnosing injuries and treating them. We can use advanced imaging techniques like MRIs and CT scans and even rely on AR and VR tech to regain functions and mobility.

Getting Support

Personal injury cases in the court system can sometimes feel isolating. Most lawyers advise against discussing your experiences on social media or even with people you know and love. Given that many people experience PTSD after car accidents, you may think you have to suffer in silence.

However, alongside being able to connect with mental health professionals in person, you can also meet with them online. Telehealth appointments can be helpful for those whose injuries prevent them from being able to attend in-person appointments easily.

Technology is helpful in everyday life, but you might be surprised by its benefits in the average car accident. If you’ve been involved in a collision, you may need to rely on the technology above.

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